Do You Know Disneyland’s Secret Rules?

Disney has some very specific
and secret rules for its employees, – but are some of them stupid?
– Let’s talk about that. ♪ (theme music) ♪ Good mythical morning! If you’re the kinda person
who does Google searches and keeps up with things
that happen on the Interwebs, you may have seen that there is
this list of secret rules for Disney employees
that has been floating around. Now, these rules are fascinating,
so I hope, if you haven’t seen them, that you’re gonna
be fascinated by them. – I have not seen them
– Okay. Well, that’s good, because our duty today
is to not just see how secret they are, but to see how stupid they are.
Because I think that some time in the near future, we should open
our amusement park. – I’ve been thinking about this for years.
– Really? Yeah. Well, maybe just like
a little stand at a state fair. We’ll start with that,
but eventually, it will grow – into its own amusement park.
– Okay. And we gotta know what rules
we’re gonna have for our employees. Okay, so this is a cheat sheet
for us in our planning phase, but it’s also an opportunity for you
to cast judgement on the most entertaining places on earth.
The world or the land. But I will say I’m an annual
pass member, a holder. I’m not holding it right now.
My wife has it, but we go as a family.
We love Disneyland. We love Disney World.
And so I appreciate all these rules – that add to my personal experience.
– Hmm. But when I got into this list,
I was like, “Really? – Really, that’s a rule?”
– Okay. Okay, let’s start with the fact
that you can’t call them employees. Everyone is considered a cast member. That is officially what you are considered.
A cast member. – What’s the scope of this?
– Everyone. – You’re talking someone in costume?
– If you get a check, if you get a check from Disney,
you’re a cast member. – So you’re not acting as a character.
– Janitor. – Cast member.
– Okay, well let’s– And it’s not a guy playing a janitor.
Well, he is playing a janitor, but he also happens to be the janitor. That’s convenient. Alright, so what’re you?
I’m a Disney cast member. What’s your job?
What’s your role? – I play a janitor.
– In what movie? – In the park.
– (laughs) Yeah, yeah, yeah. – I actually do it.
– Okay. – I clean the toilets.
– And then if you’re the CEO, – if you’re–
– You’re an important cast member, but, you know,
you are a cast member. – I like this because it–
– Oh, you like it. – There’s a leveling factor.
– Oh. No matter who you are,
you’re somebody special and you can be somebody you’re not. And isn’t that what
this life is all about? – Let’s just be honest.
– How can you be somebody you’re not? (crew laughs) Like, you be a janitor
as a hoax. – (scoffs)
– Not a hoax. – But you ARE the actual janitor.
– Yeah. I don’t think you understand. – Well, I don’t think it’s stupid.
– But you like the rule. – It’s not stupid.
– I think it’s a leveling – and elevating thing for–
– Now, if you ask somebody at Disneyland or Disney World
where something is, and they are required to point,
they will not point with a finger. They will point with
a minimum of two fingers, and often just sort of a gesture. – Just a…
– A full hand? – Yeah.
– So they cannot point with a finger? – Right.
– They have to point with two fingers – or a hand?
– Go around that corner, and the Corn Dog Castle
will be there in all its glory, which I highly recommend.
Oop, gulp! – I highly recommend.
– If a cast member points at anything with a full hand,
I’mma be like… I think I’m about
to get slapped or something. – Don’t point with the whole hand.
– You’re gonna get backhanded? – Yeah, I’d rather be poked–
– Don’t ask where the Corn Dog Castle is! – You should know it!
– Yeah, see, I’d rather get… I’m the janitor!
I play the janitor. – …poked in the eye.
– Do I look like I know where the Corn Dog Castle is? I’d rather get poked in the eye
than get slapped by a cast member. Incidentally, they are allowed
to give the bird to people they don’t– – No, they’re not!
– (Rhett chuckles) – So, it’s basically–
– But the bird is Tweety Bird. I think they should
all give the politicians– – Is that a Disney character?
– Politician gestures, only. – I’m sorry.
– (crew laughs) This way, this way, this way. What’s a bird in Disney? Name a bird.
A Disney bird. The birds around Snow White. Yeah, they can give those kinds
of birds to people they don’t like. Okay, I could–(blows)
Here’s one dove. I’m gonna say…
pointing is offensive to people in other countries, and when they
visit Disney, you don’t want to offend them.
I think this is not stupid. – You just want to backhand ’em.
– This is thoughtful. – No, you want to tell them where to go…
– Okay. – a non-offensive way.
– All right! – So far, nothing stupid for you.
– Yeah, I think that one’s good. What about this?
If you play– now, this is difficult–
if you’re a cast member that plays – an actual Disney character–
– Okay. Which is still a cast member.
You play Snow White. You have to learn
how to sign Snow White’s name in a very specific way, so that no one,
no matter who’s playing Snow White that day,
they all give an exactly – identical autograph.
– Now, this is a perfect example of one of the greatest things
about Disneyland/World. The thoroughness
and commitment that they have. Yeah, when you’re playing somebody,
you should be able signature the way that they do. And you should also be able to use
the word signature as a verb. I don’t like this rule.
Here’s why: Because I want to be able to collect
all of the signatures. You got Snow White’s signature?
Yeah, I got all 17– But there’s a kid…
there is a kid who got – Snow White’s signature–
– The kid doesn’t think – it’s actually Snow White.
– Will you go with me here? – Okay.
– 2013, getting the signature. Wow, autograph, I’ll call it.
And then a year later, 2014, gets Snow White’s autograph again. (gasps) Let’s compare the two.
(incredulous noises) World crushed. – But as a collector–
– You don’t– I got 2014’s Snow White.
Yeah, her breath stunk a little bit, – and she writes a little bit darker.
– Yeah, but you’re talking about the mid-thirty year old man
collecting Snow White signatures. – That’s just plain creepy!
– Okay. I don’t want to foster that at Disney! – We’re split on this one.
– I don’t want to crush kids! – Not stupid.
– Well, at our amusement park, we’ll talk about that.
We’ll discuss it. Okay, now, if they see trash
on the ground, they’re instructed to pick it up–
every cast member– but you cannot bend over to pick it up.
You have to pick it up in a swooping motion,
meaning that you come up on it and approach it, and you grab it
and you swoop it up like an eagle. And then you deposit it in a trash can. – Without bending over?
– They don’t want to see your– – Butt–
– Plumbers crack. Well, I don’t want to see Mickey’s butt
in the air, but Minnie? What? She’s a mouse. Okay, I take that back.
I don’t want to see anybody’s butt in the air either. I just got myself into trouble.
Thanks, Disney… for this stupid rule! People should be able
to pick something up, unless it’s heavy,
and then your back’ll be thrown out. – Maybe that’s the genius part.
– But they don’t wanna draw attention to the trash. But I think this is dumb, too.
I see Mickey picking up trash, I’m like, “Thanks, Mickey!
Thanks for making this a better place.” This is the happiest place on earth! I need more rational for this one.
I just don’t know. I’m very skeptical of this one. Okay, so you’re skeptical on that one,
and I think it’s– I’m giving them the benefit of the doubt. If a guest throws up, cast members
used to call it a “protein spill”. – So did I.
– Now, they just call it Code V. – For vomit?
– Code V for vomit. – Uh, well–
– This is good. Code V is stupid because it’s obvious.
Everyone–(mimics walktalkie)– Code V–everyone in parks
gonna know somebody vomited. Protein spill, I’m like, “What?
Did somebody drop a burger?” (Rhett laughs) Yeah. – That’s good!
– Somebody got a protein-style burger. – It slipped out of the lettuce wrap.
– Used to not be stupid, now kind of stupid, because people
know what you’re talking about. You’re grossing people out. If the pool my kids go to,
when somebody dookies in the water, they say, “Code Brown.”
And then everybody gets out for an hour. And sometimes 24 hours if it’s diarrhea– – A big one?
– Like a Code D. Code D Brown. (chuckles) – Gosh.
– Code Brown D. (awkward silence) What happens if somebody craps
on the sidewalk at Disney World? Is that a Code Brown? What? – I don’t know, but you gotta scoop it!
– (Rhett laughs) – Yeah, that’s another–
– Mickey gotta run and scoop it! If somebody craps on the ground,
Goofy has to pick it up – in a scooping motion.
– Code Number Two! – Scoop it!
– (voice cracks) Code Brown! Okay. Now, cast members are
not allowed to say, “I don’t know.” You ask them a question,
they have to direct you to a place or a person that can answer that question. If you ask them about
the concept of Dark Matter– – What’s up with black holes?
– They cannot say, “I don’t know.” If you ask Pluto, he’s not gonna do
anything ’cause he doesn’t speak, but if you ask Goofy, he’s gonna be like,
“A-hyuk! Go ask that guy!” No, no, no. Like that. Go ask that guy,
next to the Corn Dog Castle. I think this is good. If I need to know something,
like, “Where is the soft serve ice cream, not the hand dipped ice cream?”
I want an answer. I don’t want an “I don’t know”.
Sniff it out, you know? So you agree with most of these. – Yeah.
– Maybe we should just go be cast members. – There’s a reason why–
– We shouldn’t open our own place! – We should just work at Disney!
– There’s a reason why they’re so successful. There’s nothing more frustrating
than not getting answer from somebody who’s supposed to know. What about this one? You cannot shave your eyebrows. Male and female cast members,
pretty much everybody, cannot shave their eyebrows.
I don’t know if this was a result of an incident
in the past, or in 1972… – Walter–well, probably not Walter–
– (Link laughs) – Because Walter–
– Let’s go with Jeb. Jeb shaved his eyebrows,
came to work the next day, – and everybody was embarrassed.
– But they couldn’t fire him – because there was no rule on the books.
– Right. You know, you can’t
do anything about that. Why would people want
to shave their eyebrows anyway? – Does that need to be a rule?
– Lots of people do it, and get them tattooed in different places. Well, as long as they replace it
with something comparable– No, no, no, no, no.
You cannot shave ’em. You can’t have eyebrew tats. – “Eyebrew tats.”
– (Rhett cracks up) (foreign accent)
You cannot have eyebrew tats. – (Link) Again–
– (Rhett) Eyebrew tats. Again, if I’m getting on the teacups,
last thing I want to turn and see is some dude and like,
“Oh, god, what’s wrong with that guy?
Oh, he doesn’t have eyebrows. What?!” I don’t wanna be thinking about that
when I’m about to hurl. You’re harsh! I’m in agreement with the people
who’ve thought about this. – Okay.
– Mouse ears! How about this one?
You can’t be seen growing a beard. If you got facial hair at Disney,
it has to appear all at once. (Link laughs) It has to be a fake beard.
It has to be pasted. It’s like watching paint dry.
What do you mean, – watching a beard grow?
– No, no. – If you wanna grow a beard–
– Like, if you had stubble. If you wanna grow a beard
as a cast member, you have to leave and go on vacation. Vacation beard, you can
come back with vacation beard or vacation mustache. I think this is stupid.
I think that this is missed opportunity. I think that they should
have a ride that’s just, “Step right up and watch…
Jeb grow… – Grow his eyebrows!
– A beard! And eyebrows!” Yeah, I would pay five tickets for that,
and they don’t even use tickets! Yeah, I was about to say we
shouldn’t be doing tickets at our place. You pay an entry fee
and then you get everything. I’m talking about at Disney.
I would pay cash within Disney to sit for 48 hours and see
if I could see a demonstrable difference in the length of eyebrow stubble
on Jeb’s forehead. I think that’s a bad idea,
but see what you think about – what we had to say about Disney rules.
– See what you think about it. (Link chuckles) They’ve been
seeing what to think. – Let us know what you think about it–
– In the comments. Yeah, that’s what you mean. You can also support
the show by checking out, where you
can find thousands of online video tutorials. I’m gonna brush up on how to use logic,
so I can do some amazing musicality for our new songs
that we’re not working on, – but we should be.
– Oh. –
– Free trial. – Do it.
– (both) You know what time it is. Hi, I’m [?] from Logan, Utah,
home of the Aggies. and it’s time to spin
the Wheel of Mythicality. Do you like to look at pictures
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Rhett and Link: Waffle Wednesday! (Link) Eat waffles with your eyes.
Click through to Good Mythical More. We discuss some more secrets
for Disney employees, including what you can
and cannot do while wearing a Disney uniform. (Rhett) Rhett crowns Link as Miss America. And the final question…is…
for Mrs. North– (chuckles) Mrs…
Miss North Carolina, is…if you had to be one color… (Link breathes nervously) …that represents who you are,
other than white– because you are white,
and we can see that– what color would it be? Miss North Carolina,
you have 15 seconds. – (deep voice) I would be…
– (crew laughs) Surprising she’s made it this far. – I would be PURPLE because…
– (crew laughs) – looks like a violet.
– (laughter off screen) Judges? And congratulations! – (singing) Here she is–
– (Link cheers) She’s got a low voice, but that
shouldn’t cause you to not think – that she shouldn’t be Miss Americaaaaa…
– Thank you so much… – ..aaaaaaaaaa!
– ..for having me. I will totally make you proud. Nothing is wrong with your television. [captioned by Sebastian and Sara:
GMM Captioning Team]

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