100 thoughts on “Cool Kiz on the Block | 우리동네 예체능 – The Tenth Sport, Judo (2015.10.20)

  1. So glad they have JongHyun on the team. He is like a never ending energy booster with his addictive laugh. Team will definitely need that!

  2. I practice Judo and I'm here like YASSSSS XD they should do and Kendo, Fencing, or steeple chase just because I do those Things XD

  3. I really want to see Gayeon on the show! I love her! She is athletic, can be an asset to the team if they need a female, and her relationship with Jonghyun is the cutest!

  4. i have a feeling this series will be a lot of fun 😁also, Hyeongdon is so cool in this episode, I cant even! He is super athletic despite his drunk ahjussi look 😆

  5. Of course Jonghyun looks good. He was one of the ullzangs before he becomes as idol. But a strong and gifted ullzang <3. His smiles are so contageous~ Even Hodong, Hyungdon and Hun falls in love xD ahahaha. And if it is judo legend, they should invite Choi Sunghoon as well!

  6. I'm proud of being from Brazil, cause if you say something about sports, in 99% of chances you will hear something from Brazil.

  7. …WAS JONGHYUN ALWAYS QUIRKY LIKE THIS?? XD I remember seeing himn in Bounce India and seeing him totally differently from when he's here and Weekly Idol too lolll too cuteee

  8. I loved the tae kwon do series!! I'm so happy they have another martial arts. It really inspired me to study them as well. I really love the uniqueness of this show as well. Well done KBS! 🙂

  9. the beginning misled me to believe that judo was korean and i had to double check to make sure i was right about it actually being a japanese martial arts

  10. wowwww jung hyung don. he is so impressed. i dont know he has that side. only know him as bad guy in variety show. hahaha

  11. Damn. I was hoping to see some grappling between Sewon and Jonghyun. Even though Jonghyun would probably win.

  12. i watch cool kids backward to see more jaeyoon, but i end up fall hard for the coaches, OMG! they are so funny, best coaches i have ever seen. they are not just coaching, but entertaining too XD

  13. I stopped watching cool kiz for awhile, just finished binge watching the volleyball team minutes ago. I was going to start where i left off but ryohei, jota and hakjin were hard to resist when i saw them in the thumbnail. Weird that I'm watching the show backwards 😅😅😅

  14. Now i know why coach cho has so many fans in the comments section. I teared up from his demos 😂 yay jaeyoon from swimming woots

  15. Jonghyun, thought it was him right away. Knew for sure when I saw the dimple 😍. 52:37 & 55:36 his laugh is life. 56:17 sorry guys, I can't Handle his cuteness. He's always bing flipped xD. 21:53 woah. i wasn't ready… I wish I was Jaeyoon!!
    59:18 lol Hodong knew it was real bodyHodong always makes me laugh 😂. I love when Hodong fangirls 😂.

  16. I watched part of this, but then checked out orange marmalade because I was curious, nothing is the same now.


  18. I come here because of jung hyun… his smile is killing me..seems like kang ho dong and doni take care of him well.. gomawo..

  19. I finished the judo series 2 days ago but I miss this team so much that I’m already back rewatching it lmao I have no life

  20. I just love the coaches I miss them in the later episodes 🙁 wish they would’ve just changed the show to purely judo lol

  21. after the tea kwon do match
    i skipped other sports till now im going to watch judo sport
    and im already lauughing hard

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