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CROSSOVER 1×01 – Dai pugni di Kenshiro alle lame di Predator

CROSSOVER 1×01 – Dai pugni di Kenshiro alle lame di Predator

Ehy who is getting handsy over here? Oh you mean my fake hand?
I’m sorry, I thought I had lost it. BRYAN you hurt me! But why the hell do you keep the remote in your pocket? Actually… I have the remote control. Well that’s impressive! Guys, it’s just my phone! and I mean, I get it, the couch is comfy but this isn’t going to work, I need my space! Who is the smartass who thought we should watch TV all jammed in like sheep?? Ehy ehy let’s not twist my words, I just said “let’s head over to the couch, the show is about to start”. and actually… WE are the show! That’s right! So who’s up next? I can’t help it! The return of “The Fist of the Northstar” to the big screen makes me longing for more “Hokuto” Well you’ll have to hold your horses because the warrior of the hour is on the cover of the new Fifa 19. Let’s get real though! The fourth chapter of the Predator saga is coming out! Want to know who never leaves you behind? A gaming laptop! You can use it to play at work, play at uni, to play while you play! Or you can use it to watch TV shows, the cool ones. Like Crossover – Nerd Universe Dave come on, are you ready? I have to practice hitting the pressure points Cut the crap! And give it back. Practice with the game instead. Oh come on, you are my punching bag until I buy the game! What’s with the sudden urge to make people explode? Giada saw the latest Fist of the North Star movie at the theater so that’s how she’s going to be for the rest of the day You know what we should do? We should buy her Fighting Mania, the arcade game. Oh my, yeah the one with the boxing gloves, remember that? You couldn’t ever find the boxing gloves though, so you’d just hit the thing with your bare hands and injure yourself, don’t talk to me about “punching bags”. Giada, you’re already dead. Omae Wa Mou Shindeiru! NANI??? Hey you! You did’t miss the return of the Fist of the North Star to the big screen for its thirty-fifth anniversary, did you? Way past the he end of the twentieth century, atomic conflicts seem to a distant memory Yet Ken still makes chests implode to thousands of fans. To those who appear before me to kill me, I answer with the power of my blows. What’s his secret? Ken, besides being a superhero with a formidable physique worthy animated transposition of Bruce Lee’s brawny body, and sole heir of the divine school of Hokuto, he is most importantly the warrior who proudly carries the constellation
of the Big Dipper on his chest. It is the bulwark of his love for Julia, the woman for whom he traveled through desolate lands, fighting against fierce enemies just to get her back in his arms of steel. In Kenshiro lives somehow a bit of Ulysses lost in a million challenges but with his mind always turned to his Penelope. Our starry warrior is a post-atomic vigilante, a precursor of the Crow, a romantic hero who dons his armor to annihilate the evil that clouds the earth and grips the weakest. To us warm-blooded Italians such a warrior could not leave us unfazed. None of you knows why. Who would not want to see his return?
Come back Ken! Teach us the dance of the absolute void to face our daily enemies. Your life will end in just three seconds. Guys, I miss playing League
of Legends, but lately I’m always travelling and I never have time to stream. Just do as I do with Overwatch, can’t you see? Always the same games? What about Heroes of the Storm? Anyway, in order to stream your gameplay you need power, not mobility. Why not have both? Check this one for example, MSI’s GS65 Stealth Thin. Its name already says it all, it is a light and thin notebook, in fact the edges of the screen are almost non-existent. What is immediately striking is the design, the combination of black and gold, an innovative choice for MSI and… look! The Steelseries RGB keyboard lights up according to your preferences. GS65 is especially surprising inside, there are no compromises while being so thin. Intel’s eighth-generation six-core CPU and Nvidia GTX 1070 MaxQ graphics. Time to play. And do you know what the real gem is? The IPS screen with 144 hertz refresh rate, once you’ve tried it, you can’t go back. Alright, Dave! This is no time to play. True Sbabby! If you want to know all the features of GS65, do not miss the full review on our Facebook page. A myth of the 80s is returning and I still don’t know what to expect. What do you mean? The Crystal Ball? The walkman? The Mega Drive? Dave, something that survived the 80s, we’re talking about Predator! Do you know something? If the terrible alien of Predator saga fought 30 years ago in the jungle against Arnold Schwarzenegger,
the fault is Rocky Balboa. Because after having broken Ivan Drago in Rocky IV, the producers had this crazy idea about a match between the Italian stallion
and an alien. Knock knock! And it was with this idea in mind that the movie was born in 1987, still a wonderful and unsurpassed
milestone of science fiction conjugated to the war movie. There’s something out there waiting for us, and it ain’t no man. Inside the costume of the bloody alien was the late Kevin Peter Hall, interpreter of many other film monsters because of his two meters and twenty in height. The
silent fighter with thermal vision created by Stan Winston became the second most evil alien in the history of cinema, obviously after Ridley Scott’s Alien. and the saga succeeded. In Predator 2, beautiful but unlucky, the Amazon forest was replaced by the urban jungle of L.A. and the military Schwarzenegger with the Lethal Weapon cop Danny Glover. Then came the double clash of Alien vs. Predator, not really loved by fans.
And then again, the almost “intellectual” and “hated by everyone” chapter of 2010 Predators. But a predator is hard to die and thanks to Shane Black, the director of Iron Man 3 that today is behind the camera
but in the first movie played the role of Hawkins, Predator will return to his roots, with soldiers suffering from ptsd and bloody battles among advanced predators. The myth goes on. Very well guys, do we have any secret on predator? I knew that the first one should have been filmed with Van Damme, is it true? Yeah, they put him inside a horrible puppet. Jean-Claude Van Damme? Are you sure? And then what happened? To put it simply, it was ugly to see the puppet as it was done. Then, while filming, they had it replaced entirely with a predator made by those of the special effects of Terminator. Oh well, not bad! And then this character arrived, Van Damme went away because he was too short to do it Really? And then the predator was born, it cost
so much to shoot the first movie because the production stood frozen while waiting for a new costume to arrive. Let’s talk about actors … Raul Bova, do you remember him? What was it, Alien vs. Predator? Yes, Alien vs Predator. His cameo, which then ends badly for him in the movie. Spoiler alert! Guys but it’s old stuff now! Which one is better for you, Alien or Predator? So, I’m not a lover of these mixes of characters, I prefer Alien anyway. Which one? Well the first one, I saw it as a child, hidden from my grandmother, who scolded me a lot when I saw it because then
I could not sleep anymore. Aliens, with the queen laying eggs … I’m not a sequel lover. I have an image in my mind of that queen that lays … nooo! How disgusting! And that’s the problem, in my opinion, of the following movies. Do you know what is the beauty of the first Alien? It is that the Alien itself is seen for a very short time. So it’s scarier, absolutely yes! You see it maybe for 15 minutes in the whole movie. Maybe Aliens is more of an action movie, “They’re coming outta the goddamn walls!” Beautiful, however, the first one is still on top. Have you ever played with the videogames of the saga, ie inspired by the saga? I tried AvP for PC. Can I just make a gesture to let you understand? How scary! Perfect, well guys we shared our ideas, see you at the movies! They’re large, they’re fast, and f*cking you up is their idea of tourism. Guys, it’s time to talk about it. About what? Tsk, enough dancing around the issue: What is the most popular thing, ever? I know you know, Ultima? Give me an F! Give me an I! Give me a … A! Are you sure you want me to say it? Really? FI-FA! (pus*y pun FI*A) That’s right! Did you have any doubts? Is the championship over already? Hard to say after just six rounds, but what if it was really won by… Spal? Ok we are not talking about the real Serie A but instead of the return of the football simulator who has not missed a season since 1994. FIFA 19. What will there be again to say? Well,
it seems that Electronic Arts has further polished artificial intelligence thus allowing new tactics and team dynamics to be more effective in offensive and defensive management. The most important news, however, is without doubt the introduction of Timed Finishing, revised and correct version
of Driven Shot seen last year, which makes it possible to give your best while shooting. With Timed Finishing the risk of making mistakes is high but with the right timing and the right control over the pad you can score legendary goals,
or colossal flops. The game modes are still the same, while official licenses are enriched by the most sought-after trophy, the Champions League, which EA has managed to get the rights by slipping them out of Konami and his Pro Evolution Soccer. But the licenses are not what matters the most and this year PES 2019 has proved itself to be very convincing.
In conclusion, the challenget between FIFA and PES returns to be interesting, to players benefit. Which one did you choose? Please let us know in the comments below. Guys here I am! I’m ready! Ready for what? Is there any CON this weekend? Isn’t it Assassin’s Creed time? No Giada, for the moment we stop here, Assassin’s Creed will come. Exactly! Crossover Nerd Universe will be back soon, meanwhile, if you share our passions help us grow the community so send us a trillion dollars! Why make trillions, when
we can make billions! Come on boys, just follow us on our Facebook page, full of insights and curiosity from the nerd world! Even the memes? Memes especially! Subscribe to the Crossover Youtube channel to watch our previous episodes and do not forget to activate notifications for new ones! While on Instagram you will find the backstage and all the stories made by us. We are waiting for you on Crossover Nerd Universe, the program that gives voice to your passions!

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18 thoughts on “CROSSOVER 1×01 – Dai pugni di Kenshiro alle lame di Predator

  1. Belle idee e realizzazione bene ma le gag comiche troppo stupide e infantili però tralasciando questo problema il programma ha un grosso potenziale

  2. Il programma che ho sempre sognato di vedere fin da quando ero piccolo…mi avete fatto sentire come se fossi stato sul vostro stesso divano…tra amici
    Clima eccezionale come eccezionali siete stati voi…bravi!

    Ragazze Bellissime ma vabbè..dettagli😁

  3. Ken tornerà solo quando gli autori avranno bisogno di soldi (come Kurumada a Akira che tristezza) .
    Se avevano davvero la passione nelle vene, non ci voleva un genio a fare una serie su Toki
    (già un miracolo che hanno fatto alcuni fumetti speciali dove raccontano la storia di Rey e compagnia ma troppo brevi, come Jagher che per 40 anni ci siamo chiesti si va bè Raul e Toki sono fratelli ma sono cugini di Ken, quindi Jagher chi cavolo sarebbe? Sono sicuro che il 90% che hanno seguito la serie di Ken ancora non hanno idea delle sue origini 🙂 )

  4. Grande la presentazione per introdurre l'argomento di Predator (ritorna il sega mega drive! 🙂
    Comunque ancoro oggi mi chiedo, come sia possibile che uno che recita nel primo film di Predator , che faccia un film di merda come seguito! Avevo la speranza in qualcosa di fantastico!
    Se la gente ha criticato il film Predators che diciamo che era l'unico decente fatto che possiamo chiamarlo Predator 3!
    Cosa dobbiamo dire questo film uscito da poco (ti credo che Arnold non ha voluto fare il cameo nel film aveva capito che sarebbe stata una merda! )
    Poi dico ci vuole tanto a riprendere dal finale del 2!
    Dovete fare un film di Predator nel tempo dei pirati dei Caraibi !
    Non mi sembra troppo difficile!!!!
    Al epoca dicevano che costava troppo, ma si parla di quando 2007/ 2002 ?
    Quando gli effetti speciali costavano un botto!
    Ora con tutta la grafica di cui disponete potete fare un film che potrebbe rimanere nella storia del cinema per sempre!
    Cosa mi fanno:
    un predator che porta un armatura stile ironman ma Diooooo santooooooooooo

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