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Dagestan: ‘Land of Warriors’ – Nurmagomedov Jr. (Episode 2)

Dagestan: ‘Land of Warriors’ – Nurmagomedov Jr. (Episode 2)

Сначала (я ем) фрукты, а потом уже можно есть углеводы Вода с регидратом… и всё готово Думаю, мне будет достаточно набрать 5-6 килограмм Мне нужен такой же вес, который был у меня за неделю до боя Это оптимальный вес А что ты будешь есть сегодня? Куриный суп, обязательно с солью Затем рис, а вечером макароны Нужно много углеводов А вот мяса нужно поменьше, т.к. оно тяжеловато

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100 thoughts on “Dagestan: ‘Land of Warriors’ – Nurmagomedov Jr. (Episode 2)

  1. Umar Nurmagomedov another upcoming star from Nurmagomedov family, And this Guy "Umar" His fights are unreal he dominated every single opponent like his elder cos Khabib. What a family

  2. I agree, lose the dribbling in basketball and allow some takedowns 🤣👌🏽 NBA would be lit AF🔥😭

  3. Ethnic Russians are between 3 and ten percent of Dagestan's population. Dagestan is wealthy in energy and minerals, but poor in income. Dagestani's make HALF of what the Russians make on average. That country has been jerked back and forth for centuries between different foreign occupiers. Yeah, out of three million people, a few are exceptional fighters. But the vast majority struggle in poverty. Why not concentrate on education rather than altercation? That is the only way the PEOPLE can improve their lot in life. Connor made life better for a handfull of Irishmen. Khabib for a few Dagastanis. But you can't feed your family pride. It makes thin soup!

  4. We used to play tackle basketball with a medicine ball back in middle school. Lol I've never seen it played outside of that. Fun stuff!

  5. What do you Think europa gays wee DAGESTAN eat Hamburger and chill no no you cant fight With Muslim Country you get lose

  6. Combine Chechnya’s and Dagestan’s populations and see how many fighters these North-Caucasian regions have produced despite their low populations. Now imagine them being the same population as USA. They would’ve dominated all martial arts; wrestling, taekwondo, jiu jiutsu, krav maga, you name it.

  7. Crazy how, when it comes down to it, you have to go in there and have a war in the cage by yourself – no matter how strong your team is.

  8. Although I'm not religious but such original hard working people who respect others they deserve to be respected whatever their religion ❤️

  9. i would love to see all fighters no matter their way of life back ground to have chances to fight in MMA
    Rt do more doc's like this and show some mma fight's lighten up on the politics

    the whole world's nickers are in a big bunch .. a little mma can fix that

    and good luck to the Eagle make dustin tap he's my fave fighter till you landed

  10. Такой душевный человек Зубайра, многим стоит пример брать с них, так дружно живут как родные братья, хотя чеченцы и аварцы

  11. Lol Dagestan has a HELL lot of fucking wrestlers no wonder khabib is so good along with his cousin and Islam also the greatest wrestler in the current world SADULEVE I THINK HIS NAME IS

  12. I hope Dagestan goes into rugby union because they have about 10 internationals teams ready to play , rugby is a sport made for the Dagestanis ! 15 good guys and let's go beating Ireland …

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