Dan Pena’s Top 10 Rules For Success

– Self-esteem is the
key to high performance. It’s not work if you
love what you’re doing. But does that look like your group? No. If you left it to engineers, no car would ever come
off the assembly line. Focus on the few, not the many. And most of you don’t believe passionately in what you’re doing. What gets measured, gets accomplished. You just got to f-ing do it. But I’m high on life, I
always have been high on life. When they look in the mirror Brian, they don’t like what they see … – He’s a Hispanic-American businessman, entrepreneur, mentor, and business coach. He’s the author of the popular book, “Your First Hundred Million”. He’s known for his
seven day castle seminar on quantum leap advantage. He’s Dan Pena, and here are
his top 10 rules for success. (jet engine) – And to practice success
before you’re successful. One of the stories, and I
know Peter remembers it. Before I had any money, I
used to go to the Rolls Royce dealers and sit in the
cars and smell the leather, touch the leather. In these days, this is 40 years ago, I went to million dollar houses, and my wife and I would
walk through the house, and they’d say, “When are your
parents getting here, kids?” No, we are the buyers. Okay? And to get used to it. And that’s reason the
castle is so effective. And the reason I stopped
giving outside seminars, is that the success rate is
almost five times greater going to the castle, having
a butler wait on you, dressing, thinking more of yourself. Because self-esteem is the
key to high performance. If we feel good about ourselves, and we hang around with people, the average of the five people
that we are mostly around, is who we turn out to be. Follow what you’re passionate
about; what you love. It’s not work if you love
what you’re doing, okay? Most people, and I say
they’re living quiet lives of desperation, is because
they’re involved in a business and/or a job that they don’t enjoy, they’re not passionate about. So if you found something
that you’re passionate about, it doesn’t matter if you
work three hours a day or 13 hours a day, that’s where you start. And most people aren’t there. Most people have to find that. But does that look like your group? No, it doesn’t look like your group. I mean, in no way shape, manner, or form. You know, maybe if we had
a bunch of bunny rabbits running there. It’s unbelievable. Again, you are who you
hang around with, you know. And as Oprah Winfrey says, and which I talk about a lot, is that you want people with a like mind that are better than
you, smarter than you, more intelligent than
you to get on your bus. Don’t be so concerned about what you’re going
to do with those people, but you want to– The joint brain is– there’s nothing the joint
brain, collective brain, or brains, can’t overcome. And I give the example of the atomic bomb, Manhattan Project, and
they were put together, and they were told we
need to develop a weapon of mass destruction, which
they didn’t call it that back in those days, in the middle 40s. To end the war in the Pacific. And they did. They didn’t know if it
was implode or explode, but they did. But if you’re team doesn’t look like that, then you should; I won’t say you should
give serious thought, you should just (beep) change. Perfection equals paralysis. – Okay, so you can never
make a perfect decision. – No, no. If you left it to engineers, no car would ever come
off the assembly line. – (laughing) – No car would ever come
off the assembly line. And I’ve been in business
with enough engineers, I can attest to that
with my hand on my heart. They’d still be trying to make it better. And internet business
is very much the same. The internet kids want to
test and test, and test. And they want the
landing page to be this– Roll it out. The great thing about the internet is your results are instantaneous. – And you can make changes instantaneously.
– Correct. I mean, if something that I’m overseeing at the Concorde level, at 60,000 feet, doesn’t work in two days (beep) can it. Forget about it; move on. And today at our meeting, now the young kids are, “We ran it three days sir,
and we closed it down.” And they are thinking
I’m going to ask why. I said no, that’s fine. Next. Because without them making mistakes, and without them being
allowed to make the decision, they never get any better. And 95% of the time I know
probably better than they do, but we’re never going to
be able to know everything, or have them know everything unless– And they will never know everything, unless they make mistakes, and get comfortable with making mistakes. Clausewitz, the famous Prussian general, said to focus on the few not the many. And the most common error
that I see in successful, reasonably successful
businessmen and women, are that they try to do too many things. And focus on the few, not the many. Most of you lack the skills to sell your vision with clarity, because you don’t practice … And the travesty really is because you don’t believe enough in it. You just don’t. And if what you’re trying
to finance isn’t your dream, isn’t your vision, I mean the banker, or the person on the
other side of the table sees through it clearly. They know just absolutely, definitively. Because at the end of the day, they want to feel down deep
inside, warm and fuzzy, that this person or this person, will do whatever it takes
to pay me back the money. And if you don’t believe
with all your heart, then you’re not going to,
you know, go that extra mile. That’s what they want to believe. And most of you don’t believe passionately in what you’re doing. And that’s why it’s
very easy for me to say you ought to turn the damn key. Just walk away. And look for something that you
can passionately believe in. Is that so difficult? Another one of my great
influences is Toyota, Toyota automobile. He wrote a book a book
called “The Toyota Way”, and he said, “Constant, supervised stress. Constant, supervised,”– Actually I think he used
the word organized, stress, – What does that mean? – It means keep people accountable. Just like Peter Sage says, keep people– what gets measured gets accomplished. And I have signs in most of the businesses I’m involved in. When you walk in the door, there’s a big thing about as
big as that painting there. What gets measured gets accomplished. – Right. – Without measurement you’re
just fooling yourself. – Okay, the question is, do you, the person asking the question, have what it takes to do what Dan did? And … You never know. But no one does know initially, up front. You have to try. You have to swing at the plate. You have to take risk. You have to be willing to sacrifice. You have to be willing
to make a commitment. And just (beep) do it. I keep saying that. I mean, it’s simplistic. It sounds like, I haven’t thought the question through, but that’s not the point at all. The point is, after 21 years of coaching and after almost 45 years
of doing this myself, and being a high performance
person for six decades I realize you just got to (beep) do it. But I’m high on life. – Okay. – Okay, and that became popular in the 60s when everybody was doing LSD, okay. But I’m high on life. I always have been high on life. I’ve got a lot of energy. I’ve the same energy I have
today as I did 30 years ago. – Are you naturally a positive person. – I’m 100% positive. The most contagious thing in the world isn’t a positive action,
it’s a negative thought. – Hmm. – A negative thought. And because that can grow geometrically, and kill deals, and even
companies for that matter. And so, but I’m extremely positive. And I tell people, one of the
things that you need to do, and I’m stealing my thunder, is you need to be ore selfish. – Me?
– You. As an individual. – Jesus, all right. I’m not being selfish enough? – No, no, no, nobody is. – Okay. – Because you can’t love somebody, or love what you’re doing
unless you love yourself. And most people, and I’ve got a whole section on this, when they look in the mirror Brian, they don’t like what they see. I’m bald, I’m too wrinkled,
my tits are too small, my tits are too big, my ass
is too this, (groaning). I’ve got, what do you call
when you’ve got, acne. I’ve got this, you know. My shoulders aren’t wide enough, you know. Nobody, not nobody, but
many people don’t like what they see when they
look in the mirror. – So you get them to be more selfish, and to like themselves more. – Yeah.
No love. We don’t want like. Love
– Love – Thank you so much for watching. I made this video because
Neuman Rasheed asked me too. So if there’s a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know which
of Dan Pena’s top 10 rules hit you the hardest. Leave it in the comments,
and I’ll join the discussion. Thank you so much for watching. Continue to believe, and I’ll see you soon. (jet engine)

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