63 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The First Judo Audition (2015.12.01)

  1. Them adding Jota to the Team was just a blessing. He brought so much fun, passion & effort into this Show. It's adorable to see how much Coach Lee & the Teams Love for Jota constantly grew over their time together. Jota is the reason why i started to enjoy watching all those Judo matches. Everytime he competes, it's full of Enjoyment. So much Fun & Tension but also so much Passion & Endurance in his Matches. He truly deserved his place in the Team😊

  2. I like the way Hodong always say a drama with no script but in one of these episodes we saw him trying to memorize it.

  3. lee wonhee or wonhui is honestly such a sweet father. I hope the best for him and hope to see his son on other programs soon !! (:

  4. I really hope jota comes back to entertainment and goes on many variety shows again. He was in law of the jungle recently but he didn’t have a lot of screen time.

  5. Aaaaand I’m back again rewatching this after couple of weeks because I just love jota and the team so much. I’ve become a big fan of his after watching this and volleyball and then we got married lol I really hope he becomes a successful actor so he can return to variety. I find him so refreshing. He’s rather quiet and gentle and seems a little reserved but he’s such a sweetheart. Not everyone in variety always has to be loud and savage tho I do enjoy these quite a bit 😄 ah I just miss him

  6. I first watched cool kiz on the block when baekhyun appeared…but..after a few weeks I see jota was here so…I continue watched cool kiz on the block because I already know about jota before…and I saw kim at dream team….I am so happy when I saw jota…😍😍😍💕💕💕

  7. i couldnt stop watching bc i wanted to see jota's first episode- i am amazed with his skills and talent :')
    ALSO i love how everyone is encouraging even when others lost, good sportsmanship 🙂
    now back to studying for my exam tmrw lol the next episode's gonna have to wait for tmrw sighh

  8. Still watching this in 2019… i miss jota. Watching him in drama "touch your heart" in episode 8-10. His sooo cute

  9. Accidentally watching a cut of jota on cool kiz make me come here..? But 'someone ' spoiled the moment in the beginning. Thankfully he's not there when it was jota turn and I was sooooooo enjoying Jota's match. 😍

  10. I completely forgot Lee Jonghyun was in this episode… find myself wanting to punch him in the face every time he’s shown on screen 🙃

  11. Aaaaggghhhhhh!!!!OTTOOOOKEEEEHHHH!I MISS YOU LEE JONG HWA "JOTA" shi!Hope and i pray that you are doing great sweety!waiting for your project on cam…FIGHTING!..btw,i saw LEE JONGHYUN and it made me miss him too!hope you are doing well too out there doing your responsibility as a Korean citizen…

  12. Lee Wonhee coach may be a gold medalist, Olympian, a national coach but his biggest life achievement would be Lee Yeseong. The kid is everything

  13. Is there anyone who knows about judo, please? I wanna ask. Is Jota a "dan" as well? They did not mention it I wanna know.

  14. I miss lee jong hwan (jota) a lot so I watched all judo CKOTB with him on it. His personality and judo skills really great. I hope he will shine on his acting carreer!

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