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Dirty Girl sells her Underwears and Gets Laid with Expressman

Dirty Girl sells her Underwears and Gets Laid with Expressman

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Please click CC button to show it. Welcome subscribe! [Music] Hello, sorry. I didn’t get your call Hello Is your package sent to No.60, Wanshousi Road? Yeah, what’s wrong? Your packing Now it’s broken Are the goods there? Yeah So please help to pack them and send them out OK? Thanks Hello, your package Come in Thanks. here is OK fro me Come in and close the door Give me the beer Where to sign? Right here Why did you drop it? I need to send it again No smell If I don’t drop it, I will get bad comments Once I wore it I won’t wear it again What are you looking at? Find a blue pants for me So OK? I have work in the afternoon Many packages need to send You made my package broken Did I ask you to compensate for it? I just ask you to re-send it now Here, take this Surprised? Original underwear is sold like this You are right here So pack and send them all I have to go back to company now I can submit my orders now If you don’t do it, that’s rejection I have your cellphone number Alright Oh, you go to take a shower first What? We can’t take a shower in clients Do you know what is the Original Underwear sold for? You sweat has dropped into my underwear I told you. Go What time now? Eight o’clock What did you do recently? You slept here Oh yes, I just gave a call to your company and applied a leave for you for heatstroke So what did our team leader say? Take care of yourself Where are you going? Going home, my girlfriend Don’t go home Just now, how careless of me I sprayed my perfume on your clothes Will you wait a while? No! What have you done! I helped you and played with you But I can’t stay here for a whole night A man has a lot of excuses to stay outside Can’t you find one? I can’t talk with you

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