Chief Udoh Essiet – Born with the Beat Trailer

I played in many bands, even jam sessions but I would like to be in Europe, to present myself, to show that African music
is very important. And percussion… Percussion is what I was born with. And I will die with it! You know what I mean. (laughs) My music, I call it “Afrobeat Highlife Crossing”. That’s the beat. I cross it together. If you’re green, you are red,
you’re from anywhere… you can hear the beat going on. I believe in the rhythm. I’m the Master of Rhythm. And I’m proud of it and I have it, You know, when you watch me in concert, when I’m playing the concert, when you come to my show, you’re going to go back with something, because I’m going to
make you feel all right. I’ll give you something to take home, and that’s the beat! I know my public, my fans… They’re going to know that this is Old School cooking!

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