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Christina Hammer vs. Tori Nelson | Full Fight | ShoBox: The New Generation

Christina Hammer vs. Tori Nelson | Full Fight | ShoBox: The New Generation

♪♪ ♪♪ Lennon:
I-I-It’s Showtime! [ Crowd cheering ] Ranallo: It’s a big fight
with a big-fight atmosphere! ♪♪ ♪♪ It is beautiful.
It is brutal. It is boxing at its best. ♪♪ What a fight! — Captions by VITAC — ♪♪ Thompkins: It’s the WBC and WBO
female world championship, Christina Hammer versus
the challenger Tori Nelson. We go once again
to the center of the ring, is Pete Trevino.
Pete? Trevino:
This is bout is scheduled
for 10 rounds of boxing for the WBC and WBO female middleweight
world championship. Presenting your fighters, first, fighting out of
the blue corner, representing Team Nelson,
wearing black trunks. Standing 5’6 1/2″ tall,
she weighed in 157 1/2 pounds. She brings with her to the ring a record of 17 wins, 1 loss,
and 3 draws, with two of those victories
coming by way of knockout. Fighting out of and representing
Chase City, Virginia, here is the former WBC female
middleweight champion, Tori “Sho-Nuff” Nelson! Her opponent across the ring,
fighting out of the red corner, representing
Hammer Team Germany, wearing red trunks. Standing 5’11” tall, she weighed in
at 159 1/2 pounds. Her record stands at 22 wins,
no losses, and 1 no-contest with 10 of the victories
coming by way of knockout. Fighting out of
Dortmund, Germany, ladies and gentlemen, please welcome
the reigning and defending WBO and WBC female middleweight
champion of the world Christina “Lady” Hammer! Referee Frank Garza
with final fight instructions. Ladies,
it’s your time to shine. Let’s give the audience
what they want. Touch them up. Come out when I signal for you
to come out at the bell. Best of luck to both of you. Farhood:
Unified rules here, and first, we look at
the Tale of the Tape. You see Hammer with that
huge reach advantage, seven inches. So Nelson — much smaller, has to get inside
and stay inside. And the rules — No standing 8-count,
no three-knockdown rule. Only the ref
can stop the fight. A fighter cannot be saved
by the bell in any round. The fight becomes official
after 4 rounds. And remember,
this is women’s boxing. In this case, they are fighting
two-minute rounds, Barry. Tompkins:
All right, with that,
we are set to go. And you made the point earlier,
Steve. [ Bell dings ]
Tori Nelson feels
she has to make it ugly. Now, can she do that, and get inside
the jab of Hammer? Hammer does have
a good jab, and obviously,
it’s a long jab, so she’s got big advantage
in terms of height and reach. Hammer said she wants
to not only win, she wants to be impressive
tonight, because she’s fighting
an opponent who Claressa Shields has
already fought and beaten…
Yeah. …but gone the distance. And it’s her U.S. debut. Four-punch combination
from Hammer. You know, Hammer landed her
first punch in this fight and had a little smirk
on her face, a little smile. I’ll tell you,
she is no nonsense. But that said — and I think it’s worthy
of mentioning — all four of the women that we’re gonna be
watching tonight, they’re people
you want to sit down and have a cup of coffee
Yep. Just terrific people, and they all have
a fascinating back story. And all stories very different
from each other. Uh-huh. Marquez: Hammer’s really
working that jab and just controlling
the distance so far. Nelson can’t find a way
to get in. She’s too far away. Good right hand
right there. Everything starts
off the jab.
Yes. And it’s not just
a “show me” jab. It’s a strong jab. Three-punch combination
again. Very sharp combinations
by Christina.
I’ll say. Very composed,
she’s in control. You know, she says,
“this is the way I fight. You have to do something
about it.” Just missed with
that right hand, and Nelson was open. Yeah,
there’s no secrets with Christina Hammer’s
style. Just not letting Tori Nelson
get even close to inside. [ Bell dings ]
Garza: Bell! Very impressive first round,
I thought, for Hammer. We had an opportunity to talk
to both these fighters about what they need to do. Here, first, is Tori Nelson. Stay in her chest. Stay close at a distance
where she has to be punching. I punch when she punch, wear her body down,
slow her down. And win the fight. In the first couple
of rounds, I land good jabs to stop her when she comes forward
aggressive. So I use my reach, always keep the distance,
hold the distance, and I get no punches. I land only punches. And when she comes forward,
I stop her with my right hand, and she goes down. That’s the picture. [ Speaking German ] Farhood: Christina Hammer
is at her best when she jabs and follows up
with more punches. And there you see a three,
four-punch combination. I said that
in the Keys to Victory. she’s very effective
when she punches in bunches. [ Bell dings ] I thought in the first round, everything she just said there,
she did. She gets really good
leverage. Very balanced. Yeah,
good control of her feet. Yeah, exactly —
her balance there. She’s a real pro.
Yes. I like what I see
so far.
Me, too. And Tori Nelson
is no gimme. I mean, she was in,
you know, with Christina
for all 10 rounds. And she didn’t win any rounds,
but she was taking all — Not Christina —
Claressa’s shots. Took all her shots. And Tori Nelson fighting at
a bunch of different weights, many times over her natural
or her best weight, has never been on the floor
as a professional. Right now, she’s getting
a boxing lesson. Oof. There Nelson slipped
a right hand in, but she took two. Yeah, but she’s
single punching. She’s not gonna get to her
with a single shot. She’s got
to jab her way in. Jab her way in,
and like you said, get in her chest, take one shot,
one shot. Every time
an aggressive fighter fights another fighter that is very technical
and technically sound and good movement
and good balance like Hammer, they always say they’re gonna
put the pressure on, but they forget to jab. Throw more jabs
and move their head when they’re coming in,
Barry. Steve, I got to tell you. I’m very impressed
with her jab, just by the power in it. She sits down on it
really well, and a couple of times she’s just stopped Tori Nelson
moving in. Yeah, she fights tall, the jab
is straight and hard, and the right hand
is very straight, as well, which is important. There was a slapping right hand
from Nelson. [ Bell dings ]
Garza: Bell. Interpreter: More fighting. [ Speaking German ] No drinking,
more fighting. Make ice —
Close your eyes. [ Speaking German ] Very good round. [ Speaking German ] Go forward. Okay? [ Speaking German ] And right, right
with the uppercut. She is open. ♪♪ Tompkins: This is a look at —
over the shoulder, Claressa Shields
who is watching this. That’s on the left of
your screen there. She’s watching it
with great interest. Farhood:
And she told us yesterday she would not watch it.
That’s right. I don’t know,
me, as an ex-fighter or even a manager that
managed my son, watched my kids, I don’t think that’s
a good idea to watch right before you’re fighting,
you know, one of the biggest fights
of your life, your career. Two good right hands. And again, Hammer absolutely
following the advice of Dmitri Kirnos
in her corner. Good right hand there, and I think
that hurt Nelson a bit. You know, the more aggressive
Nelson is, the more punches
Hammer throws. And you mentioned
Dmitri Kirnos. 83 years old, he’s been with Hammer
her entire career, and he has quite a reputation
as teacher and a trainer when he taught
in the former Soviet Union. Garza: Stop! Time! Tompkins:
Mouthpiece came out. Garza: That’s okay. Tompkins: Tori Nelson,
as she is wont to, said, “I’m sorry.” And that’s interesting that Hammer
had the presence of mind to point that out
to the referee.
Yeah. Yeah. Garza:
Back. Back. Back. Oh, no, no.
All the way back. Time in! Box! Tompkins: Again,
two excellent jabs from Hammer. Four, five, six punches. And Nelson landed
a right hand, and look
what she got for it.
Yeah. Like you said,
four, five, or six punches is what she got. Hammer’s very, you know,
precise, very calculated
with her shots.
She is. And she makes them count
and you see them all. Yeah, not a lot of
wasted punches, Raul. Beautiful boxing.
Yep. Garza: Break! Tompkins: Nice uppercut
in close quarters by Hammer. Garza: Let her go!
Let her go! Let her go! Now, we’re in round 3, and that’s the first time
I saw anything or any situation where Nelson
forced Hammer to hold. Needs to do that
about 50 more times. [ Bell dings ]
Garza: Stop! Bell! Tompkins: Nelson is trying
to go for it a little bit more, but if you’ll pardon
the expression, she got hammered.
Yeah. [ Laughs ] Exactly. Fladager:
Breathe, breathe. Good round.
That’s the round. You’re finding
your rhythm now. Good. How you feel now? You can swag it up. Look, start to the body, ’cause that is where
you’re getting her. She can’t punch. All right,
you’re acting like — She got a good jab.
I know. We knew that coming in.
Okay. Swag on her,
but come and hit that body. Hit the body
and work from there. You got to make it a fight. You’re down three. But we figured
we would be. You’re good, though.
You’re breaking her down. You’re good.
You’re in a good position. But, look, get to her
before you try to hit her. You’re trying
to walk to her, work off of her rhythm,
and rip that body. Then we’ll work from her body,
all right? Come on,
we’re gonna win this fight. Starts right now. Here.
Starting right now. I got the stool.
I got it. [ Bell dings ]
I thought that was a pretty interesting
conversation, where he said,
“she can’t fight,” and Tori Nelson said,
“she’s got a good jab.” [ Laughter ] Marquez:
She’s got an excellent jab. And she’s being tattooed
with that jab in all kinds of ways. I like the way Hammer
really uses that jab and works off of it.
Absolutely. And one punch
Nelson’s trying — she’s tried it a few times — is kind of dipping down and throwing
an overhand right, which makes sense against
a taller opponent with a bigger reach. But each time,
she’s come up short or the punch
has been blocked. She hasn’t landed
that shot. Three-punch combination
again. Wow. Beautiful. Yeah, I mean,
it’s a really good jab. And she’s pretty quick
with that right hand behind it. Very explosive,
and, you know, she changes the speeds
of the combinations. A lot of speed
and then power. Round 1,
Hammer landed 13 punches. Round 2,
she landed 13 punches. In Round 3,
she landed 13 punches. Wow. Garza: Let go of her head. Now, in spots,
you see Nelson backing up. If she backs up,
she has no chance. She just has to suck it up and take the punishment
that it takes, as cruel as
that may sound. Yeah, you’re right.
You’re right, Steve. Once you see Nelson
going back, and she keeps
going more back, it’s over for her.
It’s over. Yeah. But she’s mentally tough,
very mentally tough. She is. You mentioned
that she works at an IHOP, used to drive a school bus,
also. But after her last fight
with Claressa, her tips went up
at that IHOP. That’s what she said.
She talked about it.
Yeah. Garza: Break. Break. Break. Step back. Step back. Box. [ Bell dings ]
Bell. ♪♪ [ Speaking German ] ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Speaking German ] ♪♪ Jab! Jab! [ Speaking German ] Hey,
you’re doing good now. Fight’s turning,
tide’s turning. Hey,
fight with confidence. You’re fighting off your back
and it’s giving her a target. Swag your way in
like you did at the end. Hit the body first,
come up top. Tori, let’s do it
right now. I need this round. [ Bell dings ]
Box! Thompkins:
This is round 5. Dominant performance thus far
for Christina Hammer. Farhood: You know, when I spoke
to her backstage before, Nelson said, “you know, I’m
gonna put pressure on her, ’cause Hammer’s gonna run
all fight.” Well, she’s not running. No, she’s not. And it is easy, too, Raul, to mistake running
for good movement. Marquez: Yeah, it’s not —
you are talking about — I mean,
it’s not always running. It may appear to be running, but it’s actually
good movement. Oh, yeah. Absolutely. She knows how to use the ring,
the whole ring. She’s very smart
and takes control. You see — look at her. She moves, knows when
she’s got to move to the right, to the left,
throw her jab. I love her style. And just to add something
to what Raul said, how many times have you seen
Hammer against the ropes in this fight?
No, hardly at all. I think zero.
In fact, yeah,
I was gonna say. I can’t recall one.
Every time
she touches the ropes, she takes it back
to the center of the ring and keeps circling
around her. Well, you know,
as I watch her, the word that keeps
coming to mind for me is she’s a pro. She really gets it. She really has great skills, and, obviously, a great
understanding of the game. I mean, she’s really showing
that she’s the boss. Yes. Well, and didn’t she — even though she was very nice
when we talked to her, but she gives off
that ambiance that, you know,
“I’m in charge here.” Confident.
Very confident. She’s
a confident fighter. She told that story,
didn’t she, of being in a — was it a club in Germany? And, uh — go ahead.
You tell the story, Steve. Well, yeah,
a girl slapped her, so she
slapped the girl back. The girl’s boyfriend
came over. He slapped Hammer, and Hammer knocked him out and got thrown
out of the club. So she may be
a little tougher than her boxing style
shows. [ Bell dings ]
Garza: Bell! ♪♪ Tompkins: Dominant performance
thus far for Hammer. And I think the numbers
will show that, especially the jab numbers 32 to 9 in connects
for Hammer. Not a huge percentage
of her jabs, but still,
she throws so many that landing 32 has won her
most of the rounds. And power shots
actually pretty close, body punching to Nelson. So the total connects, because of the advantage
in jabs, goes to Hammer. ♪♪ Round 1, Hammer started off
doing what she does best. Jab, jab, right hand. That’s her ticket. And there, right again, with Nelson at the perfect
distance for Hammer, Hammer lands a big right hand
in round 3. She’s controlled every round. Flailing a little bit there
and not a lot of power. She’s not a big hitter. In control of this fight. Garza: Round 6. Round 6. ♪♪ [ Bell dings ]
Box! Tompkins: This is round 6, and Tori Nelson’s just
gonna have to find something that just has not been there. And, mainly,
it hasn’t been there, because Christina Hammer’s
not let it be there. Now,
I have high expectations in the second half
of this fight. I want to see Hammer
back Nelson up, maybe go to the body
a little bit, do some of the things
she doesn’t always do. We know she has a good jab
and a right hand. I want to see
something more. That right hand
put Nelson on one foot. Marquez: Pinpoint. Just right down
the middle. And her defense
is good, too. She’s got
that frame defense, carries
both of her hands up, blocks a lot of shots, moves around her. I love her style, guys.
I really do. It’s the first time
I’ve seen her fight live, and I’m impressed. Yeah, I am, too. The one punch
she has not mastered at all yet is the left hook. We’ve seen
very few of them. And watching her train
in New York a few months ago, I didn’t see much technique. And I think it’s just a punch she doesn’t use,
isn’t comfortable with. Garza: Stop! Let go. Let go. Box. Tompkins: Oh, uppercut. Sneaky —
I was just about to say look for
that sneaky uppercut. Changes that right hand. She’s got a little
sneaky uppercut that keeps landing. There it goes again.
Yeah. Yeah. Throws it in
very short quarters. That shows you that,
you know, she’s a thinking fighter. She’s not in there
just to throw punches. There it was again. And Nelson is just
in there right now to throw punches.
[ Bell dings ] ♪♪ And there you get a good look
at Anthony Dirrell. And the lady sitting next to him
is Karen Weaver, who is the mayor of the city
of Flint, Michigan. That, of course, the hometown
of the Dirrell brothers and of Claressa Shields,
as well. And that’s Lyric alongside,
right? You know your rappers,
Barry. Of course, I do. ♪♪ Claressa Shields,
incidentally, is donating a portion
of her salary to Flint Future Fund
after her fight. The Future Fund is used
to purchase bottled water which distribute to citizens
through churches and other community
organizations in Flint. We all know about
the water issue in Flint that’s been going on
entirely too long. Yeah,
it’s one the ugliest stories in recent
American history… [ Bell dings ]
…to be blunt about it. Flint’s a good boxing town with the Dirrells
and Claressa Shields and let’s not forget
Chris Byrd. Chris Byrd, my Olympic teammate
in 1992. That’s right. Got a silver medal. Hammer is now beating Nelson
at Nelson’s own game. Even when she gets
in close quarters, Hammer is beating her. Well, two questions,
and I’ll throw this out. They don’t necessarily
need to have an answer. One,
should she be doing more, or should she just be happy
to win every round the way she’s winning? ‘Cause she’s
looking to impress as much as
she’s looking to win. Yeah. Yes. I think — I think she’s trying
to do a little bit more. She hadn’t shown
that uppercut until — [ Coughs ] Excuse me. Until the last couple
of rounds.
Yeah. And she’s kind of —
it strikes me that she’s kind of willing
to try fighting on the inside and see how that goes,
also. For me, I just didn’t
expect this from her. I’m very impressed, and I think if she
put a little bit more pressure and put
her punches together, she’d more effective
against Nelson and maybe stop her. Like, have the referee stop it,
T.K.O. Well, right now,
Christina Hammer’s finding out what Claressa Shields
already knows, which is that Tori Nelson
is one tough lady.
Yeah. Maybe not
the most skilled, She is
a former world champion. But that was
at middleweight. And I don’t think that’s
her best weight, And she admitted
it’s not her best weight. She says she’s better
at 147 or 154. Right. There’s was one punch
from Nelson and five from Hammer. She’s fast. You know, I ran into Nelson
at her hotel, and I was asking her,
you know, when you fought Claressa, what did you feel
about her? “I didn’t feel,
really, her power. It was her speed.” And, you know,
it’s one of them things you really don’t know
as a fighter until you go in there, and you find out how fast
that person is. [ Bell dings ]
And I think
that’s the problem she’s having tonight
with Hammer, Barry. ♪♪ [ Speaking German ] Interpreter: Rest. [ Speaking German ] Eighth round. [ Speaking German ] Farhood:
Christina Hammer is best when she punches
in combination. Straight punches, yes,
she’ll finish with the jab. but four and five-punch
combinations, as I said earlier, she
always wins those exchanges. Kirnos:
[ Speaking German ] Interpreter: Go forward. Okay. Hold your left up. [ Speaking German ] [ Bell dings ] Tompkins: So round 8. A dominant performance
by Christina Hammer thus far. Nelson actually throwing
7 punches per round less than she did
against Claressa Shields. Now, that’s interesting. And if these rounds
seem to be flying by, it is because they’re
two-minute rounds. We’re so conditioned
to the men’s game with the three-minute rounds. Two right hands
got Tori Nelson a little bit
off-balance there. They want Christina Hammer
to come forward here. Garza: Off her head.
Let go of her. Let go of her. Let go of her. Punch out. Punch out. The punches landed
clearly in favor of Hammer who has been busier
and more accurate. Tompkins: There was a left hand
from Tori Nelson. But just one only. Garza: Okay, break. Stop. Step back, step back.
Step back, step back. All the way back. Box! Tompkins: Your card, and it’s hard to see it
any other way. Yeah,
I think that’s my card, that’s your card,
and that’s Raul’s card. Exactly.
Yes. There’s a right hand. Tori Nelson
just shook it off. Too far away
for Nelson. It is not that she not
trying to get inside. She is trying,
but Hammer’s movement. There’s that nice
sneaky uppercut again. Garza: Step back. Box. I’ll tell you, Nelson,
she’s a tough lady. Tompkins: She is. She takes a lot of shots,
got a good chin. Garza: Break. Break. Tompkins: Hammer pushing
her punches a little bit now. Garza: Box! [ Bell dings ]
Bell! ♪♪ You’re fighting
very cautiously. Why are your hands
out here? Your hands got to be
in here. Why are you out here
trying to hit her like that? Hey, look,
you got two rounds. That’s plenty of time.
Let’s do this. Break.
All right, all right, hey. [ Speaking German ] ♪♪ ♪♪ [ Whistle blows ] [ Speaking German ] Round 9. [ Bell dings ]
Box! Tompkins: So this is round 9
of this 10-round fight. A fight that has
absolutely been dominated by Christina Hammer. Hard to imagine seeing it
any other way but that. Nice uppercut again. That uppercut
is a very sneaky punch. Garza:
Stop! Stop! No, no. Farhood: Good to see her use
a different weapon. And, you know,
we’re not talking a lot about Claressa Shields here
for Hammer, because obviously,
Claressa has a very big fight with Gabriels
in a few minutes. But the fact of the matter is,
this is an audition. She’s trying to win —
Hammer’s trying to win the American fight fans’
imagination here so that they will project how she would do
against Claressa Shields. I think it’s pretty clear
that she has many more skills than everybody —
Gabriels aside, of course — that Claressa Shields
has fought to date. Yeah, no question. She has as much skill as any female fighter
that I’ve seen, just in terms of style. Yeah, what she tries to do
and what she does well. Yes. She had one tough fight
in her career against a French woman
named Anne Sophie Mathis about four years ago. And it ended —
it was a abbreviated fight, because Sophie Mathis
hit Hammer behind the head, and Hammer
couldn’t continue. But Hammer was pressured
in that fight, and it was a close fight
while it lasted. Now, all of that said, I’m not sure she’s hurt
Tori Nelson in this fight. But you made the point
earlier that Tori Nelson
has never hit the deck.
Yeah. Well, she might have
stopped her in her tracks
a couple of times with that straight one-two
down the middle and that solid jab. Like that? And even when she throws —
exactly — punches in bunches, she’s got to feel
something. But she’s a tough lady
and she keeps coming. She’s attacking
the wrong way. Hammer landed
a big right hand to the body a few seconds ago. Yeah, that is something she hasn’t shown
a lot of in this fight. She hasn’t thrown
a lot of body shots. [ Bell dings ]
Garza: Bell! ♪♪ Good. Hey, I like the effort. I like coming forward
like that. Breathe. Just got one more round,
one more chance. Hey, don’t — no, no, no. Don’t give me that face. You got a chance. People get knocked out
in the 10th round. [ Speaking German ] Interpreter:
Okay, collect the… Control, control. That’s most important. [ Speaking German ] Push. Don’t punch
till you get to her. Punch when you get to her. You’re trying to hit her
before you’re there. But get to her.
Just get to her, okay? [ Speaking German ] Interpreter:
Christina, head’s up. [ Bell dings ]
Garza: Box! Farhood:
We should point out, Barry, that the man translating,
Harold Pia, is the manager
of Christina Hammer. Box! Tompkins:
He’s got a good client. [ Laughs ] Yes. Garza: Break! Break. Back. Back. You know, going in,
we, of course, assumed Hammer would be dominant
with the jab. That’s her game. but she’s also
outlanded Nelson 53-32 in power connects. And that’s why
she’s won every round. Tompkins: I mean, again, you could say the same thing
about Tori Nelson that we said the last time. She’s game, but just simply
outgunned here. Way outgunned.
Marquez: Yes. Garza: Step back. Let go.
Step back. Box! Stop! No, no, no, no. No hitting the back
of the head, okay? My break. My break. Let go. My break.
My break. Step back. Come on, ladies,
let’s go. Tompkins: So you have to think
that this is will encourage — that there should be an influx
of female boxers because of the success of people like Christina
and Claressa Shields. Oh, no doubt. And also just the exposure
they’re getting, largely on Showtime, has been critical
for the women’s game. It has to be motivating for even the girls
that fight amateur, in the amateurs.
I would think. Yeah. Good right hand again that Nelson
just ducked into. There have only been
a couple of Olympic Games where there’s been
women’s boxing, and look at what it did
for Claressa Shields…
Right. …among others. Katie Taylor
winning the gold medal. Another talented fighter. Really talented. Yeah. Garza: Box! [ Bell dings ]
Bell! Tompkins: And that’s it. And a very lopsided fight
to be sure, but I’ll tell you what. I mean, I come away
from this fight saying that’s
a professional fighter. Yeah, I agree. I mean, to me,
it was easy work for her, and it was more like
a sparring match. She was in there
just having fun. Nelson really never put her
in any kind of trouble. No.
And you know, Hammer did
what she had to do to control every round and dominated. Nelson knew
what she needed to do. She knew,
but she could not do it. Yeah, and I think
that’s the thing. I think there will probably
be some criticism because she didn’t throw
enough body shots. But I think
under the circumstances, she did
what she needed to do. I think fighting somebody
with a different style, she might have thrown
more body shots. I don’t think
it’s because she can’t. And you see
early in the fight, Nelson was winging
her shots. That’s her game. She did against
Claressa Shields, and there,
she tried to jab with Hammer. But clearly Hammer a master at keeping the right distance
so that she can jab. Then as the fight progressed, Nelson always trying, but almost
100% ineffectively. And there we see Hammer doing what I think she does best
and is most effective when she punches
in combination. Later in the fight,
I guess it became pretty clear that Hammer learned
what Claressa Shields learned which is that some fighters
just don’t get knocked out. And you see
the final numbers. Hammer —
only 19% of her jabs. That’s a low percentage. But she throws so many that she was able
to control the fight there, and she did have the advantage
in the power shots, as well. But 22% of shots landed
for Hammer — That’s a pretty
low percentage for a fighter
winning a fight. All right, let’s go
to the ring announcer. Pete Trevino
will make it all official. Here are the scores. Trevino:
Ladies and gentlemen, let’s have a big round
of applause for both of the fighters
in this ring. [ Cheers and applause ] After 10 rounds
of championship boxing, we go to the judge’s scorecards
for a decision. Judge Procopio scores
the contest 100-90. Judge Roussel and judge Chambers
both score the contest 99-91, all in favor of your winner
by unanimous decision and still the WBO and WBC female middleweight
champion of the world, Christina “Lady” Hammer! [ Cheers and applause ]

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  1. This is what you call a fundamentally sound true veteran vs a special, hungry young fighter. Great fight. I got Shields 🛡

  2. Hammer has got Height advantage and more reach.. I still give Nelson every credit, she's a very strong competitor at her age.

  3. Nelson's coach gave her the best advice in before round 5 but Nelson DON'T listen, she STILL went toe to toe & was an EASY target for Hammer time 🥊

  4. hammers  going to get a boxing lesson from clarissa because clarissa stated that she fights the same way all the time,i believe hammer has stamina but she too mechanical and slow. April 13,we will see!

  5. Christina Hammer is a True Boxer. great Technique, great Footwork, Great at Keeping the distance, great at Jabs, great at Combinations. Shields is just a Ghetto, No Technique, Straight Forward Boxer that is always open for Counters and does NOT HIT HARD ( 2KO's). It's gonna be a bad Night for Shields… #100

  6. Shields has serious fire in her. The power is obviously the baddest when compared with hammer. The shield is stronger & better than the hammer. My $ is on claressa!

  7. The one in red seems more technical but she cheats to look at her hang over this woman I like giving people a chance to prove themselves then I watch there fight and see a lot of things this dumb ass ref don't see or don't wanna see and y is women's boxing treated so different

  8. That Is A Very Racist Red Pale Commerical With Slow Thinking Black NBA Players! They Obvious Didnt Know They Were Inferior In That Cartoon Commerical Fighting And Killing Each Other! But The God Was Red Pale! The GOD DEVIL!!

  9. Hammer looks like a man and possibly had a sex change early in life. Her shoulders look like a mans shoulders and her legs looks just like a skinny man. Ijs

  10. Hammer got a good jab and good movement but thats about it against Shields, who has way more power and better combos, it will scare the sht out of Hammer when she feels it 🙂

  11. I JUSS wanted to see how Hammer's ring generalship's executed. SHE'S JUSS BIG! DATS IT. Nothing special as far as elite, OR spectacular by ANY means. The attitude she displays is of NO FEAR. BUT I thought she'd take this girl out especially since Shields was taken to and through the championship ROUNDS. I wanted a KNOCKOUT FROM HAMMER! Her and Shields WILL BE GOOD. It won't live up to the hype generated by the promoter. Unless there's a KO!

  12. watching in prep for shields vs hammer..but dang nelson really did not use much head movement and kept her hands too low. fundamentals mane..and on the other hand hammer has a great 1 and 2 and overall crisp technique and skills.

  13. Overhand right setup off the jab and you're knock the f*** out by Shields she's one-dimensional the only thing she has over any of her opponents is the height and reach she fights at bay that's it she has a glass jaw and she's never been in trouble like that where she has to fight adversity to come back and really dig deep and shield throws combinations

  14. Clarrisa will be facing a more polished opponet in the hammer and will clarrisa's olimpic style be enough ? Only a knock out will do ?

  15. Let me just stay at the end of her jab, eat some right hands while I'm out there, and then when I get inside I'll just clinch and hold until the ref breaks us apart. Brilliant Nelson. Brilliant !!

  16. After watching just a few rounds I can tell C will beat H, 2 many flaws, no punching power, unanimous decision by C ✊🏻🥊💯👋

  17. Guys, look beyond the breasts & make up! Hammer has a Adam's apple, shoulders wider than hips, huge eyebrow ridge, huge back & shoulders, etc! It's definitely a man!!! 🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎🍎

  18. haha, I'v just read a comment on about the Hammer vs. Gifty Amanua Ankra fight in Nov. 2017. It startet with: "Hammer brutally stopped Gifty Amanua Ankrah with a straight right hand at the end of round four.". And Hammer said in the following interview: "I have never felt a harder head than hers. My hands are hurting.. I hope Claressa Shields watches the tape of this fight so she knows what’s coming for her".

  19. I only saw hammer and shields for the first time today watched one of each of their fights. I think shields is more powerful hammer has pretty good skills but I think shields will beat her

  20. Can the Hammer 🔨 break the Shield 🛡️? The fight will be great but have to give the edge to Shields reason being that though Hammer is fundamentally sound with a great Jab. See is actually easy hit for someone that moves a lot. Doesn't throw combinations well enough off the jab and relies on that punch a bit too much. Shields has a better variety of punches and unlike Nelson will be able to get inside better and work the body. But if Hammer surprises us all with more punches like adding a good left to her punch repertoire then it can make things a bit interesting. This should be a good fight.

  21. But isn't Shields a transsexual? I am being serious, was she not born a man? If so, it's not a fair fight. She should fight men or other transsexuals. PC gone mad.

  22. This woman been Boxing 7 years and that's all she can do against a novice. The short lady has no skills who the hell is her Coach. Across the pond they love 60-40 or 70-30 fights even the crowd has gone to sleep

  23. Never seen Hammer before 'til just now. She's gonna get eaten alive by Shields.
    Some decent technical skills….but slow, light hitting puncher is what I'm seeing. She's gonna get taken out like Vonda Ward vs. Ann Wolfe.

  24. You don't need power to win a fight. She stays behind her jab really good. Her 2s and 3s behind the jab are also good. If the fight goes the distance it will be very close maybe even an upset

  25. How are people supposed to take this fight seriously when a 40 year old is fighting a 27 year old? It’s even worse when a trainers advice is “swag it up”! Wtf

  26. I think Tori handled herself well for a 41 year old black female champion boxer. That's a feat in and of itself!!

  27. If shields don't move her head, Hammers jab will frustrate her, causing shields to be careless and lose composure and throw wild desperate punches. If hammer abandons the jab, that will be a win for Sheilds. I know Hammer has been practicing the 1,2 glide back 4,3. Shields needs to watch for this. I pick Hammer in 5 respectfully.

  28. this not the first time hammer approached Shields for a fight. Shields was only 8 0, Hammer at 24 then before the fight Hsmmer chickened out.

  29. This will be an easy fight for Claressa IF: Shields moves her head and shows great foot work (Creating angles) , use feints and go to the body. Basically her style (Hammer's) is that of a tall Mikey Garcia. She has a good technical sense of boxing and straight up and down. She uses her height well and ofter bullies her opponents by pushing them back or leaning on them. Shields will have to fight like Spence using superior ring intelligence. body shots and setting traps. She should confuse the hell out of her by attacking the body then switching it up mid-way through. Using feints will get her to drop her guard resulting in a knock out victory. I predict Hammer will hit the canvas at least twice. Shields has a lot of intelligence, power, quickness and resilience – not to mention she spars with elite level male boxers. Not discrediting Hammers sparring partners whoever or wherever they are. But we all know they aren't Spence, with whom she's rumored to have sparred.

  30. Look at her footwork and IQ bro. She uses her head and body to throw off her opponent. Very impressive. I think Shields will get frustrated.

  31. Women's boxing has never been very good. It's like watching girls middle school basketball. Women's MMA evolved much faster and has surpassed women
    s boxing.

  32. 🔨 has skills no doubt she has a very good jab, but from what i see. Itz not enough, she has no dog in her. Shieldz about to off this chick. This wont be a pretty fight from T-Rex, she about to make it ugly, ruff n a little dirty.


  34. Good evening, I hope Shields gets the recognition she so much deserves!!!!! I'm so proud of her for, what she has accomplished in a short time of her life. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. Claressa, go get the other belts and show the world you mean business. I hope to meet you some day. Go Flint Mi !!!!!!

  35. Una pelea muy desigual. La Nelson. Tiene menos oficio que la alemana. Además la alemana no la deja hacer su pelea. A corta distancia, la toma por la nuca. El árbitro no le llama la atención. Y la alemana hace ls pelea que le conviene. Muy malo el árbitro.

  36. Pésimo el árbitro. Le permite realizar la pelea que le conviene a la alemana. Y le permite Tomar a la Nelson.

  37. German females are hot,like Wildwomanbushcraft on youtube.This woman is pretty in her street clothes.Think she models…Shields just came flying in while Hammer is more technical.Bet from now on she will have a plan for this.Anthony Joshua was technical and Ruiz just threw caution to wind.He will be ready next match to as Hammer will be for Shields when they meet again.This Hammer,she can box.Her jab is stiff

  38. I have been looking at the ladies boxing matches on YouTube. Claressa Shields is clearly on a higher level than the rest of the women. Nobody even come close.

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