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Colorado Krav Maga community effort in self defense

Colorado Krav Maga community effort in self defense

[epic music depicting Krav Maga Epicness] Krav Maga translates in Hebrew to Contact Combat or “Close Combat” It’s a Israeli Self-Defense and Figthing System developed in Israel for the military originally adapted for Law Enforcement over time and then adapted further for civilians. The System itself is based on instinctive movements and instictive reactions to threats as opposed to pre-set determined movements in forms like other martial arts are. We don’t train people for competitions. Competitions have rules (they have to have rules). We like people to not be limited by rules. When it come to self-defense anything goes. The idea is to survive the violoent encounter Our business has created specifically a very community oriented atmosphere. They challenge each other to better themselves in everything they’re doing in life And they appreciate each other for that! [more epic music]

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