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Conor McGregor vs Joseph Duffy (Conor McGregor’s Last Loss In MMA)

Conor McGregor vs Joseph Duffy (Conor McGregor’s Last Loss In MMA)

Colin McGregor finding out of the SPT
egypt is a highly regarded site ball boxer pastimes accidents top of skills
at this level I feel like we do anything he liked and invite anyway I want at the
moment I’m rubbin really holds my rest on my business jets on the smallest
amounts of honest I was Joseph does he is unbeaten I think he’s top ten
European them to see it and share it on his number two so see about that they
can expect to see me pushing the pace was back in saccades looking for a way
out and I’ll finish peres my house will likely imma be lightweight I’m just
trouble final fortified I’m as calm as he can be you know I might have there
that day soon as I started texting me I’m ready to go undefeated Joe Duffy has
a pro record 70 and represents Falcon martial arts background and I cuando
kickboxing on Brazilian jiu-jitsu it started raining indoors $521 and I started writing full contact
kickboxing ever since my flight I just love i just
love fighting I love competing just not all aspects of the game really every
every part of the fighting clan MacGregor as you look at yours on them
sequestered striker know he likes to push forward you know aggressive style
so I’m just gonna cry when probably come up with the right result very different styles that the law white when the shotgun outside looks a
powerful a little white stones and then you’ve got the ball and European boxing
style of George took a big shot on the way and that he has his bodily split the
left with a shot that was a very very bad thing but then got home I’m not sure
that was such a big shots but was planning to eat them to get the ground very big things from him in the future expect you know you can have it be
expected to be quick to get the job done he certainly got the job done and can
you be getting the job done for the last couple years in 09 you must be very
proud of that record benefit them you just want to keep forward over the top
where do you think you can get too I want to be the best but at least you
finna be the best so

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72 thoughts on “Conor McGregor vs Joseph Duffy (Conor McGregor’s Last Loss In MMA)

  1. Its the losses that make great fighters. It happened early in Conors Career. Hes learned from it and now hes a funking beast

  2. Both if Conor losses came buy submission, that's the best bet for the next person to beat him whoever that might be. A big lightweight with good wrestling and submissions will be his demise Aldo isn't a known grappler but he could take Conor down and beat him up but I feel he will be stupid and stand in front of him and let his pride get in the way

  3. TJ Dilishaw should add a few pounds and fight Connor or Robbie Lawler should drop a few pounds to make Connors weight! It would be interesting!

  4. The only fighters who beat Conor was by submission, and All of us are tired of Those bullshit submissions, let's see "Fighting". I mean submissions are cool and have a place, but when fighters think they can't outfight you, the run and hide behind clinches and hang on for dear life until they get a submission or decision, like Ryan Hall vs Artem Lobov. Shit is annoying.

  5. Didn't Duffy lose, then just quit? And McGregor took his early losses and became the featherweight and lightweight champion of this organization…Then vacated and went to the UFC.

  6. Lol at everyone getting a stiff on for seeing Conor lose. I guess their desperation is showing since they have to reference a 5 year old fight in order to feel good about themselves. Keep scraping the floor for crumbs. Like mice waiting for leftovers of those who are actually doing something with their lives. And I'm sure they are eagerly waiting for Conor's next loss just like a mouse waits for the next round of garbage to be scraped off the plate.

  7. This fight has no bearing on the current McGregor or current Duffy AT ALL. they were both 22 years old. Conor doesn't even look remotely as good as he does now.

  8. The best MMArtist all around fighter, money, fame, etc right now is McGregor.. he's really takin' over..
    But still he's got many fights ahead, I think he'll go Silva/Jones on the FW division, but I don't think he'll be as good in LW..

  9. Feet to the mat Conner is very hard to beat he is got to many moves and a left hand shot that he only has to hit you with 1 time is lights out!!

  10. I think were gonna see big things from you in the future lol, little did the commentator know he was gonna be seeing big things from the man that got submitted very quick

  11. oh man ponyboyonline you must have mcgregors poster on your wall and would whipe the sweet off his balls get real

  12. junglemattxx i just read the comments you my kind of MMA guy i like humble fighters and i like people fighting on loses and wins trust me when connor gets beat the nut huggers be talking shit about him just like my nephew who always pulls for whoever is on top hell i still want bj penn to come back and school

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