Derek Jeter Interview – Derek Jeter’s Top 10 Rules For Success

– He’s an American, former,
major league short stop who, played 20 seasons
with the New York Yankees. He’s won five World Series championships and is considered one
of the greatest players of his generation. He’s finished six all time and career hits and first among short stops. He’s Derek Jeter. And here are his top
ten rules for success. – One thing I’ve always
prioritized you know, my number one priortiy for the last 20 years,
was my baseball career. That’s it. I did a lot of other things, but I never waivered from
that being my number one goal. I’m always diggin’, setting goals and trying to reach those goals and working hard and there’s steps along the way so I think prioritizing
is the number one thing. Sometimes people have
so many different goals that go in this direction,
that direction and they never reach the potential
of one particular avenue that they’re going so, I
mean throughout my career I’ve been very involved
in different businesses and marketing and foundation
but my number one priority is always the game and now
my priority’s changed so I can focus on some other things. – [Announcer] Popped up
short center, Jeter out. Canole and did Jeter catch it? Wow, what a miraculous catch! (crowd cheering) unbelievable. – I’ve always focused on work ethic. You know I’ve always been
taught there’s always going to be someone that’s better,
but there’s no reason why someone should outwork you. And I think that applies not
only to sports but it applies to anything that you try to do. You have to work harder than
other people if you want to be the best. Never be satisfied. You know I am never satisfied
I always try to think of what I could do next to be better. – [Announcer] Giel into
left field well hit. Track, wall, off the top of
the wall into third is Perez, they bring him around,
throw to the plate by Jeter, quick throw into Novo. – You have to win here,
that’s the bottom line is what have you done lately? You know we were able to
accomplish a lot of good things early on, we’ve been post
season every year so far but the bottom line is when you’re
competing you want to win. I mean that’s why you’re out there. Finishing second, finishing
third, going to the post season’s not good enough. I think everyone should
have that mentality, I mean you go into a season,
you win a championship, or it doesn’t mean anything. – Have you always had
that kind of mentality, even before you got to New York? Or did it
– No question, no I was younger I always wanted, my
daddy used to beat me at everything we did. – [Interviewer] He wouldn’t let you win? – No, no he wouldn’t let
me win so now I don’t let anyone else win. So I’ve always had that
mentality, it’s pointless from my point of view if you’re
competing and you don’t win. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] And the two oh. There it is! (crowd cheering) for 72 years, Lou Gherig has
been the Yankee’s all time hits leader, now it’s Derek Jeter. – Family they’re the ones that,
I have a very close family. They’ve always been very
supportive, more importantly they’ve always been very honest. I think a lot of times people
in general like to surround themselves with people that
are going to tell them that everything they’re doing is right. You know what I mean, you
need people around you that are going to tell
you you’re doing wrong. And my parents are very very
honest, even if I don’t want to hear something, they’ll
tell me, they’ll give me their opinion so I’d say
family is most important and then secondly your friends. It’s the same thing I think
your friends are the ones that are going to help ya,
they’re the ones that are going to support you, at times they’re
going to be the ones that get you in trouble, so
you have to make sure that you surround yourself with
a good group of friends. – [Announcer] And no one long,
a high pop, off third foul, (inaudible) and Jeter
there, Jeter makes the catch and falls into the crowd. And he’s out. They gave him the out call
and Grosser now throws to second, and now time is
called, and I don’t know what the ruling is. Chavez went to second ’cause
Jeter was in the crowd. And Jeter now climbs out of
the crowd, but Derek Jeter made an unbelievable catch
and as he hit with his waist on the railing down the third
base line, he back flipped into the crowd and held
onto the ball, what a catch by Derek Jeter. What a play. – I learned something from
watching Mr. Torrey for all these years, you know you
always hear the phrase you treat everyone the same,
well that’s not correct, you treat everyone fairly. You try to be the same every
day, you don’t come and hold your head up high when
things are going well and things are going bad
you find a way to hide. Leadership I don’t think is
something that’s appointed, I think it’s something that’s earned. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] Jeter hits it
to right, back at the wall, It’s over, Yankees win
and the series is tied. I have a lot of confidence,
I think you have to have confidence in your ability. The stronger you are
mentally I think the better you’re going to perform so
I’ve always had confidence any time I’m in a situation
I tend to look back and think back to times that
I had success and I think that’s helped me out throughout. (“Empire State of Mind” – Jay-Z) – [Announcer] And toward the
hole, Jeter backhands from the outfield. (crowd cheering) Man what a play! – I’m fans of athletes from
all different sports, I’ve never tried to emulate anyone else. I’ve tried to be myself. I’ve learned a lot of
watching guys, especially guys when I was younger. But I think in terms of
leadership, I think leadership is viewed differently by
different people, I mean there’s people who lead by example,
there’s people that are vocal leaders, people that do
a little bit of both. I think you just have to be who you are. – How would you categorize
your leadership? – Uh a little bit of both. I really try to take the time
to get to know the people that I’m leading, I think
that’s most important. I don’t think you walk around
as a self proclaimed leader. I think if you do things
the right way, you’re honest with people, people may
tend to follow but I don’t put on a show I don’t do
things in front of the camera. I’ve had plenty of conversations
with teammates behind closed doors, you know I’ve
always heard you’re not vocal, he’s just lead by example but
how would people know unless they were behind closed doors? So I have no problem with
that but like I said I think the most important aspect
of leadership is getting to know the people that you’re leading. – [Announcer] (inaudible) you’re
not going to run you’re not going to hit, you got
to wait for a gapper. (crowd cheering) down the right field line, Piazzi on his way to third,
and they’re going to lead to believe, the (inaudible) (crowd cheering) Derek Jeter, with one of
the most unbelievable plays you will ever see by a shortstop. – [Interviewer] What’s your
message to kids nowadays that are playing sports whether
it’s baseball or any sport, what’s your message to the youth of today? Have fun playing, you know
I think kids nowadays that specialize in one particular
sport at such an early age you know when I was younger,
we used to go outside and play every game. Now you don’t really see
kids outside playing. They’re all inside playing video games. Which there’s a time and
a place for everything, but I say go out and play
as many sports as you can, be active and enjoy yourself, have fun. You can’t lose sight of
the fact that it is a game, you’re supposed to enjoy yourself. – [Announcer] Meek deals. Base hit to left field. Here comes Richardson, here’s
the throw from Ortegas, Richardson is safe! Derek Jeter ends his final
game with a walk off single. Derek Jeter, where
fantasy becomes reality. Did you have any doubt? – How was Dave Winfield an inspiration? Dave was, for those of you
who didn’t know, I think he’s the only athelete to be drafted
and called three sports. For anyone here who thinks
they’ve ever been an athlete, you can’t compare to Dave. But he was an inspiration
maybe because he was one of the first athletes to
start his own foundation. That’s the idea the inspiration
of my own foundation, because when I was younger
I read up on Dave, I wanted to be like him. (crowd cheering) – [Announcer] One two. He loops out to left field,
it’ll be a tough play, Jeter on the run, makes the play. And flies into the stands! Oh what a play by Derek Jeter! (crowd cheering) Wow, Jeter really banged himself up. – [Commentator] You can see
the redness in his face, he caught the bar on that dive. What a play! – You’re going to struggle,
that’s the bottom line, I don’t care how good you are, you’re
going to fail I mean you fail seven out of 10 times,
you go to the Hall of Fame you know what I mean. I was talking to a group of
my leaders once and this was right around the time I got
three thousand hits and I said well I have three thousand
hits, but I’ve gotten out seven thousand times,
you know what I mean? (laughing) It’s not funny. (laughter) I don’t think it’s funny
but you get out quite a bit, so I’ve always just tried to
remember the good times and you have to have very short
memory and you have to stay positive, but I don’t
care what career you’re in you’re going to fail. You’re going to have tough
times you know, people always look at people when they’re
successful and they assume they just woke up and they
ended up in that position but there’s a lot of speed
bumps along the way, it’s just your job to try to
make that speed bump not be a road block, you know what I mean? But you have to learn from
your mistakes and move on and stay positive and mistakes
I think you can learn more, I always tend to learn
more from people’s failures than from their success. I think you have that approach. (crowd cheering) (“Empire State of Mind” – JayZ) (crowd cheering) – Thank you guys so much for
watching, I made this video because Jacob Rodriguez asked me to. So if there’s a famous
entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave
it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know which
of Derek Jeter’s top 10 points you liked the most. Leave it in the comments, I
will join in the discussion. Thank you guys so much for
watching, continue to believe and I’ll see you soon.

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