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I got the idea, one evening to create a personnal technological product that you wouldn’t put on your desk or in your pocket but you would wear on your wrist. One morning, someone brought a Samsung watch at work and Tim saw it and said: “Let’s do the same thing!” So… well.. we did the same thing. Apple Watch, connected to your iPhone Will allow you to manage your daily life while being user friendly. The watch is connected directly to your phone via Bluetooth of WiFi… So it’ll just suck your phone’s battery Knowing that… it’s already not that good… To connect your Apple Watch, we imagined an easy way to charge your watch, it’s extremely simple. Well most of all, it’s every day! Cuz Apple Watch’s battery can’t even stay on for one day. And it’s not even the same cable. It’s this one… errr no, that’s the former… Apple Watch evaluates with precision your sports practices… When I’m doing some sports, the watch will tell me how many calories I’ve burnt, How many kilometers I ran, and even, my heartbeat rate! It’s awesome! For instance, how many kms did you run recently? Oooooh I don’t do sports! However, I got Mickey Mouse showing me the time with his arms! We developed a brand new way to intimately connect you with others. Like, draw one of your friend’s attention with a simple pressure that he’ll feel in his wrist. I use it all the time with my friends. I never use it. I never use it cuz… it’s almost annoying.. it’s almost ann… There! It’s T… It’s Tim again… only he uses it. Siri! Siri, can you please tell Tim to sto… Why did it launch the calendar? Give me a minute, I’ll send him a… err… battery died. You also can send a drawing that you do directly with your finger. They kept it? Hey guys! I said we wouldn’t put this! Seriously, we can’t draw on 3cm. Look, for instance, I’ll try to draw a tree, There… there… THERE YOU CAN’T! IT’S SUPER HARD! You can also print them: this represents a tre.. a woman… a fish.. a wom.. Hey! Let’s see if he finds that fun Hey Tim! Pulsing is fun or not? We created 3 collec… Err stop it’s annoying… We created 3 distinct collections: First, the Apple Watch, available starting 649€ The Apple Watch Sport, 399€ And of course, we thought of everyone if you are really really really rich, we have the Apple Watch Edition, going up to 18,000€ 18,000€ ?!? It’s super expensive! Oh my god! Nah really, 18,000€ knowing we release the Apple Watch 2 next year… so 18,000€ again For 18,000€ we can buy something else You can buy… a car, a Golf, a small Golf! 5 doors, for the family. You can also customize you watch… You get a small enterprise in the country-side for 18,000€ Send animated Emojis A parking space in Bagnolet (Paris). Just for you, 18,000€ With the help of one button, see your favorite contacts. 25 iPhone 6 16GB, I counted. You can also exchange your heartbeat rate with your friends. Oh, I just received the heartbeat rate of my friend Johnny Rather high! What? Fired? What do you mean? You make a mistake! It’s not possible, it can’t be me! I’ve been here too long! You have no right! YOU HAVE NO RIGHT! We came up with a product holding a real technological marvel But the ones who can really explain are the customers. When Apple announced the Apple Watch, I was one of the first to order it. And what do you think of people saying that Apple fans are willing to buy anything Even an Apple Toilet Brush. Wait… there’s an Apple Toilet Brush? And nobody told me? I’ve got everything! This! I also have a tablet! Everything! You have it? 500€? 600€? Wait where’s my money? Shit! Where’s my money! We’re really proud of this product. At Apple, what we’re trying to achieve, is to bring people together, those who might have been separated by distance or events. To feel close together, with a simple and personnal product And connect everyone together, to create a better future. *snif* Sorry, the emotions… Sorry

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  1. Julfou: pourquoi j ai des pulsations a lapple watch…je voir qui c est.
    Julfou: A bas c est encore Tim
    Julfou: siri dis a Tim qu il arrete de me
    … pourquoi sa me mes le calendrier
    Julfou: bas je lui envoie pas par … a bas j ai plus de batteries…

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