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DIY Rose Water Spray

DIY Rose Water Spray

Hey guys! After learning how to make rose
oil at home, I discovered that making rose water is even easier. Rose water is a great
toner to use after cleansing. It hydrates and softens your skin, cooling it, and infusing
it with antioxidants. Here’s how to make your own rose water at
home. Using 2-3 organic roses, prepare 1 cup of
rose petals into a bowl. Next, shred those rose petals. Boil 1 cup of water Then pour it over the rose petals Stir the rose petals in the hot water with a wooden utensil
Let it cool down completely Then, strain the rose petals from the water Finally, pour it into a spray bottle. Mine is an old bottle of the Fresh Rose Water Toner
that I really loved and used up. Spritz this onto your face directly or onto
a cotton pad to swipe all over your face as a toner after cleansing. You can also spray
this onto your face to refresh your makeup after it’s become dull and cakey. Thanks for watching! I’ll see you guys in
my next video. Bye!

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96 thoughts on “DIY Rose Water Spray

  1. wow I'm so early!! cool story: when I was in fourth or fifth grade, I was really into writing on wikihow, so i wrote this article on how to make rose petal perfume and it became really popular on there and was awarded a Rising Star by the admins. this made me think of that 😂 awesome video!

  2. OMG the color on that rose water is so vibrant and beautiful! Nothing like store bought rose water. I'm definitely trying this at home. Awesome video love!

  3. very cool diy i loved it !! i'll do it as sson as possible because i'm in japan and i couldn't ^^find it here .. love from saudi arabia

  4. I wonder if there is anything you could add to it so that it would not spoil over time? I was thinking possibly GSE or citric acid??

  5. Right in time for Valentine's hehe 🙂
    Quick question, Lavi: What's the difference between personal growth and lifestyle design?

  6. Hi aileen sorry if I spelt your name wrong you are my favourite you tuber so I came to you for help I don't want to go to school I love school it is just because these group of girls that have been bulling me and calling me fat and guilty and things like that I have told my support teacher but they haven't done anything and I don't want to tell my mom and dad so can you please help me I don't have anyone else to go to so please help me I am scared they are starting to get physical now please help me

  7. I loved the video, your so calming! I just wanted to ask why you had to boil the water first. Could you just not do that step or would it mess it up?

  8. I wish you had more diy videos. I stumbled upon your diy rose oil and followed it to your diy rose water and I'm in love. Please make more diy videos!

  9. Hi! I just discovered your channel! I made Rosewater before, but expected it to smell like roses–to my surprise, it didn't..did yours keep its scent?

  10. Does it have too be Red Roses? Cause there's no flower shops around me && my store only has white ones.

  11. Thats is so unhealthy! Do you know how many chemicals are sprayed on roses to make them look flawless? Most florists use gloves while touching them so they don't come into contact with the pesticides. And on top of that the majority or roses are imported so there are no regulations on exactly what they are spraying them with, for heavens sake please don't spray that shit on your face!!

  12. Umm I just did the Rose water now with your method and it didn't turn out well. Yes I followed the steps, I let it cool down but it smelled like burned rose petals so I reccomend using another method. Probably the one ClaCali put on her channel with the condescending method.
    I mean no hate to the girl or the video but I just felt like putting it out there so… (Oh and The colour turned yellow to green and the Roses where pink, from my garden…)

  13. Lovely idea…thank you. And such pleasant videos.
    We get lots of 'old' roses in our garden that are very fragrant so I am looking forward to the next bloom to try this and the rose infused oil.
    Is it also possible to use dried rose petals?

  14. Nice video..but please reply…how long can I store this rose water without refrigerator…by the to understand the climate…I want to tell u that I am an Indian…

  15. Can I add witch hazel or allow for a toner or is rose water enough? Just found your channel and excited to watch your self love videos next!!

  16. honey this is rose tea.and commercial roses are dyed and sprayed with chemicals.i do not recommend using them.

  17. Rose water is also an ingredient used in many desserts, like baklava, as the their sweet smell translates well into flavor for stuff.

    Also, rose hips are used to make itching powder, a favorite among pranksters!

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