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Dangal / 摔跤吧!爸爸 (Wrestle! Dad) – Honest Trailer parody

Dangal / 摔跤吧!爸爸 (Wrestle! Dad) – Honest Trailer parody

From a land called India, with just only one film
industry called Bollywood, comes a film oh my gosh! what are those? Anyways! I forgot. Ya! After seeing a lot of nationalistic movies by Canadian actor Akshay Kumar like airlift, “We are Indian, not Kuwaite” holiday, baby, Salman bhai doing bajrangi bhaijaan, Sharukh Khan with his own Chak de india, Is my pronunciation correct? Does anybody know Indian here? You guys speak Indian right? comes the patriotic film Dangal. Is my Indian pronunciation correct? An Indian father with a big tummy suddenly becoming a macho despite not using steroids. I have seen this somewhere. Yes here. Sharukh khan. It is a flashback anyways. He wants to get a medal for his
country in a feminist theme like beating a guy many times, father getting happy after
hearing his daughters beat a guy not this one guys! The usual script of not so strong
woman beating the big guys, reaching bigger stages to
be beaten by another woman to loose morale which was in turn
gained by the advice of father. Give me some handkerchief. I am crying. Though the audience already
knew about the result that she had won very easily in the real sport, Bollywood, is my Indian correct, stretched it so long, people came with ideas like why there is evil, “Come Back” “Come Back” what is the meaning of covfefe? why Trump is such an asshole? Sorry nobody can answer that!! A different movie with no songs of half naked women dancing
with some villians, Aamir not doing cringy but
likeable things like this and some good story which makes us think if it is
really a recent bollywood movie. Mama mia!! Aamir khan locked in the room by the
aide of the coach was not true. It is just to give some
spicy effect to the movie. I need a Biriyani. Now! Sorry fasting Muslim friends!! By the way, it should have been rated A because of unrealistic
transformation of body for a guy like me, lots of non-vegetarian references, by the way vegetarian means no eggs and fish you white people. Daughter knocking the dad and lots of rotis with lots of black spots. Not good. Starring: the goosebumps, chicken, the usual bad coach, Indian sports stadiums, stepnie guy, the strong guy but no as
strong as the female lead, punch him on the face guy and dust special appearance: Underwear centrifugal – a force, arising from the
body’s inertia … (bhoo) Kurt Angle Don’t forget to share and subscribe
to the channel TheCrazySchlauAal. Ripley’s Believe It or not,
it won’t cost you any money.

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21 thoughts on “Dangal / 摔跤吧!爸爸 (Wrestle! Dad) – Honest Trailer parody

  1. This channel only show negativity of india infect this channel doesn't know about know indian film industry and all.. So please stop your rubbish tongue about india
    And in future make sure if you will make video about india do homework..

  2. lol.. u tried but failed.. try again. better luck next time..Hope u get ur act better… BTW indians dont speak indian.. 😛

  3. Before making a video do some research. Your point of view is so closed.Okay, i can understand, you may be a illiterates and jobless person.

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