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Dana White reacts to Ban On UFC Octagon Girls — ‘Nobody treats women better than we do’

Dana White reacts to Ban On UFC Octagon Girls — ‘Nobody treats women better than we do’

Dana White reacts to the ban on UFC
Octagon girls “nobody treats women better than we do” he says, UFC has been gearing
up for its UFC 243 Whitaker vs. Adesanya pay-per-view of it next month in
Melbourne Victoria Australia perhaps underwear that octagon girls
might be unwelcome in a land down under that’s according to local politicians
like Lord Mayor of Melbourne sally cap who believes UFC shall follow the
example by Formula One and rid itself of scantily clad women who serve no purpose
other than to walk around half-naked you go girl sandy I know that’s right
Sally what I don’t know understand why these men want these half-naked women
walking around when y’all need to concentrate and figure out how you gonna
stop this other guy for turn your head off in the Octagon ring y’all sittin
there lookin at that nigga Taz like and gotta can’t even look at it from real
coz you got so many knots on the side of your eye forgetting hit yeah yeah I’m
gonna probably over and she a hater you a hater well anyway no see Rosie is
not a hanger nosy Rosie’s gonna tell you what it is like she said who served no
purpose other than to walk around half-naked the UFC president Dana White
this asshole as you might expect is not on board I got I can tell you that he’s
not on board you know I’m saying he he wants it how he’s been having it with
naked women he understand that sex sells you know he understand the sex sells and
you know that since he been having these naked women it could be that the numbers
have skyrocketed to where they are now so how much they make and how much they
earn I up to God girls as much as a part of the UFC brand as
anyone there are ambassadors for our sport we
told the Daily Telegraph so for someone who has absolutely no education
whatsoever about who these girls are about what they do what they mean to the
UFC to start going off is ridiculous why specifically mentioned the
contributions from veteran octagon girls are any Celeste and Brittany Palmer who
used their exposure inside the cage as a catalyst to other high profile and high
paying gigs like the cover of Playboy Mac boom like the cover of Playboy
magazine they need to shut that magazine down these young girls hurrying up to
finish school to go show their body to losers in this world you know so you can
look at any sport like nobody treats women better than we do because why
continue perhaps for getting these comments and I suggest these people
calling on them to be banned go have to look at what these girls do with the
company the type of money they’re making do that and you’ll realize these girls
are as important to our brands anyone else in the company and that’s exactly
the way we treat them so yeah y’all treat them of course
there’s somebody from Rennes and make it around it’s all about sales and the
girls need to wake up I can see if you go there and do it and you you know your
shame and you’re doing it to pay your bills and you gonna go back to school
you want to pay some things up I can see that but just driving around there but
you’ll have how about this change up the clothes let’s see if they could walk up
in there with the court without a titty Sean without their ass showing and see
will that work out they never tried that because the first thing sally kept said
half-naked and that exactly what she made so you guys comment below let me
know what you guys think do you they should keep the UFC Octagon girls
going or do you think a Wii is better without them

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