100 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The National Judo Competition, part 2 (2015.12.29)

  1. It's too bad I just knew Jota this year. But I still love him anyway. Jota oppa you'll always be my number 1 bias. Looking forward to more projects for you. I would study korean language so I can subbed all videos you're in. Fighting Jota oppa! I hope to meet you in person. 😘😘😘

  2. i got exhausted by watching this vid. im so proud of you jota. I hope you win the case and have a comeback soon. Hang in there, we'll all be waiting.

  3. i always comeback and watch all the judo episodes..i wonder where Jota is now.some of his members are in like an idol survival show but he didn’t join..

  4. it's already end of 2017 but still I'm watching this again, I cried when sewon gave up. Cool kiz, fighting!
    Jota saranghae <3

  5. Wow even though I read a spoiler comment on previous episode that said Jota's gonna win, but still, watching him on the final round made me hold my breath cause I knew he was in pain but still trying really hard. He totally deserved the gold medal

  6. I actually just started watching this show. I mean wow Jota!! Jota!!
    Coach Lee carrying Jota on his back and listening to Jota's story made me so emotional. Yes I know this so late but I'm happy that i have watched this show.
    This is so late but congratulations to all Cool Kiz Judo team you guys did a great job especially to Jota who fought until the end (with those pain) 😭😭💕💕🌸

  7. This episode needs to go viral! It really made me appreciate a sport that I never knew. Also, this episode showed great showmanship and teamwork! Fighting Cool Kiz On The Block!

  8. Gosh i keep coming back to watch this because Jota is such an incredible person. Its unfortunate about Madtowns current situation but knowing he has this perseverance is somewhat comforting. I cry every time Coach Lee piggybacks Jota, you can tell Coach Lee really cares for him.

  9. What raw emotion. Watching jota succeed despite the exhaustion and pain was beautiful. This episode and the (last?) badminton episode where they all cried were the best so far. Tho I like judo more as a sport (I did it for some time as a kid), I still prefer the badminton series as they competed in doubles so I guess I felt even more of like a brotherly bond there because it was always the same two men together (mostly) so they really tried covering each other’s weaknesses etc. but this sport made me more emotional in terms of this last match. If it wasn’t for jota I definitely wouldn’t have enjoyed this series as much.

  10. Jota made me cry really his hard work and his efforts make me feel like I haven't did any think in my life also make even to lead a better life with a lot of hard work and effort…. I really like and respect him ….♥♥

  11. I did not know Judo could make me cry a river. LEEJONG HWA, YOU'RE THE BEST, indeed.

    I was like a mother watching her son, a lady to her lover, a bestfriend to her bestfriend, a teacher to her student while watching for Jota's fight!.. Gosh I promise to support you all the way.

  12. I think what Jota said was important he felt he didnt put his all in back before he left judo. Maybe he didnt, maybe he did, but he was also younger then and more inexperienced. He has accomplished so many things since then besides his judo, so he has every reason to be proud.

  13. Maybe im too late watching Cool Kiz i already watched the swimming competition and judo!all i can say is jaeyoon you are always my favorite ace in both swimming and judo Im hurt when other say you are a former ace! you are always an ace and you are too athletic you are my bias! Good Job real body 💪

  14. August 2018.. and I'm watching this again.. missing 우리동네 예체능 ,, 유도 ,, 조타 ,, 그리고 다들.. 보고싶어요 🥋😢😙
    I hope at least in 2020 kbs will do this show again to support Olympics 2020.. Dont forget to invite Jota and all the judo members. Swimming too! Haha😘

  15. such a pitty they entered this competition when they just started learning judo. if this competition were held further few months ahead i bet the results wouldve been better

  16. You did it boy. You did it. Godness i was very nervous. I dont know what will i do if i was in there. Love you Lee Jonghwa as always❤

  17. I know nothing about judo but keep watching this as i love some of the judo group and the shows they were on including Jota. But i learn so much about judo on this, be flexible, master your main skill but learn as many others kills you can, be fast, be aggressive but not overly aggressive, know your opponents main skill and block that primarily then focus on the match…….wow this is cool rewatching these episodes……

  18. Does anyone know if have this show again this year? And when? Please anybody who have knowledge please let us know……thanks a lot.

  19. Ok im so f impressed right now! I think no matter what career he chose or if he wants to continue doing both he will definitely succeed!

  20. I actually had tears when i saw how happy Coach lee was after jota won. When they hugged eachother and he ended up carrying Jota up the stairs cause he was just too exhausted. It truly felt like he had been Jotas trainer for years already, especially when Jota started crying and Coach lee just told him he could cry all he wanted. It was like he was telling him that he had every right to cry and should just let it all out because he truly deserved that win. You could see the Proudness in Coach Lee's Face. Idk, it was just so touching to see, and then how the whole Team greeted Jota, patted his head and showing their love to their Maknae, it was just beautiful.

  21. Jota is a real-life hero and what an example of a combination of hard work and innate skill as a person. Without a doubt, the teamwork was beautiful too. This is a moment in time that fixes a person as awesome regardless. Shows the power of a leftie too. The way a person's will despite and hurdles can manifest itself, awesomess.

  22. 2019 and im still coming back just to see jota win this. Even if he's not active anymore i still miss him! He was truly a gem!

  23. I am turkish and I know, this program was 4 years ago, but I watched it now. 😋Jota you are the best ever. You got sick but never gave up.. 😇😇 Voaahh… When ı watch him my heart stops beating and i forget breathing.. Woahhh 👏👏👏 you are awesome… we are brother country 🇹🇷 ❤ 🇰🇷

  24. le courage impose le respct, et tu l as montrés tellement de fois,si tu serais mon fils tu serais le plus jeune et je seraie vraiment fier de toi comme le tien bravo jota.


  26. I've watching this episode for so many times but I still cry for jota. The excitement of this episode is still lingers despite I know what is the end result. I truly understand on how jota feel when he cried about his high school time. Sometime when time past, thats when you realised you haven't done your very best. But I'm very happy when he win the game! Hopefully I can see more of him in the future, in his acting career. Fighting!

  27. I’ve watched it for so many times,but I still cry everytime I see Jota cried on Coach’s back and regretted his past.😭😭😭
    SARANGHAE JOTA!! God has a plan for you.FIGHTING!!!!❤️❤️❤️

  28. I am watching countless times for this Judo episodes and I feel inlove with Judo. I really admire the casts of this Judo series especially Jota he is really good at it to think that he is an idol though he was in the team during his school years. Hopefully the cool kiz for Judo will be revive.

  29. I understand how that feeling, you want to do something so bad but you think give up is the best choice , unfortunately after a long time, someting triggers the memories , made you regretted it, idk I just feel like Jota is more suitable for judo, I mean he is indeed amazing, he can show his skills in strength , I hope the best for him, I miss youu Jotaaa

  30. It was so touched ….. Jota is a fighting spirit 😭😭. He is awesome. In real when the coach said cry all u 1 I'm really crying without realizing 😳. Jota is the only one who made me feel good with judo☺. Jota fighting…….

  31. 2nd time watching this ep and still crying 😭😭 JOTA IS SO BAE!! awesome job to the opponent he faced in the finals too, he was freakin adorable and sweet! haha love he sportsmanship

  32. I cry every this watched. Jota the best. Now jonghwa. Whatever his doing now i will support you. I miss you so much. Please comeback where you long a go.

  33. I'm super late. This episode has many touching moments.
    Jota has such amazing fighting spirit. He did not easily give up. In the semifinal round, he semeed to not able to get up many times yet still forced himself to get up hearing his team cheering for him.
    Jota had not yet fully recovered when he started the final game. Even the commentator could tell it. He limped and did not quickly get up like his opponent, Lee Sangbin.
    Lee Sangbin was so adorable. Even though he lost, he smiled. Oh my. I'm glad Hodong complimented Lee Sangbin and he smiled upon hearing it.
    I'm so touched watching coach Lee offered himself to piggyback Jota. He knew Jota could barely walk. I lost it watching Jota's crying on the coach's shoulders. I could not help myself from crying as well.
    I'm glad this drama ended with a happy ending. Congratulations Lee Jonghwa! Congratulations coach Lee and coach Cho! Congratulations Cool Kiz!

  34. I have cried my eyes out when Jota won , even whem it is the second time watching😭🥰he is such an awsome person with such a strong will

  35. Anybody know what level of black belt that Jota have before and after CKOTB?

    Since he won gold medal on this variety show. Bcs we could only see jaeyoon, hun, and hodong changing the color after this competition.

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