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Corassani: “Holloway is the future”

Corassani: “Holloway is the future”

This must be a disappointment for you Yes, what can I say? This is sport, this is MMA It’s sudden death all the time It’s not football where you play 90 minutes and it’s 1-0, then 1-1, 2-1 In MMA it’s sudden death when the judge says “fight!” I feel that I had the fight under control And… that’s it. You have very thin gloves If you get hit by a good one – you start seeing stars I don’t know what will happen after this You had two or three hits on him in the beginning of the fight and it was almost as if you had him Yes, that’s the thing. That’s how MMA works I’m very disappointed right now but You have to be honest I’ll look at the video again But the truth is that you go in to the cage and it’s 50-50 all the way, until someone is on the ground And that’s the most interesting part about the sport It’s sudden death all the time What can you say about Max Holloway? It’s the future 22 years old and he’s getting better all the time It’s the future Was he what you expected? Today I have only myself to blame He did everything right of course but I feel that everything he hit me with was ridiculous. Nothing really felt and then I lost the respect And then you’re in the pocket He’s got a long reach, so he hit me with a sling shot over my guard and with these thin gloves, it’s like hitting the pavement with your head first, when you get hit To the audience big enjoyment you got up after you got knocked down I don’t remember it. I remember I got on my feet and that we started to clinch You hit him once after you got up Really? And the audience went mad I have to see the video I seem to have a memory gap What will happen in the future? We’ll see, I haven’t made up my mind But, I only have one brain and I’ve never heard of a brain transplant I’m 32 years old now I come here to do my job, I love this over everything But I don’t feel as passionate anymore I don’t have the same level of testosterone anymore I don’t want to eat the blood of animals and such We’ll see what the next step will be It’s way to early to make a decision Could this be the end of your career? Absolutely. I have a lot of stuff that I do right now When I fight, I fight, but it’s been 12 years now or rather, it’s been 27 years with martial arts We’ll see what happens I would be really stupid if I made a decision right now And as you can hear I can still articulate myself My brain is still functioning

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