100 thoughts on “Did Charlie Sheen or a Queen Say This Crazy Thing? (GAME)

  1. I swiped down to check the time right when Link goes “woah what happened” and it felt like he was reacting to the screen change😂

  2. I watched Scream Queens like twice and forgot that. Chanel Oberlin does talk a whole lot though, especially when she's like mad or talking down to somebody…et cetera…she just talks a lot.

  3. 😂 That is a good game. There’s no telling how many episodes of Game of Thrones drew inspiration from a Sheen quote. 😄

  4. Link going against your instincts are your instincts. So go with your instincts to not go against your instincts except when your instincts are extinct..

  5. When Rhett said "that's a Disney movie" I knew instantly that it was from Enchanted before she turns into a dragon lmao thanks Rhett

  6. This is a perfect example of having yes men, everyone around them is to afraid to say that they are not funny. They really think there funny.

  7. I have to say, there have been many a time I’ve had a warm pizza box on my lap with all intentions of sharing. How would one get from the pizza place, as a passenger in the car, to your home?

  8. Charlie sheen looks like a forty seven and a half year old playing on a kindergarten softball team as batboy, all the while constantly quoting Shakespeare.

  9. I wanna know what the one that they took away said. Also the line about the drug called Charlie Sheen was in the Schmoyoho songify this of Charlie Sheen called winning. Made me want to go listen to it again haha

  10. Wish this had been the main episode. I know Frozen is really popular and all but this show really shouldn’t be a musical..

  11. Adam wasn't my favorite singer, but he was so charming on the show. Especially the more. I love it. I think they could have anyone on the show & it will be great.

  12. 2:56 OMG am I the only one who thinks that the dudes of Good Mythical Morning are freakin' losers?

    Who actually thinks these premature ejacs are actually funny?

  13. I'm glad Charlie's sober now. You guys are perfect and hilarious for putting Adam on with all the Freddie memes going around ❤

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