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Death By Nuts

Death By Nuts

Oh my God, did you see this?
See what? Some guy died from having his balls squeezed too hard.
That’s bullshit. No, it says right here. The woman was charged with testicular manslaughter.
Well, then the article is bullshit Because it’s impossible to squeeze a guy’s balls and kill him. You wanna bet?
Alright. Tom Do you wanna come over? Yeah, we wanna grab your balls. (ki aaye) That guy smokes like two packs a day. Joe, can you swing by for like ten minutes? Frank? You wanna come over? Harder. Hey Lenny, How are your balls these days? (moaning) Grant. He was a hipster, they’re all weak. James We did God a favor right there Hey Ralph (screaming) That guy came in a little sick. (screaming) That guy had diabetes. Really?
And sickle cell. That’s just racist. That’s a lot of bodies. What are we gonna do with them? Cleaning lady’s coming today right? Yup. That’s perfect. Creepy Caress

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16 thoughts on “Death By Nuts

  1. this is just plain stupidity the guys would feel pleasure and not pain! it doesn't hurt at all for real men that is… btw watch my video if you can!

  2. This was great!!!!!! You should have a Death By Nuts Sequel or a series! That would be great, but keep the victims cute males such as Tom, Grant and Ralph! Lol!

  3. I would love for both of these women to grind their entire foot right between my legs and crush my balls as hard as they could for as long as they can. I would be in heaven.

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