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Competitive Judo Training : How to Break Your Fall in Competitive Judo

Competitive Judo Training : How to Break Your Fall in Competitive Judo

On behalf of Expert Village, I am Angel Perez
with Champion Martial Arts in Miami, Florida. Today, we are talking about competitive Judo.
Now, for our next demonstration it’s basically the same thing. They are going to start off
competing. One will throw the other. This time it’s going to be a “wazadi”. It’s not
going to be “ipon”. Wazadi means a half-point. Two wazadis is the equivalent of ipon, match
is over, automatic point. Again, it’s the equivalent of a knock out or a submission,
a tap out, in a mixed Martial Arts bout. Normally that is very close to also being
a full point, or an ipon. The only difference is his legs really never lifted off the mat.
He did land on his back and he did take the fall. If you hit the mat, more often than
not, the referee will call ipon. So, even though we practiced that, it’s not something
that I recommend you do in the tournament. You must learn your falls. But, you should
not be breaking falls during a competition while you are on the mat competing.

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13 thoughts on “Competitive Judo Training : How to Break Your Fall in Competitive Judo

  1. im pretty sure if youre in competition you want to break your fall so it doesnt hurt. thats why you learn how to fall. if youre gonna get thrown, youre gonna get thrown. there are instances where the attack can be evaded but if you know you can reverse why just lay there and not do shit. you and richard dont know anything about judo

  2. well if ur about 2 get thrown flat on ur back it doesnt matter if u break fall or not its still ippon.
    you should however try 2 turn onto your front so you dont get a score given against u

  3. makes sense, only because alot of judo refs really suck. I hear you can also influence the refs in your favor when you throw by kiaing

  4. anyone tried NOT breakfalling when being thrown in shiai? I can understand the rationale, but to try not to use ukemi when being thrown fast and hard is crazy. sometimes you may be able to turn, but it feels like the universe is going to cave in on you when thrown by serious judoka at anything approaching national level.

  5. @FALLENFORFISH before anything please tell me the colour of obi you have and what u consider a real competition. i wouldnt be surprised if you were yellow or white as anyone with a higher belt would have manners when talking to a senpai. Im stating opinion for what is proper in my judo practice your entitled to yours.

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