Demi Lovato Does Jiu Jitsu

Hey, guys!
You know I’ve been making
my documentary “Simply Complicated,”
but I wanted to share
something with you that didn’t make it
into the film. So check out
the full feature
on my YouTube channel. In the meantime,
enjoy this short video
of my jiu-jitsu practice. ( laughing ) Don’t use that! So I started getting
into jiu-jitsu about over a year ago.I fell in love with MMA.This is a key part
of training mixed martial arts so I decided to start
taking jits and here I am. I’m Danielle Martin.
I’m Demi’s Brazilian
jiu-jitsu instructor, and today I’m going
to take you through
a couple moves with Demi. Brazilian jiu-jitsu
is about technique and leverage
beating strength.So, I believe it’s probably
one of the most efficient
martial arts.
In jiu-jitsu usually
at the beginning of class we do some type of warm up.Sometimes you’re gonna
see jumping jacks,
push-ups, squats,
strengthen and loosen up
our necks,
our backs, by doing
technical types of things
that pertain to
the training we’re
gonna be doing that day. I don’t want you
to get hurt being kind of
in between. Big knees,
we’re going to my knees. Demi:
Knees, knees, knees,
knees, knees. Danielle:
She is amazing on the mats.
She has such a natural instinct
as a fighter.She picks up things so easily
and she can read techniques
and she’s got that feel,
she just has that it thing. Demi:
My first training session
with Danielle
she’s very, very technicalso whenever I trained
with her,
I knew that I was going
to get a lot better
just because she is
so specific with every
little detail.
So, if you pull out here the person’s
gonna go out there. You wanna pull down here
so that they’re here. Okay, one more time. – Demi: Ah, fuck.
– Danielle: It’s okay. Sometimes those mistakes
turn into something
really good So don’t be perfect
every time. So capitalize on
the mistake, recover
the position. ‘Cause what you don’t
want to do is try to go “I’m gonna stick
to that technique” and now they’re already
reversing something on you and you go right into
their little trap. Let’s train– let’s grab
a quick drink of water and then we’re gonna
train rounds. Now we’re up. We’re always talking
like this. Demi:
Yeah, I could be
a ventriloquist. Oh, my God.
That’s really good. – Demi: I can do it
really well.
– ( laughs ) Demi:
I used to be in pageants
and so the ventriloquist there and so I kinda picked up
on it. The weirder side,
is that I could probably sing
doing this. I was just gonna say,
try to sing like that. ( indistinct singing ) Five minute round.
Here we go. Now you know why
I get hit sometimes. Yeah.
( chuckles ) Danielle:
Weasel your hip
almost like… weasel the hip. Let’s get heavy.
Turn the hip this way. See how you can slide it out?
There you go. Danielle :
I learned about some of
the things she struggles with
and battles with
and the adversity
in her life
which only made me
respect her more,and it made me want
to work with her more
because I knew that I could
make a difference
and an impact in her life
with jiu-jitsu
but also just being there
for her
and sharing my experiences
in life and my adversities.
It’s not about how we fall
but how get up. That’s what defines us. It’s impacted my daily life
because it’s a hobby
of mine now.It’s something that
takes me out of my mind
and it’s almost meditative
in a way.
It’s made me stronger I think
as a person
because it’s just given me
more confidence. My ultimate goal here would be
to be a black belt someday but I gotta work a lot
harder for a long time to get that, so,
that’ll be in many years.

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