Dana White on McGregor vs Khabib Fight

was your summer? How’s everything? Everything all right? DANA WHITE: Awesome.
Everything’s great. JIMMY KIMMEL: Would you–
you’re a very wealthy man. Would you ever go into space? Would you go to the moon
if given the chance? DANA WHITE: Uh, I’m– I’m tired of traveling. I don’t even want to go,
you know, to New York. So no–
JIMMY KIMMEL: So you– DANA WHITE: I probably don’t
want to go to the moon. JIMMY KIMMEL: –will not be part
of the president’s Space Force? DANA WHITE: No.
JIMMY KIMMEL: You will not? DANA WHITE: I will not.
days away from this big fight. And you know, there
have been a lot of them. But this one has a little
twist because these guys do– and I don’t know. Maybe it’s a publicity thing. But even if it
isn’t, it’s crazy. DANA WHITE: Yeah,
It’s not a publicity. JIMMY KIMMEL: Seemed
to have a personal, a real personal dispute. DANA WHITE: When the law gets
involved and it gets legal, it’s definitely not [INAUDIBLE]. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, Conor
McGregor actually got arrested. DANA WHITE: We’re not hyping
a fight if when that happens. JIMMY KIMMEL: I see.
Is that how we know? DANA WHITE: That’s
exactly how you know. JIMMY KIMMEL: If somebody
goes away in handcuffs. DANA WHITE: What’s
crazy is people are even still doubting whether
we had something to do with this whole thing. We’re going to get our
biggest star arrested and possibly go to
jail to hype a fight. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah.
anybody could pull that off, it would be you.
DANA WHITE: Well, thank you. It just worked out that way.
We didn’t plan it. JIMMY KIMMEL: What’s
the back story behind– and I’m going to show the video
for those who haven’t seen it. But what is the back
story behind the dispute between these guys? DANA WHITE: So there’s
a guy named Artem, who is Conor’s best friend. He’s from Russia. Khabib is from Russia, too.
some kind of Russian stuff going on between
those two in New York and Khabib slapped him. Surrounded him with his
friends and slapped him. He picked up the phone
and called Conor, said– JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s
embarrassing, isn’t it? DANA WHITE: –Khabib slapped me. [LAUGHTER] Conor fueled up the G650 and
loaded it up with Irish guys. They flew to New
York and attacked the bus that he was on. JIMMY KIMMEL: He attacked a bus. Take a look at the video here. Now, there’s Conor just
fresh off his flight. He sees the bus. Is it pulling in,
or pulling away? It’s pulling away. And he’s really trying
to– smashes the window in and hurt somebody. DANA WHITE: People were hurt. People were shaken up. My staff was on board,
and they thought they were being attacked by other people. And then they
realized it was Conor. [LAUGHTER] And they literally
called me and said, we’re being attacked right
now by Conor McGregor. Come on. What? We turned around and
drove back to the arena, and he was already gone. And the police came, and the
police were looking for him. He was arrested.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, and charged. DANA WHITE: Yeah, uh, yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: And
all that stuff. And now– DANA WHITE: He’s being
sued by everybody. JIMMY KIMMEL: And
now Khabib is– now this is another
video that I don’t know. This video– can
this possibly be him? Now roll this tape. Supposedly is this Khabib when
he was a kid wrestling a bear. DANA WHITE: That’s real. [LAUGHTER] JIMMY KIMMEL: That’s really him?
how he trained for this? DANA WHITE: That’s how tough
it is growing up in Russia. You wrestle with bears. [LAUGHTER] Yeah–
can beat a bear, you can beat anybody I guess. JIMMY KIMMEL: Would you ever
consider putting a live bear in the ring– DANA WHITE: I
never thought this. JIMMY KIMMEL: –for
one of these matches. I think people would
be interested in that. DANA WHITE: Listen, if it sells
pay-per-views, I’ll try it. JIMMY KIMMEL: So now you
got the fight coming up. What– do you have
like a ritual you go through on like– on
day– the day of the fight, how do you proceed?
What do you do? What time do you get up,
and when do you get there? DANA WHITE: I get up a
little later that day. Then I head into the arena. And by the time the fight starts
that day, everything is ready. Everything is dialed
in and ready to roll. The fighters come in,
and they start preparing, warming up and getting ready. But it’s actually
the least crazy day, the day of the fight. JIMMY KIMMEL: I know
Conor likes to talk a lot. Does Khabib– is
he like a talker? DANA WHITE: No, he’s not–
not a big talker, no. JIMMY KIMMEL: He’s not. DANA WHITE: You know,
he gets in there. This guy– Khabib has
never lost a fight. He’s 26 and 0, which is
incredible in this sport to go undefeated 26 and 0. And he’s never lost a round. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh, wow.
DANA WHITE: Never lost a round. JIMMY KIMMEL:
Never lost a round. DANA WHITE: This guy is– JIMMY KIMMEL: So maybe Conor
slapped the wrong guy’s friend. [LAUGHTER] DANA WHITE: The reason
this fight is so big is because it’s two of
the absolute best fighters in the world, fighting
in their prime when they should be fighting. JIMMY KIMMEL: A man
who conquered a bear– DANA WHITE: It’s a great fight. JIMMY KIMMEL: –at
childhood will be wrestling Conor McGregor
on Saturday night, UFC 229. It’s Saturday night, live from
Las Vegas on pay-per-view. Thank you very much.
Dana White. DANA WHITE: Thank you. JIMMY KIMMEL: Hi,
I’m Jimmy Kimmel. Click below to subscribe
to our YouTube channel. Or if you want to be
that way about it, don’t.

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