Conor McGregor vs Khabib Nurmagomedov BREAKDOWN

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card. Conor McGregor was his usual immature, (immaturity noises) incoherent, (incoherent noises) ignorant, (ignorant noises) insensitive self.. Leading up to this entire fight. Even the day of the fight, that fool was still
blowing smoke.. Literally. (east coast noises) And then Dana wonders why everyone is calling
the UFC the new WWE. (DX noises) Mira, instead of spending so much time on
all of that flashiness.. He shoulda been tryna schedule a tuneup
fight. I bet if he would’ve asked, one of Khabib’s
teammates would’ve fought him.. More on that later. But Conor didn’t want a tuneup.. He wanted that money. But he didn’t seem to realize that his love for that money is what took away his hunger.. The same thing that happened to him is what
happened to Rocky Balboa. (Mickey noises) Conor went from being a fighter, to being
a businessman. And so a lotta people thought that after he
got beat up by an old man for 100 million dollars, that they would never see him again. But that’s not good for business. That’s right. After losing to supposably the greatest boxer
of all time, with a 49-0 record.. He decides to fight the greatest MMA fighter
of all time, with a 26-0 record.. Very stupid for health and safety.. But great for business. And sometimes.. When you’re tryna be a good businessman.. You gotta do whatever it takes to get that money… Even if that means taking “the most disgusting
thing that’s ever happened in the history of the company”, and deciding to use it as promo material. (promo noises) Dana tried his hardest to act all upset about
it for a little while.. (liar, liar, pants on fire noises) But clearly, him and Conor patched things up,
as you could see with this little nod right here. These fools are about to make some money. There was another moment right before the
fight, that I found particularily interesting.. I remember back when I was in high school,
we had to read a book called Shakespeare, and it taught me about something called foreshadowing. That’s when you see like a little clue about
something that’s about to happen in the future. And as if I didn’t already know, the moment
I saw McGregor tap on the mat, I knew it was a sign… There were gonna be some more taps
on the way. And to make it even more interesting, he tapped
right on the Proper Twelve logo. The way I look at it. It’s like, symbolic, you know? He was gonna be tapping out for the
last time, leaving the fight game behind, to join the whiskey game. (delusional noises) And while all of this is going on, the homie
Khabib is over there picking lint out of his belly button. Savage. So we get into the introductions and Bruce
Buffer continues to push the UFC narrative, by calling McGregor the pride of Ireland. Chale. Everybody already knows that the pride of
Ireland is Liam Neeson. That fool has a special set of skills that
would cause Conor McGregor to tap out, on sight.. Even though that’s not really saying much. But Khabib wasn’t even tripping. He let Bruce Buffer know what’s up when
he fist-bumped him. He let that fool know that he was about to
break the curse. As soon as the fight started, you could already
tell how it was gonna go down. And then Khabib landed one of the most beautiful takedowns
I’ve ever seen in my life. (beautiful takedown noises) You know when you’re playing basketball,
and the ball rolls around the rim a buncha times before it goes in? It was kinda like that. (entirely possible these are noises) It was very soon after that, that Conor McGregor started
with the cheating. Now I’m gonna hop all over the place right
here because it happened throughout the fight. But I wanna let you know all the different ways that
Conor cheated. Grabbing the shorts. (grabbing noises) Illegal knee to the face. (illegal knee noises) Feet in
the fence. (feet in fence noises) Grabbing the cage. (grabbing the cage noises) Grabbing the gloves. (grabbing the gloves noises) And strikes to the back of the head. (strikes to the back of the head noises) But honestly, that wasn’t even surprising. Because he did he same thing during his last fight. (TMT noises) What was surprising though, is that he kept
getting away with it. Usually, Herb Dean is on top of things, but
I think Dana got to him. (Dana White Privilege noises) Anyway, the entire first round was mostly spent with
Conor on his back, and his legs tied up. Getting socked in the face every now and then. At the end of the round his coach was
tryna make him feel better by telling him that that was Khabib’s best. (yes-man noises) He had no idea.. And then you see Khabib chilling over there
in the corner. He didn’t even want to sit down. And they weren’t even talking about the
fight. I don’t know a lotta Russian, but from what
I could tell, they’re talking about Ozark. Starring Jason Batemen. I highly recommend it. The second round is where we see Conor get
rocked. (reality check noises) Sure, it was a big moment. But it led to an even bigger moment. Halfway into the second round,
is where the fight should have ended. (should’ve been a stoppage noises) I’ve seen fight after fight stopped for
much less than this. Khabib was changing that fool’s face but
Herb Dean was tryna keep his paycheck. It was so bad, that Mario Yamasaki tweeted
at Herb Dean after the fight. So Conor makes it past the second round. And that fool’s smiling. I don’t buy it though. Cause I already know it’s like a coping
mechanism. That’s the same thing my lady does when
she’s about to cry.. And you just gotta give her like a couple
of days to cool off or whatever, you know? And then she’ll finally call you back.. (left on read noises) I actually thought it was kinda funny how
people were getting all excited about the third round. (false hope noises) Conor was coming out with more enthusiasm
but it doesn’t matter if he’s not doing any damage. And then the commentators were acting all
shocked because Khabib went toe to toe with him. (tripping noises) But it just shows you how confident Khabib
was able to be because of how superior he was to Conor. And Khabib’s savage nature continued to shine through
at the end of the third round when he refused to drink any water. Meanwhile McGregor is on the other side getting
operated on. The fourth round goes just like all the others. Khabib dominates. And then it happens. (inevitable domination noises) Khabib gets Conor’s back and locks in the
rear naked choke. And I wanna take a moment to acknowledge something
right here. A lotta people started tripping when I called
it a choke. And when I said that McGregor shoulda
went to sleep. (Mexican Fight Companion noises) They were tryna say that I didn’t know what
I was talking about and that it was a neck crank.. And that supposably that’s even what the UFC
said. Oh, that’s what the UFC said?… The same UFC that let Conor cheat during the
whole fight and didn’t call the stoppage? (look into it noises) But I know who you look up to. So if you don’t wanna listen to me, then
maybe you’ll listen to these fools. (BJJ salesmen noises) Now what? Mira. I know the neck crank was there, everybody
saw it. And there was clearly pressure against the jaw. But Conor wasn’t gonna feel any pressure
through that beard. Look at that thing. It’s too dense. It’s been soaking in cabbage and Proper
Twelve, for days. And the biggest indicator that it was more
of a choke is that Conor actually goes in and out of consciousness. Nobody’s talking about this, but Conor McGregor actually
tried to tap two times before he finally got it. But the first two times he tried to tap, he
kept passing out. So he finally gets the tap, the crowd goes
crazy, I win 200 dollars. And Khabib flies like
an eagle. (copyright claim noises) And honestly, I don’t understand why everybody’s tripping. They’re talking about taking away his belt
and they’re even talking about not paying him. So how come when Conor does the same thing it’s
okay? When Conor does it they say he’s just hyping
up a fight and everybody gets all excited. (hypocritical noises) But they think this is different because it
actually got physical. There have been countless situations where
promoting a fight has gotten physical. And the UFC never acts up like this. No one gets their belt stripped, no one gets
their money taken away, and no one gets deported. But now, just because the eagle is tryna set
up his next fight, everybody’s hating. This was not a barbaric display of hatred
and unsportsmanlike conduct like a lotta people think. This was just Khabib tryna set up his next fight with Dillon
Danis in Bellator. Khabib has already stated that once he defeated
the UFC’s golden boy, Conor McGregor, he was gonna leave the UFC. (i have famous friends noises) Confronting Dillon Danis, after Dillon had
already been talking papas, was just Khabib’s way of announcing his move to Bellator. His plan all throughout has been to dominate every single
promotion. UFC, Bellator, One Championship, Rizin, Invicta,
exetera. But the double standards against the homie
Khabib, are just outrageous. Conor attacks a bus full of people, injuring
two fighters and a UFC employee. And then Anthony Pettis, Brandon Moreno, and
Alex Caceres all miss out on paydays cause their fights were canceled because their opponents
were either hurt or suspended. Nothing but a slap on the wrist… But then Khabib strikes a crouching tiger pose, and
all of a sudden he’s public enemy number one. I know that one of the biggest reasons is because
a lotta people feel bad for Conor right now. Because they think he was innocent during the
whole thing. But maybe they haven’t seen this footage. Maybe they don’t know that Conor actually
threw the first punch, and that that’s the only reason Khabib’s team attacked him. Conor thought that everybody would be too
focused on Khabib to notice, but he didn’t know that I had a homie in the crowd with
a gopro. So Conor plays it up. Shows the puppy eyes. And daddy tries to make him feel better. But then things start to get a little bit crazy
when Khabib reenters the ring. Against DC’s wishes. Even Luke Rockhold was tryna help out this
time. The public shame and humiliation that he faced
because of the last time when he punked out in front of Brock Lesnar, was too much for
him to handle. He had to redeem hisself. But it was not an easy job to keep Khabib
calm when Dana White refused to give him his belt. And then Dana tried to blame it on the crowd. (Sissy Lala noises) But that’s not true. It’s not like the crowd didn’t know he
won. And he was gonna have to exit the cage and
walk through them anyway. It’s just a Dana White power play. Dana, and the entire UFC is simply against
Khabib. (you see what I mean noises) You could even see the disgust in Bruce Buffer’s
face when he had to announce Khabib as the winner. I thought you were better than that, fool. Mira, not only is Khabib the Eagle.. He’s also the GOAT.. The UFC can try to keep that money and they
could try to keep that belt. But they can’t touch his legacy. I’m sure that we will all continue to watch
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