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China’s Elite Female Bodyguards

China’s Elite Female Bodyguards

The newest accessory for billionaires in
China is personal bodyguards, with female bodyguards in particularly
high demand. We wanted to see what this rising troop of
women looked like, so we went to Beijing to check it out. This is Chinese female bodyguards.

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100 thoughts on “China’s Elite Female Bodyguards

  1. Also 100% yes home me and a fellow lesbian friend where talking about wanting badass girlfriends THIS IS WHAT WE MEANT

  2. You believe that in this kind of video, you'd be able to see people's movements entirely instead of having to deal with close ups and cuts.

  3. Has my GCSE English and Biology exams tomorrow
    Why yes I would like to watch a 12 minute video on China's Elite Female Bodyguards

  4. The only thing worse than this farce of an idea and story are the comments accepting it as true. The whole thing stinks of "creative editing and story fabrication". Maybe if (and only if) the female bodyguards were armed with firearms, I could see them being moderately effective (women can shoot as well as men). But in combatives … give me a break. Watch how during the disarming drill that each time the female "snatched" the handgun, the clear edit right in the middle of the snatch. Obviously there were problems doing the drill every single time they could not get a single unedited shot. I could go on … but people want to believe what they want to believe.

  5. Hahhahahahahhahahahaha good joke. Any fit male can beat that "elite female bodyguard".
    Stop the crap and put women in the same field as men theyll get slaughtered in sports. In fact trans men are winning all female olympics LOL

  6. Female agents are "inconspicuous" literally steps out of car, holds door open, guards and guides her boss, points her in a certain direction, and walks awkwardly and suspiciously with one side of body pointed toward her boss.

  7. Imagine having all that training just to get blown up by a #bomb. 💣💣💥💥 Ijs…Like my son #BlackPedro says, "People die every day".

  8. You guys are misunderstanding the concept of bodyguard by saying they would be better than men as they would be less conspicuous. One of the biggest uses of a bodyguard is to prevent anyone from thinking twice about touching you. I wouldnt want to waste my time by having my body guards actually fight someone. Id rather them not come near me at all. Not saying that women are useless. Yes I would get wrecked if I got hit by any of them. I'm just trying to make everyone realise that there is difference between having a female body guard and a male. One is inconspicuous and the other one is a deterrent. Which one would you want is up to you but if I were rich and could afford them then if I actually needed bodyguards then i wouldnt want people running up to me

  9. The heels though… if I hired a female bodyguard I’d make sure her shoes amplified rather than hindered her agility.

  10. Es someone who really needs Security i would rely on ex cops or soldiers with bodyguard Training because they were in stressfull situations and know how to handle them

  11. Yeah 👌 Female”Bodyguards” Maybe If they were Mossad Trained I’d buy it.But this looked like a lame boxing class.They may be useful against Antifa or PETA,But an Actual threat??If you Want a Female Bodyguard…….ISRAELI.

  12. Geeeez… they literlally used the cover of a game @1:43…….. It's from SOCOM Confrontations…

  13. "Oh please do underestimate me. You'd wished you hadn't and it could be the last thing you do." So Dope! Oh lord please don't let any bad people see that pen. TSA will take away our pens, any and all pens.

  14. Ya'll must have forgot about Frank White watch that movie he been here traint bitchs to kill.. one black and one white dumb girls will fuck you up

  15. The girl who did the gun and sword demo at elite security she spent a few years at a temple learning Wushu at a very young age. She studied Wushu with adults when she was a child and lived away from home now she's onto this bodyguard training it's so cool to see her grow because she was top of the class.

  16. Bodyguards for what in China, there's no threat here to these rich people. This is more on the basis on an accessory than functionality – the fact that they're using these women is a testament to that.

  17. If I wasn't an overweight accident prone american I would 1000% love to do this and be a badass

  18. If the majority of men in these Asian countries grow up practicing martial arts wouldn't a 5 ft tall 100 lb woman even with training just eventually be overpowered by the average man?

  19. Let's face it woman rock…. While cute I have so much respect for them . lm here in the U S … One day I would love to go to China….

  20. Very Impressive. Another reason why I love the Chinese. Oh wait, I have a percentage of China blood in me. No wonder. I see so much positive work ethic & dedication in these women!

  21. fake martial farts fake bodytards with damned idiotic nunchuks better get a real mma fighter that is also a cold, good shooter and driver. The whole vid is moronic in the extreme.

    A man with the same skills and years of training mma, shooting and driving is gonna pulverize a woman every time, why would you get a woman to do the job then? cheaper? feel good? #equality? GTFO

  22. A female bodyguard is a real showy display of wealth. if it comes down to a professional kidnapper and her we all know what would happen in hand to hand combat but i still admire them and there competitiveness. But i could take either of those girls I'm sure they could slow me down but they couldn't stop me from imposing my will upon them. I might have a busted lip claw marks and a bit off ear but it wouldn't take long to drain that energy maybe 5-10mins and she would be like a sack of potatoes to toss over my shoulder.

  23. Another Great video of the day! I watched a World Star Video, in which a woman was being held hostage.

    To a man holding a long knife, to a terrified woman's throat, in front of a busy convenience store.

    UNBELIEVABLY, a plain clothes female Chinese policewoman… asked the knife wielder to release the woman, about four or five times.

    When the final request was not met, somehow the police woman, pulled a small handgun, then shot the hostage taker in the temple.

    The criminal fell dead, like a sack of potatoes. The female hostage was SAFE!

    Video producer's replayed the scene SLOWLY and I still never detected where her hand produced the weapon!?

    You could spot the muzzle FLASH!

    But I couldn't see her hand move??

  24. Freeken awesome love that the ladies are getting in to what was only a guy thing much much much respect to them all and I no that now a day's the girl's aren't playing with my little pony any more there more like dad dad can you buy me a new knife AH HA HA HA THATS MY GIRL !

  25. After having spent the better part io my youth learning how to use my hands to defend myself, doing the old jab and cross doesn't exactly scream professionalism

  26. It's funny how China needs bodyguards..shouldn't the communist state prevent a few people from getting super rich?? I guess it doesn't happen that way

  27. handgun retention. I hope in a real scenario the shooter does have it pointed at you in arms reach so one can grab it.

  28. That chick ended up getting injured while protecting her jawn. She did make a full recovery and managed to get him to safety.

  29. So bodyguard by day and a sex bomb at night ! I wanna ba a billionaire too ! Who wouldn't want to tap these hot BAs !! 👍👍😘😘

  30. It makes more sense for a female bodyguard in my opinion. If someone trys running up on you they won't suspect a woman to pull out a strap and start firing. It's more incognito. Whereas if theres a big scary looking guy following you around then chances are there not going to approach- in writing this I realise the point of a bodyguard is to stop attackers coming up to you in the first place and not risk putting you in danger in the first place lol. Either way it dissent make a difference as long as there good at there job.

  31. Saw her in person the other day!!!!! She popped outta a black car wearing the same sweat clothes, clenched fist, and facial expression. Power walked up a hill towards a known ultra rich apartment building with mainland Chinese. I was going to say something but she had fire in her eyes. Looked exactly the same as this video but more grown, taller, more lanky. I've lived here for 15 years and I've never seen a face remotely like hers in my area which is mainly Chinese from mainland.

  32. @1:54 "with our clients' status growing higher, they need something to show their wealth" is how you get robbed.

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