Donnie Yen VS MMA Trainer | Big Brother Final Fight

Hadouken! Go die! I’m going to kick your ass! You asshole! Dafuq you doing? Come break my other arm! You used to fuk with me back then! What! You don’t remember me? Oh! It hurts a lot! The runner up of tonight’s music talent show is… student Lau Kin Ying The winner is student Chun Hup Student Chun Hup? Student Lau In addition he is musically gifted He is also winner of the piano contest. Heyuh! I told you to study martial arts and less music! Now you let me lose face! Stop looking! Your hand is broken! You are done! Let’s go! Lau Kin Ying? This whole world is not yours! You used to fuk up my dreams! Heeyah! I’m going to ruin your life! You like messing with me? Huh?! I’m going to fuk you up! This world is about money! About power! About meanness! The truth is I’ve been looking for you. I know owe you one word… I’m SORRY.

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