Dolph Ziggler Getting REPACKAGED?! HUGE WWE Return SCRAPPED! | WrestleTalk News Aug. 2017

Hello and welcome to the WrestleTalk News
– I’m Oli Davis. DX Turns 20
Hey Triple H and Shawn Michaels – I hear yesterday makes it 20 years since you both formed seminal
Attitude Era faction DX. Well I got two words for ya…
…happy birthday. Triple H tweeted – “[email protected] & I
formed DX w/ a bond built on: Desire Passion Drive & we kicked ass! 20 yrs later it’s still there & we still KICK
ASS!” In celebration, current day WWE wrestlers
partook in some classic DX poses – with Shinsuke Nakamura busting out the glow sticks, Bayley
and Sasha Banks doing the Triple H and HBK pose combo and the Fashion Police just looked
aweso-Wait a second! Bayley’s shoulder is injured! Then how’s she holding her arms above her
head! Her injury is a work. Just a swerve so we don’t see Bayley turning
heel against Banks at Summerslam! …or this is a photoshoot that was done weeks ago, with
WWE knowing well in advance when DX’s 20th anniversary is. DX had so many great feuds. But I’ll always know which one is my favourite. Their 2006 rivalry with all male cheerleader
faction The Spirit Squad. Dolph Ziggler Getting Repackaged? After being literally shipped back to developmental
territory OVW, one of those five excitable wrestlers went onto become Dolph Ziggler,
redebuting in 2008. And according to Bryan Alvarez on Figure Four
Daily, Ziggler will be undergoing another makeover soon:
“Dolph Ziggler is probably going to be repackaged, if you must know…I don’t know what he’s
going to do, but he’s going to be ‘repackaged’. Whatever that means.” ‘Repackaged’ could mean many things. Ziggler could return to Smackdown with the
exact same character, but adding a girlfriend or bodyguard – like his run with AJ Lee and
Big E in 2012. He could be drafted to Raw or even NXT as
part of the rumoured post-Summerslam mini draft. Or he could debut a completely new character. Ziggler hasn’t appeared on Smackdown TV
in over a month, last seen on the 4th July episode’s Independence Day Battle Royal,
although he still has been wrestling at house shows. Dave Meltzer has speculated Dolph’s absence
is simply because WWE creative have nothing for him right now – just like the also missing
Luke Harper and Erick Rowan. Rey Mysterio WWE Return Scrapped
At least Dolph won’t have Rey Mysterio pushing him further down the card. Multi-time WWE Champion Rey has been flirting
with both GFW (the new name for TNA) and a return to Vince McMahon in recent weeks, with
his current Lucha Underground deal set to expire. Last week, both Wrestling News World and Sports
Illustrated reported that the WWE negotiations fell through once Vince McMahon found out
who was representing the luchador – current GFW manager Konnan. The heat between Konnan and Vince dates back
to a failed gimmick in the early 90s, where McMahon wanted someone to portray Max Moon
– an anime robot character that held a pyrotechnic gun that shot sparkles into the crowd. It was the 90s. The WWF invested a lot of money developing
the concept, but Konnan left over a disagreement with Vince – apparently causing a rift between
them that lasts to this day. According to the latest Wrestling Observer
Newsletter, talks between WWE and Mysterio were never that far along anyway, as Rey always
preferred the lighter schedule that GFW were offering. And Konnan has said if his presence was stopping
Mysterio from resigning with WWE, and Rey genuinely wanted the move, he would step aside
and Mysterio could negotiate for himself. Has the Summerslam main event winner been
revealed!? And are the Bullet Club trolling us again
by teasing a CM Punk return? Click the videos to the left to find out,
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