Donald Glover “Childish Gambino” ‘s Top 10 Rules For Success (@donaldglover)

– You know that success is something that you define for yourself, and it can’t really be defined
by anybody else for you. I only want to make things that are going to reach as many people as possible. I don’t believe in niche. I never want to settle. I never want to be just
happy with where I’m at. I’m just going to prove you wrong. I’d mush rather you sit there and be like, huh, I was wrong. Anyone who’s trying to tell you like, you need to gain monetary
value right now from your art, is somebody who is eating off of you. There’s something really
nice about having an idea and then running into the
room and then recording it. I don’t want boss. I don’t think we need that. This is about life. I’m trying to be real, because
the internet isn’t real. I’m definitely not a rapper. I don’t want to be a rapper. Rappers can only get this far. I don’t want to be the guy on camera like, you should be following your dreams, and then people are like… I have five kids. – He’s an American actor,
comedian, and musician. As a performing artist,
he usually performs with the stage name Childish Gambino. He was nominated for two
Grammy Awards in 2015. He’s Donald Glover, and here are his Top 10 Rules for Success. – Define success for yourself early. And it can change, it’s okay. But just know that success is something that you define for yourself and it can’t really be defined by anybody else for you, because everybody else is
kind of full of (bleep). And you know, you really
have to believe in yourself, and not in like a “believe in yourself” kind of way, but in a, know what you’re getting out of it, you can’t change a lot
of the things around you. And a lot of people are going
to tell you a lot of things. You have to have faith in yourself and have good friends around you. So I would just say, you know, be good to yourself. Believe in yourself, do what you want, and be cool with it, be okay. Like yourself. You should be… Nobody should ever, you
should never put out something and be like, this isn’t a good whatever. I think it’s whack that Macklemore’s like, this album shouldn’t have won, Kendrick, you should have won. That’s whack. If you believe in that album, you should be like, I thought that my album was good. ‘Cause that’s the thing. I think that my album’s like the best. I love my album. I think it’s dope. Like if I was a kid, I’d be like, this album’s the truth. Why not like your own stuff? So yeah, like yourself. I hate niche. I’m so tied of niche. Niche is something that
I’m glad to see go away from this past decade. It makes sense I guess like, it makes sense… After the internet, that model makes sense for a lot of things, I guess. Making a niche. But I think we just need to be smarter. Making a product for only a select few, you can definitely sustain that product. But I feel like the risk that you take, that maybe it’s good for
everybody, is worth it. I only want to make things that are going to reach as
many people as possible. I don’t believe in niche. I think that that is a really lame way… That comes from wanting more money. – Yeah. – You know, just not even
more money, but stable money. Cause you know you can get… And I’m just, I’m not interested
in making things safe. – I just don’t want to be
okay with where I’m at. I never want to settle. I never want to be just
happy with where I’m at. I always want to be going for better. (crowd cheers) I like… I just want to always get better at stuff. Emotions are powerful. – [Interviewer] You’re
not against bullying? – I’m not. – [Interviewer] What do you mean? – I’m not against bullying, because I feel like the world is bullies. Like, there’s so many people
that are going to tell you that your idea is stupid, or
that you don’t belong here, or you don’t deserve certain things. – [Interviewer] But wouldn’t
it be a better place– – [Donald Glover] If
people didn’t do that? – [Interviewer] But you’re
saying you’re not against it because it’s unrealistic to be against it? – I’m saying that we
probably wouldn’t have Kanye West, Bill Gates, or anyone, without someone being like, you’re not worth it. We wouldn’t have them. We wouldn’t have people who were like, no, this is worth it. Because if everybody’s ideas was worth it, and they felt that way,
we’d just have nothing, everything would be the same. You need somebody to be like, I’m right. You need a Joan of Arc
to be like, I’m right, I’m right, I’m right. Even if it’s crazy. Even if it’s cra– And then eventually people are like, maybe they’re not crazy. – [Interviewer] Are you that way? – I mean, yeah (laughs). I like to believe that. People don’t– – [Interviewer] ‘Cause you
seem like such a modest guy when you’re on the show. – [Donald Glover] I’m a salty dude though. – Are you? – Oh yeah, I remember everybody… I mean, I got beefs with stuff. I remember stuff… And I’m like, most of the things I do, it’s just like, no I’m right. I believe in myself. – [Interviewer] You’re vengeful? – Not vengeful, I’m salty. – What’s the difference? – The difference would be, vengeful would be, I’m going to come and
destroy you, I think. It’s like, I’m going to wait around. – I’m taking your number down and I’m– – I’m coming for you. – I’m coming for you. – I’m salty which means, I think salty is a different thing, because I’m like, I’m just
going to prove you wrong. I’d much rather you sit there and be like, huh, I was wrong. Because I think that’s growing. There’s lots of times that I’ve done stuff and I’m like, I was wrong about that, and I didn’t even know. And it makes you look
at things differently, experiences in your life. I want to make people
think, you were wrong. – I think anybody who has control over their art should just be doing it. I made a short film,
and that was just art. I just wanted to make that. Anybody that’s trying to tell you, you need to gain monetary
value right now from your art, is somebody who is eating off of you. That’s the truth. Somebody who’s eating off of you. But the thing is, you’re
eating off of you because… I only see what I want to make. That’s all I see. When people ask, do you want to do this, do you want to do that, and I only see the thing
I’m supposed to make. I’m not concerned on whether or not, what’s it called? Is this called painting,
or music, or whatever? Just, this is a thing
I’m supposed to make. And I go to it. So worrying about monetary value, and are people going to pay for this, is only going to ruin this. It’s only going to make this
less of what I want it to be. And yeah, I don’t want
to make albums or toys, I want to make concepts
that people are like, wow, this really changed… I have dreams where things are still upside down when I turn them, and I’m still trying to figure out how to do that in real life and stuff. Yeah, I just don’t see the
point in cutting yourself short. And I know, it’s weird… I don’t think it’s weird, I think it’s just sort of bull-(bleep) when someone’s like, oh, it’s pretentious to not like studios. And I was like yeah, but
I don’t know any artist who really likes studios. Not because studios are bad places. But just because, you know, I feel like I’m wasting money there. Every time I’m not doing something, I’m like (bleep), this
hour costs blah blah blah. There’s something really nice about having an idea and
then running into the room and recording it. Not worrying about, you know, anything, other than you’re hanging
with your friends. I just try to make the vibe like you’re making
something with your friends. The more people enjoy something, the more likely everyone else will. You have a testing market in your house, when you’re hanging out with
people who are like-minded. – You said you never
want to work for anyone. – Yeah, I want a boss. I don’t think we need that. (crowd cheers) I really don’t. I mean, we live in a time now where it’s easier now than ever to do anything. I don’t understand… People come up to me like, how do I start making a movie? I was just like, you got a phone. If I had a phone when I was like seven I would have made every
movie I ever thought. I just would be doing it all the time. There’s a lot of like, there’s the thing. We’re fighting for, I’m
fighting for right now… I’m not doing this in music. This is not about rap. I’m an artist. This is about life. I’m trying to be real. Because the internet isn’t real. There’s so much (bleep)
that happens online, and people perceive it
and it’s packaged as real. But nothing’s real any more. – My man, my man– – That’s the reason, people are like, Donald looks awkward, or
there’s a mistake here, and I’m like yeah, cause it’s real. I’m constantly trying to be real. So that’s the thing. If I don’t say something– – Oh, Donald looks awkward? I got news for you. Guess what? Donald is awkward. That’s why I’m here– – But that’s the thing, I am though, and that’s what makes me me– – [Interviewer] 100%. – And you got to deal with it. So it’s like, I’m not… And also, I’m not worried. I can figure it out. I’m not a dummy. And I stand up for what I believe in. And it’s not about
hiphop, it’s about life. This is real. I represent real. I’m trying to do real stuff. I sort of feel like, I’ve said this before, I’ve listened to Kanye
interviews and he’s like I can’t go any farther. I used to be like, I want to be a rapper. I’m trying to be a rapper
and just do all this stuff. And I was like, I realized, yo, that’s my superpower,
I’m not a rapper. I’m definitely not a rapper. I don’t want to be a rapper. Rappers can only get this far. They can only go so far. And I want, this is a gift, I get to make this show. It’s something that
nobody else gets to make, and make it weird and personal, and something that they
would let, probably, they wouldn’t let Schoolboy Q do it. Even though he’s probably
got crazy, dope ideas. I think this is my superpower. I want to like… I want to do something dope. I guess the worst thing that
could happen to me right now, would be if I just couldn’t
make things anymore. That there wasn’t an
outlet, and be honest. I think the one thing I’m thankful for is that I can still change stuff. I can still do things differently. I meant that, when I
wrote that in Instagram. You can always be better. I seriously meant that. So I guess I’m very
thankful that, you know, things aren’t always
over till they’re over. ‘Cause no one feels
like they’re good enough – Yeah. – Nobody, we we all, how old are you? – 29. – Yeah, we’re all around that age where it was like, jobs weren’t there after they came out, and
the people would just… That’s when I feel like I’m being lied to. Cause everyone kind of became
a freelance photographer, freelance…everybody
became a freelance… And then you realize, oh
man, no one’s really happy. (laughs) No one’s really happy
because we’re not attaining those goals that people… You’re supposed to have kids
and do all these things, that we’re supposed to… And no one’s really happy because they realize all those things are kind of not what make you happy. That’s what our parents
did, to have purpose. And now we have all that stuff. And the thing we’re supposed to do is really be helping each other, but we’ve been brought up in this kind of well, I’m supposed to be
the top-ranking manager at this point, and have… And it’s not real. It’s just not real. It’s not necessary. Everybody should just be
following their passion. ‘Cause they’re going to
be good at that, at most. But people are too
worried about their jobs. ‘Cause people got to eat. It’s not sad, but it’s true. But people got to eat, and I feel bad. Like I don’t want to be
the guy on-camera like, you should be following your dreams and people are like, I
have five kids (laughs), I can’t do that. But I think it’s true,
and people are scared and vulnerable because
it’s dangerous to do that. But I don’t think we’re
going to grow, if we don’t – Thank you so much for watching. I made this video because
John Huang asked me to. So if there’ a famous entrepreneur that you want me to profile next, leave it in the comments below and I’ll see what I can do. I’d also love to know
which of the top ten rules hit you the hardest, are going
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and I’ll see you soon.

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