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Christmas Day vs Boxing Day | Sydney 2019

Christmas Day vs Boxing Day | Sydney 2019

Assalamu Alaikum
Have A Good Day Thanks you for coming back to this channel. This time, we will give you information about Different in Sydney about Boxing Day and Christmas Day But before that, subscribe, like, share and comment And don’t forget to activate your notification So, every time we give new video you get new information about it. Today, Sky in Sydney become normal (blue) After one month of “Bushfires” we cannot see the blue sky Today, we can see it again. After yesterday night raining Today, I will show you Sydney in Christmas it’s like ghost town. I can walking in the middle of the road. And few people Just bus around and no one inside This is shopping centre And it very quiet Usually, in normal day. everyone sitting here Chit chat, shopping and it’s in Westfield Sydney Follow me We check until the end of the shopping centre is it really quiet? or some shop still open? Let’s go! It’s TRUE Every store is close 100% This is Just once a year, in 25 December In Chrismas Day We also wanna show you the different of tomorrow event Boxing Day I will show you the different of today and tomorrow So, continue watching this video We are in QVB One of the shopping centre as well QVB is Queen Victoria Building And behind me it’s also quite Some people still around But I thing there are tourist Take picture and ext, because Sydney is Quiet today. You can see, inside the Tram Empty This is the fastest access To shopping centre in Sydney Westfield, Myer, QVB But today, it’s really close After along way to George Street We can see it’s all close Let’s go home We cannot eat anything, we cannot buy anything So, Let’s go home I really feel quite, all carriage is empty its like all mine 9.20 O’clock And All way going to QVB is very crowded It’s Boxing Day, And I’m already looking around Now, still 11 a.m You can see it’s very crowded But I thing it’s still not to crowded Normally, after 12pm it’s more crowded and full As we know, Yesterday is quite, I can seat in the middle of the road But, now is very crowded Because all the store in Sydney Giving big discount Because of this Boxing Day event is very big Tram line is close Also car road is close near the store location. So all people just walking, Because the Boxing Day is very crowded and big event And this event just one time a year, Only in 26 December That’s all. My Boxing Day and Christmas Day Activity. In Boxing Day, very crowded, road is close, To many people around and shopping Luckily, today is Thursday. So, all the store open until 9pm And in Christmas Day It’s like zombie town We cannot doing anything All store is close I hope this video give you information Thanks you for watching this video Don’t forget to subscribe, like, share and comment See you in the next video Have A goo Day

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