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Dana White | One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever!

Dana White | One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever!

I didn’t grow up with money we weren’t rich by any means but I knew I wasn’t going to college I knew that wasn’t reality I didn’t really want to go to college one of the things that I was very lucky in my life with as I knew exactly what I wanted to do from the time I was a young age I knew I wanted to be in the fight business and people thought it was crazy I worked in Boston at a place called the Boston Harbor Hotel I was a bellman in there I was 19 years old I made good money you know there’s some guys to get those jobs and those are the type of jobs they did you know their life early they want those jobs forever it’s a good job it’s not a bad job this wasn’t for me and I was literally standing in the lobby one day and I’m like what the hell am I doing here what am I doing here this isn’t me this isn’t what I want and I walked out the front door and one of my good friends he’s still one of my good friends today says what are you doing I said I’m I’m quitting when you get out of bed every morning right you get up out of bed life and standing right there to kick you in the face ready leg cocked ready to go to kick in the face because every day when you get up bad shits coming at you forget about work your personal life everything car don’t start – this – that life is ready to get you you know and you got to get up and you got to fight through that bullshit every day you have to you got to fight through all the shit that life throws at you then you get to a point where life start a bunch of shit at you now works throwing a bunch of shit at you know your business that you have to fight for every day and you have to get up and you have to have that to get up and fight every day man go for it just go for it believe me out living proof that it can happen [Music] first of all when you have a business idea there’s always going to be detractors and people that think you know it won’t work you’re always going to have those people around you and in your life even when you’re successful believe it gets worse when you’re successful anything you do positive in your life and anything that’s huge it will immediately be surrounded by negativity right immediately get ready for it because no matter how successful you become one thing never goes away negativity if their opinion means nothing a little bit it is literally an opinion it’s negative bullshit and it means nothing to you it doesn’t mean anything it doesn’t affect unless you’re the type of sick twisted type of person like me that likes to let it fuel you you let it it’s like you’re you know it’s like your fuel and and other than that it’s useless it means nothing do your thing stay on your course stay focused and and keep your eye on the prize and everything comes together if you’re looking for fuck you money you’re in the wrong place already you already know you’re not in the right place I can’t stand three-day weekends I hate three-day weekends but I’m like I want Monday to come again that’s how much I love what I do if that’s not your mentality every weekend when you’re at home like you’re dreading Monday man stop stop and get another job because you’re in the wrong place that that’s not healthy for you and at the end of the day it’s really about that you love what you’re doing and it’s about the journey the people you’re doing with it that you’re having fun you’re getting up every day and you’re all working towards the same goal whatever it might be it’s a very fulfilling feeling it really is a very fulfilling feeling because I’ve been where most people have been I’ve been in the end the shitty job that you’re just trying to pay your bills and you’re trying to make ends meet and you’re miserable you’re doing it because you have to do it because you have to pay your bill because you need money once you break out of that you find what it is you truly love to do it’s really not work it’s actually fun and you enjoy every day of your life from what I’ve learned and that’s I look back on my life everything in lies is about it really is about timing right time the right place right everything and and I also believe that you create your own timing as I do what’s the worst thing that can happen if you try if the day that I walked out of that hotel right and I went to do this it doesn’t work out I can go back and be a bellman again whenever I want to you can always go back and do that the worst part is not trying you have to try nobody’s ever gonna do anything without trying it’s never the right time it’s never the right time it’s like I can’t now I I got this truck I just bought I got payments on this friggin thing you know I got this if you do that to yourself you’ll never do anything forget the truck forget this forget that go for it just go for it believe me I’ll believe in proof that it can happen

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100 thoughts on “Dana White | One Of The Greatest Speeches Ever!

  1. It's easy for people like them to say all this bullshit but when will the videos come that tells you the details of business,stocks,real estate's etc. It irritating to hear him tell us quit our jobs. We don't have rich friends and resources to hold us down. We live in the real world and not some rich and celebrity style bubble. I'm happy for what he's done with his life but I feel if the video isn't laying out a blue print or information for someone to progress it's more than likely just someone making money off the struggles of other's. People know the position that over half the world is in so they inspiration videos for the money they a make off view's and you tube traffic. It's a cold world we live in and people need information and resources not some rich guy yelling at you with powerful music to easy your mind playing in the background.

  2. im sick of watching such videos full of word salad. there are very few motivational speakers who actually talk about how its done.

  3. I stopped at " I always knew what I wanted to do"

    I think the vast majority dont and that's why we fall into careers that we didn't design.

  4. He didn't buy the UFC, the Fertitta brothers did. He was the president of operations but, he answers & still answers to the Fertitta's. They're the money, not Dana.

    (Although he has done very well too. The title & facts in this video are wrong.)

  5. I like how those stupid people think they are going to be rich if they listen to motivational speech and going to the college… so delusional

  6. Once you make money,
    It comes and goes,
    Once you make hundreds,
    It shreds like gold,
    Once you make millions,
    Greed kicks in,
    Once you become rich,
    Your humbleness is dissed.

  7. Follow Jesus is the only thing what matters, or do you think if you get hit by a car you will take your money with you?? I know where to go and where my rewards are 🙏🏽

  8. I just quit my job even befor listing to this video because everyday i was there n thinking why iam here. I know its not for me.. But Allah plz help me because iam in process of starting my own business. Thats what i was looking for.

  9. Dana White does have an incredible work ethic and drive. However, you do have to give most of the credit to the Fertitta Brothers who invested the money and took all of the financial risk to start the UFC.

  10. He made 4.2 billion dollars by short changing every fighter who risked his life in the Octagon. Lots of stars have called him out on it, including Nate Diaz.

  11. Yes positively is one of the most important factors in life.. completely agee, still sort me out 2 million and I’m sure I can be a tad more successful then my standard low average paid job, moral of story it’s not what you know it’s who you know.

  12. Easy talking like this when friends invest 2m in you, my friends dont even gimme a sigarette😪 this is the worst speech ever cause yeah good job u made 4.2bil out of 2m but u never had to do anything to get those 2 million. Lets see where u got when u started at 0

  13. Dana you are where you are because of Allah!
    Verily, Allah! With Him (Alone) is the knowledge of the Hour, He sends down the rain, and knows that which is in the wombs. No person knows what he will earn tomorrow, and no person knows in what land he will die. Verily, Allah is All-Knower, All-Aware (of things).

  14. What about the friend that give you 40 millions to start? Without that crazy friend you will be nobody in todays world dude…
    To be honest, yeah he make all that money and BS but that is not inspiring to me. I get inspired but dudes that started from creo… Mark Cuban, Bill Gates, Zuckerberg and all those dudes.

  15. I give all and try my heart out, I am a highly trained stone sculptor , I have worked so hard that my fingerprints wore off, I have worked beyond that until I bled, and I'll tell you this, making the effort for myself was of far more use than if I would have worked for someone else

  16. I will be truthfull with you. Without his frends who invested millions in ufc. Realy without his Friends he was mabe worth penuts

  17. LIVING PROOF???? Bro he gotLUCKY that his 2 rich friends randomly CHOSE HIM to be president.He had nothing to do with buying the UFC. This dude is a liar. His two rich friends bought the UFC and they chose him to be president lol… he didnt have 1 fucking penny invested in the UFC. Now because the company took off he pretends like he put down money in the beginning

  18. LIVING PROOF???? Bro he gotLUCKY that his 2 rich friends randomly CHOSE HIM to be president.He had nothing to do with buying the UFC. This dude is a liar. His two rich friends bought the UFC and they chose him to be president lol… he didnt have 1 fucking penny invested in the UFC. Now because the company took off he pretends like he put down money in the beginning

  19. I’m so fucking sick of the same generalizations these rich guys spout off like, “oh if your dreading Monday then quit” blah blah all this other motivational mumbo jumbo… shut the fuck up for fucks sake. They all same the same bullshit over and over and over… these “motivational” speakers are like fucking robots

  20. It’s like this idiot watched a video of Gary V and just copied the transcript word for word…how about one of these idiots spout off some shit we haven’t all heard a million fucking times

  21. It’s like this idiot watched a video of Gary V and just copied the transcript word for word…how about one of these idiots spout off some shit we haven’t all heard a million fucking times

  22. This mofo doesnt know shit about people struggle.. Typical spoiled white guy who thinks he got everything with hard work. Wake the fuck up. Reality and this speech are in 2 different dimensions.

  23. Ok for sure Dana but how'd you go from Hotel bellman to having 2 million dollars to buy UFC. I think that's the part where most of us are stuck, we already know what you're saying about having to fight and pushing through and all that, but we dont know how to do what we need to do to do what we wanna do.

  24. Cool cool but most of it it's unrealistic bulshit, how the hell did you get the 2 million dollars from being a bell man? did you have to know somebody? Probably.

  25. Can’t stand these speeches. I’m living proof it happened. So what. You were lucky. Don’t be the cause of people fucking up their lives giving them meaningless hope when they have too much 2 lose.

  26. You grew up woth the fertitas…. you had connections. He disnt buy it for 2 mil, He convinced Fertitas to. And sure he made it but its an anomaly.

  27. I dropped out of college. Worked at a junkyard for 4 years and hated my life. I was too smart for that. So every single day after work I came home and studied and taught my self everything about electronic Engineering. 4 long hard years until I finally had the balls to use my new skill. I now am a full time electronic engineer. Self taught. No help whatsoever. And it's the proudest accomplishment of my entire life. I'm happy now. Real happiness. The kind of happiness that makes you feel excited about the next day when you go to sleep. The kind of happiness when you wake up with tons of energy and a smile on your face. The kind of happiness that makes work fun. I cant stress enough that hard work and perseverance is going to be your number 1 weapon to success and happiness. There have been so many times where I've been stuck for weeks on trying to figure out certain aspects of electronics. But perseverance helped me push through those hard times. This made me who I am today and now I want to share these skills with the world. Anyone can do anything. That's not bullshit. It's real. I'm living proof of that. Thank God for this beautiful life.

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