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Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

Donald Glover on Beyoncé, The Lion King & Childish Gambino

Well, this is
quite an ensemble. You’re really a method
actor, I guess, huh? This is what we
wore every day. [LAUGHS] [INAUDIBLE] Disney really– they
spared no expense. Can you– is this something
you could get at Fashion Nova? They– and I’m not sure,
but I believe that Jim Henson creature shop made this. JIMMY KIMMEL: They
made this for you. Took about five years. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow.
– Yeah, it’s good. JIMMY KIMMEL: They
did a beautiful job. And I noticed some of
the hair from the costume is getting into your beard. No, this is– this is just stress. JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s just stress. I was working
with Andy Serkis. You know him?
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, sure. He’s Gollum, and– Yeah, he did all the
movements and stuff. So I had been working with him
in Africa for about two years before I got into it. So I’m just– you
know, just stress. You really committed to
this thing, I guess, huh? I am.
It’s really important. JIMMY KIMMEL: Tonight
is the big premiere. For those that don’t know,
right across the street from us, the world is focused on
Hollywood for “The Lion King,” which looks
unbeliev– will there be animals out there for this? I mean, I don’t know. I hope so. I mean, seems– I mean, it is Hollywood. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, yeah. But yeah, probably. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah,
you don’t know. You weren’t involved in that.
– I wasn’t. They didn’t ask me. And you are going– this weekend, you’re
going to Australia to– for a music tour. Yeah, I’m going on
tour in Australia. Yeah, I have to rebook it. JIMMY KIMMEL: You–
oh, because you got hurt or something, right?
– I broke my foot. JIMMY KIMMEL: You
broke your foot. Was that the most
embarrassing thing that’s ever happened to you on stage? I mean– [LAUGHS] [AUDIENCE CHEERING] You know what? No. No, it was not. No. I– didn’t you say that that
was it for Childish Gambino? Is that– is it over now? I mean, I think I’m
going to still do shows. I’m not quite sure. I’m pretty sure– I definitely want to– I mean, I broke my foot. I had to make up these shows.
I definitely [INAUDIBLE]. But I love music. I really love making music for– Will you do any of “The Lion
King” songs in your concert? Because that could be weird. I mean, only if I’m
dressed like this. JIMMY KIMMEL: Uh-huh. But I think Disney has
a pretty tight leash– JIMMY KIMMEL: On that stuff? –on those songs, you know? JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, right. Yeah, I’d have to be
accompanied by probably like, you know, Bob Iger. Did you ever imagine that you
would cover an Elton John song? Is that something that
ever crossed your mind? No, I never thought– I never thought I really would. I never– I mean, you
never really think they’re going to redo “The Lion King.” JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, no. I really didn’t. It’s a crazy thing– I met him, and he was
really– he was really sweet. And I was like–
JIMMY KIMMEL: Elton or the lion? Oh.
JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] I studied with the lion
for about six months, but I met Elton at– I think it was in
Italy, and he was really nice and really sweet to us. And I was like, hey,
I’m going to be Simba. And I think he was like,
oh, this guy’s crazy. Like, it was like he
didn’t know really what I was talking about. JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] So now,
in this movie, you’re singing with Beyoncé, by the way. – Yes.
– Yes? And– [AUDIENCE CHEERING] And that’s– are you in
the same room with Beyoncé when you guys are singing? No, I requested not to be.
JIMMY KIMMEL: You did. Yeah. [LAUGHTER] I did not want to be
looking into Beyoncé’s eyes while doing this. So–
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. But no, actually I was
working on “Solo” at the time, so I was in London. So I recorded at
Abbey Road Studios. JIMMY KIMMEL: I see.
– [INAUDIBLE] And then they put
your voices together. Yeah. Well, I would
imagine it’s less intimidating if you are not
in the same room with Beyoncé. – Yeah.
– Yeah? Yeah. You know, I imagine it’s less
intimidating playing basketball with Michael Jordan– JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah –if you’re at
home just throwing– [LAUGHTER] –pieces of paper in
the trash, you know? This is, I think,
very interesting, because Tracy Morgan was
here last night on our show. And you, when you were in
college, got a job as a writer on “30 Rock.” Tracy was on that show. Yeah. And did you work directly
with Tracy at that time? Oh, yeah. I definitely did. [LAUGHTER] Yeah, all the time. JIMMY KIMMEL: So you were
writing for television and studying in
college simultaneously. It was a transition period. So I was about to
graduate, and I got– and I got the job. So it was like, I
was still an RA, and I still had to do it
over the summer as well for– You were an RA in the dorm. Yes, yes. So you had to, like,
make sure the kids weren’t misbehaving in school? Yes, but I was not there. I wasn’t a good RA. JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] I wasn’t a good one. I was like– I remember getting
calls of like, oh, yeah. Someone’s very sick. And I’ll be like,
I’ll be right there. And I did not. I had work to do. JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS]
Is that right? If one of the kids
is sick, the RA is supposed to take care of them? Yeah, you’re supposed to
take them to the hospital. JIMMY KIMMEL: And how
old are you at that time? Old enough to know better.
JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, right. Like I shouldn’t
be in this position. JIMMY KIMMEL: But
not necessarily old enough to be
the one they call when somebody’s sick, right?
– Yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. I was like, oh, you
got to get better. I’m drunk, too.
We gotta– JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS] We gotta, you know– Did you suddenly have like a– I mean, for college
standards, did you suddenly have a ton of money
when you were writing for a network television show? I mean, in New York, yeah. JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah, right. Like you definitely– I had more money than all my
friends, but I felt like– you know, you don’t
spend it well. You’re too young.
I mean, like– JIMMY KIMMEL: What were
you spending it on? Can I be honest? JIMMY KIMMEL: Yeah. Like, Gushers. [LAUGHTER] I wasn’t allowed– I wasn’t allowed to
have candy as a kid, so I was like, I’m ballin’. JIMMY KIMMEL: You go nuts. You were never allowed to have
candy when you were a kid? I mean, not–
yeah, I wasn’t. Like, no sugary– Let me– can I just ask you a
serious question for a second? Do you feel that being
denied candy as a child made you crave candy more
when you got out of the house? Absolutely.
JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. I mean, you have to– So your advice would be to
give the children a little bit of candy in moderation. Yeah, or all of
it, so they learn– JIMMY KIMMEL: [LAUGHS]
Every day is Halloween. Every day is Halloween. And then–
– Well, today is Halloween. –when their tooth’s
messed up, you’re like, maybe this candy isn’t so great.
JIMMY KIMMEL: It’s good. All right.
I like that. I’m going to employ that
into my own personal life. (SINGING) It means no worries
for the rest of your days. It’s our problem-free
philosophy, hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. Hakuna matata. It means no worries for
the rest of your days. It’s our problem-free
philosophy, hakuna matata. That is “The Lion
King,” Donald Glover. And who’s playing the
Timon and Pumbaa in that? Is that Seth Rogen
and Billy Eichner? Mm-hmm. And are– they’re
singing, too, huh? Yeah, those were dark days. They were– they were a lot. Seth got really
sick shooting there. We were there for 18 months. Well, yeah, yeah. Stuffing Seth into
that little costume, that had to be something.
– Yeah. No, it was rough. It was rough. JIMMY KIMMEL: We were
just talking about– I was talking about I’m taking
my daughter to see the movie. She’s almost five
years old, and I just have no idea how she’s
going to react to seeing these animals talking.
– Talking. Yeah. It’s very strange,
because the photo reel– so I mean, my son, he
loves “The Lion King.” Like, he’s a big, big fan of– and of animals in general. He can run faster on
all fours than two feet. That’s not a joke. JIMMY KIMMEL: He’s
three years old? It’s very– you’ll know
him when you see him. And we were– I didn’t want to tell
him, because I’m like, oh, I’m Simba. This is probably the
only time in history this kid will ever happen,
where a kid knows a movie, and his father is the– and he’s the– so
I was like, OK. You know what? I’m not going to tell him. I’m just going to
play it super cool. And my son doesn’t
watch like movies or– I mean, he watches movies,
but he doesn’t watch TV. He doesn’t have commercials. We basically just show one
movie once a week if he wants. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow. And we– yesterday,
I was like, hey. Just out of nowhere,
I was like, you– you want to go see
“The Lion King?” You know, [INAUDIBLE] kind of
thing, just to see if he might notice my voice, or whatever. And he was like, oh, sure. Beyoncé’s in it, right? And I was like, how
did you know that? But also, daddy’s in it. You know, like– I’m in it, too. I was like– JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow. All I’m saying– I’m just saying, Beyoncé
has people who haven’t even seen television loving her. This is– she’s incredible. How does he know Beyoncé? I don’t–
JIMMY KIMMEL: You have no idea. This is not a joke. I do not know. I was like, did
grandma tell you that? He’s just like, Beyoncé. JIMMY KIMMEL: I
think it might enter through the umbilical cord
somewhere in the uterus– Yeah. And people just know. I think Beyoncé is probably
the celebrity that other celebrities are most excited to
be in the presence of and see, meet. She’s presidential. I mean, yeah. Like, she’s the closest–
– Oprah-esque. Yes.
– Yeah. Do you– how well
do you know Beyoncé? Not super well. Well enough to be like,
hi Beyoncé, and run away. JIMMY KIMMEL: How long ago– did
you meet her while doing this, or you met her years ago? I met her a couple of
years ago at a Jay-Z show. JIMMY KIMMEL: OK. And she was– she was
really sweet, and like, we talked about our kids.
And she was really nice. But I also– I just happened to– we were living in New York,
and my partner, she was like, oh, we got to go to
this pizza restaurant. It’s Beyoncé’s and Jay-Z’s
favorite restaurant. Like, Pizza Lucali. So I’m like, OK. So I’m going to go– we’re going
to go there for date night. We go there, and Beyoncé
and Jay-Z are there having a way cooler date night. Like you know, Blue was there. It was really sweet and cool. But like, yeah.
I was very– Did you go to them,
or did they come to you? Or did you bump into them?
Or how did it work? We talked for about
10 minutes like, oh, you could say something.
You could say something. No, you say something. You’re the famous one. I was like, ah. So, it was like 10 minutes,
and then you go over. And then you’re like, oh, hey. And you’re like, what
are you doing here? I didn’t see you, you know. JIMMY KIMMEL: Wow, that’s– Beyoncé eating pizza. Yeah. Are you working on
“Atlanta” right now? I think my contract
says I have to say yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: Oh. Yes. JIMMY KIMMEL: So you
are supposed to be working on “Atlanta” right now? I am working on
“Atlanta” right now. JIMMY KIMMEL: You are, yeah. On the plane to Australia, you
will be writing up a storm. No. Literally writing– this
is a script for “Atlanta” if anybody asks. For some reason, you were
dressed as a lion this season. – Yeah.
– Yeah. Well, it’s great
to have you here. Thank you for coming. Congratulations on all
the success this year with the Grammys and
[INAUDIBLE] all of the stuff. [CHEERING] Thank you, [INAUDIBLE]. Donald Glover, everybody. “The Lion King.” He’s the one. It opens July 19. We’ll be right back
with D’Arcy Carden. Congratulations on making it
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    And my honest opinion: Having grown up with the original as a perennial classic, this obvious economic exploit actually did justice to both the source material and the contemporary capabilities of animation, to create a thoroughly enjoyable nostalgic reimagining that feels authentic to our world now. ! I feel blessed that I've experienced the zeitgeist of both versions and appreciate both for what they are and how they are individually iconic cinematic masterpieces =)

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