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CONOR MCGREGOR vs JOSE ALDO – Ido Portal on London Real

CONOR MCGREGOR vs JOSE ALDO – Ido Portal on London Real

my main place of business is inside that
octagon and that is where I truly shine I come to fight and this fight
will be a performance, I’m not just gonna beat Jose I’m gonna embarrass Jose in there. I recently saw some footage you posted of your time in Dublin with the UFC interim champion at 145
pounds, Conor McGregor. You were there with him with Gunnar Nelson at the
straight blast gym – you looked like Darth Vader with the broomstick! He’s got a big
fight coming up against Jose Aldo that’s December 12, Conor’s been in his head for
like a year, itis been fascinating to watch… I have to see that fight! Are you gonna watch that fight? Yeah yeah I I hope to and I hope to be there ringside and health Conor in fight week. I will find
it very interesting to see Jose Aldo adapting to what Conor brings to the
table, this unpredictability, rhythm, distance, timing, control, the variety
in vocabulary of offensive movement is just incredible and from what I’ve seen from it doesn’t
look like he can adapt to those things it’s very easy for him with his power to
like a sniper sitting there on a target and shooting it but once the target is
constantly moving to apply your fire is very very difficult. Conor almost robs
you out of your toolbox, that’s the feeling even when playing with him you
can feel this, he’s an aggressive counter puncher – it’s exactly
it, a form of consistent pressure without doing anything, he just stands in front of
you and you feel this pressure from the the management of distance
and positioning and then that pulls a reaction out of you you want to protect yourself and you
make some mistakes and he capitalises upon it and that’s that’s what he does
so well. You know I gave him all kinds of movement riddles, the kinetic puzzles we talked about and he does it his way and he does it very well! CONOR MCGREGOR vs JOSE ALDO UFC 194 – DECEMBER 12TH 2015 IDO PORTAL ON LONDON REAL

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56 thoughts on “CONOR MCGREGOR vs JOSE ALDO – Ido Portal on London Real

  1. Connor's gonna get a nasty shock, I reckon.
    Aldo is a serious athlete and has too much well-honed technique for Connor's compulsive and frantic style to last the distance.

  2. I admire what Ido does, if only he didn't seem so full of himself. I don't know why, but there is this aura to him that isn't just that of a master, but of a master who wants to be seen as a master, as a "wise" one. If I was Conor, I would be happy to learn from Ido, but I wouldn't let him into my camp during fight day, because I'm not sure Ido is the kind of guy who would stay in the background of the team. I'd be afraid he would have to many helpful suggestions, when really, the main coaches should be the ones talking with Conor during the fight.

  3. Very interesting perspective. I will be rooting for Conor. That last fight was way too close for comfort, even though McGregor says he was in control the whole time.

  4. Conor is a tough bastard but I really want to see him get hurt. That type of disrespect needs be punished….severely, but not sure if Jose is up to the job. But some out there will scalp him….and I for one will be cheering when it happens

  5. I just re-watched the Aldo v mendes fight and i'm convinced Conor will win. Aldo's natural stance is Muay Thai and his movements are very linear, he stands in front of his opponents and waits to counter. Mends was able to hit Aldo easily but because of his short arms that meant staying in the pocket which left him open to Aldo's counters, which are lethal. I think Conor's game plan will be to keep Also at distance with jabs and evade most counters, also attack his body (like he did Mendes) and slowly and patiently frustrate him with his movement and the odd straight left to remind him of his power. Conror took Mendes best power shots so he has a good chin, I think it will last 4 rounds with Aldo taking a beating and end with a TKO.

  6. Conor McGregor not only works hard but also smart. Working with a movement specialist like Ido Portal and being a student of mental disciplines like the law of attraction show just how focussed and open minded he is in absorbing as much information as he can to become the best at what he does. Much respect!

  7. He explains it so well. The way Conor McGregor moves is just so intelligent. But yeah I hope he wil ko Aldo but its definitly his toughest opponnent. Hope he dominates Aldo and doesnt get hit by Aldo's hand or kicks,

  8. i agree, thus jose has between 20 seconds to 5 minutes to win the fight in my opinion… To overwhelm Connor before he gets comfortable.

  9. All you need to do against someone who counters all your shit, is to feint and counter their counter. No one has brought that level of deceptiveness to Conor. Everyone is very passive, always throwing shots with no set up. Never timing shit, never breaking rhythm, never feinting, never drawing and countering, never throwing a combination of more than a few blows. They all let Conor sit in his favored range and as a result they get picked apart. His opponents are LETTING THEMSELVES get picked apart by Conor's long range striking game, if you notice — every time Conor gets smothered, he freaks out and gets tagged. He's an alright striker at kicking range and a step out of punching range. When he faces an aggressive striker who doesn't let him be comfortable, he will lose. He is like Rousey before she faced Holm — a fighter who looks to be extremely skilled because no one has thrown them a curve ball yet. I knew Rousey would get beat by a good puncher because she hadn't faced one yet, and would eat punches while trying to get into clinch range. Conor will get beat by an aggressive striker who does not respect his "striking prowess", thus has no fear of trying to run Conor over. Or a good grappler. The only time he got away from mendes, is when mendes tried to guilliotine him.

  10. Interesting discussion, whilst conor may be the better "mover" for purests aldo has the option to go to ground and express himself there. The match up is intriguing on the feet but also on the mat. Most commentators are negelecting the ground aspect..

  11. 13 seconds …Ido portal is Not Fake ..Aldo Was Just Lucky For ten Years..No Competition…The Division Was Flat ..But Now The McGregor ERA Begins!!

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