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China-Japan Martial Arts Competition! Chinese Heroe vs Japanese Boxer king!Jagged soldier 21

China-Japan Martial Arts Competition! Chinese Heroe vs Japanese Boxer king!Jagged soldier 21

That’s what happened Move out of my way Captain, everything has done Please don’t worry, captain. The two roads leading to here have been ambushed As soon as the enemy shows up, he can’t run Move out of my way Sir Masheng Captain Bantian, are you all set up When the net is finished, we wait for the fish to catch Move out of my way All folks , Move out of my way please Thanks Master, please What are you doing Master , we believe that you can definitely beat Hengtian Come on master Come on master Come on master Win Today, I will show you the Kung Fu of the Oriental people Your army has gone across the sea to invade China burning, killing, plundering and doing all kinds of evil I’m here today to avenge my apprentice and let thousands of people express their evil spirit Don’t talk freely The winner is the king and the loser is the bandit Shut up, come Guizi, start Master, come on, well done Come on, we must win Elder martial brother, master will win Of course, master is a martial arts champion. How can the Japanese three legged Kung Fu be master’s opponent Master, come on Master, come on Well done Master must win Master, come on Master must win Why hasn’t the New Fourth Army started yet Maybe they decide to fight after winning the contest We must be careful. Let you have a taste of Chinese Kung Fu Don’t be happy too early It’s not decided yet I’ll convince you Master Master Master Master Move out of my way, master Master Bastard Liuye are dead. Why hasn’t the new fourth army moved Are we walk into a trap Master Hurry up, protect commander Lu Come Qiangzi

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100 thoughts on “China-Japan Martial Arts Competition! Chinese Heroe vs Japanese Boxer king!Jagged soldier 21

  1. Автор, хотя бы подписывай нормально. Какой ещё нафиг конкурс! Скорее соревнования или бои.

  2. Устал я от такого кино и таких сюжетов. Если китайский боец проигрывает, то его непременно или травят или стреляют бесчестные иностранцы…

  3. вывод: сколько не тренируйся, любой дрищ с пистолетом может тебя угандошить.

  4. В своё время японцы были людьми чести, а китайцы только количеством отличились.

  5. كل التضامن لاخوتنا المسلمين الايجور
    وتسقط الدوله الديكتاتوريه الصين

  6. اﻻ تتذكرون انكم تفعلون فى الايغور اكثر مما فعله الاحتﻻل اليابانى بكم.

  7. — Как называется кинофильм из которого взят отрывок от этого кинофильма ?

  8. Ща погодите, пацаны, не начинайте! Бутер себе сооружу. А потом гляну, как один Хонгильдон раскидает пару сотен нубов…

  9. Какой-то клоун япошка заставляет китайцев избивать друг друга. Япошка цел, а китайцы побиты.

  10. Tq chỉ đánh giac trên phim và trong những quyển tiểu thuyết kiếm hiệp.ko có hai quả chuối cua thằng Mỹ thì giờ trung quốc đã bị nhat nó đồng hóa

  11. Wow, Norman Chu Siu Keung (HK actor) played the Japanese master. First time seeing him bald after so many years didn't see him in movie, he looks fit and stylish being bald. The fight choreograph in this movie is awful, choreographer only knows McDojo kungfu, never fought sparring at all. Should have let the 2 actors fight for real without choreograph putting high cash bounty for winner. Norman Chu would have easily won against the kungfu master and his student that I believe is the main actor. The director is total dumb without any idea copied Ip Man 1 blindly as this took place before Sino-Japan war 2 where large numbers of China KMT troops were present while Japanese imperial troops were the guests in this movie.

  12. It's not a film instead it actually is a chinese tv-serie. The original name is 我的抗战之铁血轻奇兵 (My Resistance Against the Iron Blood), and if you search with the original chinese name in youtube you will find all episodes.
    PS, Happy New Year!

  13. Слишком шумно! Старые трюки и крики, повторяющиеся постановка из фильма ИП Мана

  14. Filme cem Graça todos sabem que os chineses são indiscutível os melhores lutadores do planeta. E todos sabem que os japoneses sempre usar a traição esconder a suas fraquezas . Parabéns aos chineses superior toda vida…

  15. والله لو كانت عقدتكم مع اليابان التي إحتلتكم لماذا تهاجمون الأيغور هاجمو اليابان والله أغبياء 👍😂😂😂

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