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Cris Cyborg delays Bantamweight debut Invicta 10 WMMA Champion (Chute Boxe)

Cris Cyborg delays Bantamweight debut Invicta 10 WMMA Champion (Chute Boxe)

Hello Guys I’m here and want to talk to you
a little bit about my injury since the news of my delay to the invicta cage was made public
and I want to take a couple of minutes to tell of my fans and supporters that I appreciate
them FOR ALWAYS HAVING MYBACK!#TEAMCYBORG My Team has told me I need to improve my English
and use it during interviews. So Please, Be patient with me. Everyone who follows me,
Knows that I truly love to fight. I am disappointed that my return to the INVICTA FC Cage has
been delayed because of this Injury. I have worked hard for the goal of reaching Bantamweight,
So that I can do my part to make the fight that everyone wants to watch. Fighting for
me is not only a hobby, It is how I provide for my life and pay my bills to live in the
United States. I am here in the USA without any family, and support myself. My last fight
in MMA was almost 15 months ago Against Marloes Coennen. I am hear without my family, which
I miss very much, to follow my dream and seek out better training so that I can learn more.
In order to afford the expenses of living in the USA I had to accept a Muay Thai fight
against the 35-0 Jorinas Baars an 11X World Champion. I accepted this fight because I
want to continue living in the USA to learn more and make the best possible fights in
MMA.I only had 3 Muay Thai fights when I faced Jorina Baars, Watch the fight on Youtube for
yourself. Following this fight i suffered from reacquiring headaches that forced me
to have an MRI which diagnosed me with a Brain Concussion. For two months the Dr. Said I
was unable to participate in any physical activities related to combat sports.This was
very hard for me.Once I recovered from the fight and the Dr cleared me for training,
I went to Thailand for a new challenge and stayed their almost 2 months training at
I used this time to clear my mind and remember exactly what I found so special in fighting.Before
heading to Thailand I prepared my body to be in training shape.During the training
I suffered an ankle sprain where Ivan Carmosino
who is Physical Therapist who has was helping me recover from my injury in preparation to
my trip to Thailand. Ivan will now discuss a little bit about my injury. What’s Up guys
I’m Ivan Carmosino a physical therapist and sports rehab expert. I am in San Diego helping
Cris Cyborg and have worked with professional athletes for more than 10 years. She came
to me with an ankle sprain before going to thailand and we started a rehab program to
improve her stability and decrease her pain before she traveled abroad. While in Thailand
Cris suffered a new injury which aggravated her existing injury in the same ankle. Once
she started to increase the intensity of her training camp the intensity of the pain and
limited mobility increased, which caused us to order an MRI and Xray of the injury. The
diagnostics of the injury revealed a full tickness rupture in the talofibular ligament
which is possible to treat without surgery however was very limiting to her ability to
train at the intensity she is use to. Thank You to Everyone who is sending me messages
and everyone following me on I will be updating everyone on the news of
my rescheduled fight and my injury rehab process. I will also be starting a new blog. I am sorry
for the mistakes in my English, I am trying not to be shy and to speak to my fans, I will
continue to study and talk more English so that all of you can understand me, Thank you
so much and please follow me on Instagram, Twitter, [email protected]

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2 thoughts on “Cris Cyborg delays Bantamweight debut Invicta 10 WMMA Champion (Chute Boxe)

  1. I'm obviously a Cyborg fan but I feel bad for her right now. I know her situation must be frustrating. And I'm not too sure that this 135 cut, will do more good than bad. Even if she wins 3 fights in a row and the belt, what cost will she endure on her health. If she decides to continue her career at that weight, her management needs to make sure she gets paid right. She probably should consider Bellator because she had a relationship with Scott Coker and he is starting the 145 division. I know everyone wants to see her vs Rousey though. I wonder is Coker and Zuffa on good enough terms to do cross promotion for that fight. I remember the UFC would send Chuck Liddell to Pride. Either way, I wish Cris a healthy recovery and good luck in the future.

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