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Dana White: “Darren Till Insisted On Kelvin Gastelum Fight At UFC 244💁

Dana White: “Darren Till Insisted On Kelvin Gastelum Fight At UFC 244💁

Welcome Back To Nosey Rosey News! Darren Till
insist on telling Gastelum fight at UFC 244 las vegas turtle has a star chance
for his middleweight debut he takes on Kevin Gaskin and UFC 2014 New York on
November the second a booking that has been heavily criticized by many for
being just a little too tough for teal in his initial 185-pound appearance
after all it was none other than UFC president Dana White who came out
recently and saying that the USC may have pushed till too fast in his octagon
career the gorilla is coming off back-to-back losses including a failed
attempt to capture the Westway title against Tyrone Wooley this past
September as well as they knocked out loss to Jorge Masvidal in March respite
the setbacks wife said it it was till 17 to one who insisted on booked in the
Gaslamp fight it’s the fight he wants wipe toe mm a junkie on Tuesday night
where egg if UFC brass tried to talk him out of it
wife said they did but it’s absolutely what till wanted and the UFC balls
respect him for that we did white saying yes we did that’s the fight I want we
went to him and said you sure this is a fight you want he’s moving up you’re
sure the gasoline fight that’s the fight I want don’t love it gasps Liam is
coming up in a measurement decision to Israel at this point
April’s UFC 236 and Benjamin effort where he failed
just short of catch window you’ll see entire middleweight title tale who
suffered numerous to make the cut down so 175 is hoping to
find no life and middle way but will certainly face a tough test in the heavy
right hand being God’s will so to my understanding white and a whole other
people is X and he’ll like why is you trying to take on gas me get on sand why
did you try to take on him you know he’s Hey he’s hi VA and then you coming on
back-to-back losses man this could not condemn to only getting paid like a like
5,000 of her fight you know I’m saying so yeah comment below let me know what
you guys think this is my video for today and I see you guys

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