Counter the butterfly sweep with a knee cut pass (Lachlan Giles)

all right so sometimes we turn again
so obviously without strategy if we can take them to the side this is good for
this again when he she’s taking me using as I’m not taking into the side wants to
get the sweet fun okay now you can sit with your foot first
I actually recommend your head because you actually get further wider this is a
little tip that I think a lot of people don’t know okay if I if I stick with my
leg takes good for the sweet sometimes Michigan’s still take me over there and
it’s very hard to keep stepping okay go this week is very hard to keep sniffing
out over there if I post it with my hip first and then my foot I can often go
wide up this difference between this hey If I go head, then step, i’ll get a lot wider As soon as you sense it, head, and then move your feet you got like something to pivot both
your feet across again I can step, or do this Misha starts to get the sweep going, now I have good base. Much harder to take me over here Misha go for it I can use my head and my foot. Two posts are better than one Mish goes to sweep I go head, foot When I get enough momentum I’m going to jump back going to take my right knee as a knee cut. Ive already got the underhook Straight into a knee cut grips for that kneecap you know I’m able
to land this all right so again it’s gonna look like this or and be a few homes you know that’s in
one motion straight to me hey guys I just want to
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