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Drone Flying and Harmony Music in Charter Oak Park | Freenotes Music Park [4k] [KM+Parks&Rec S01E21]

Drone Flying and Harmony Music in Charter Oak Park | Freenotes Music Park [4k] [KM+Parks&Rec S01E21]

Hi…Bye marcus: …it swings you backwards Hi, guys Aw, come on… It is not how you think [?] Go Wow AH Uh Uh Go You going to climb up? yeah Marcus: Mom, what are you doing here I’m seeing all the climbing things they have here Whoa You want to go up the slide? unh-uh (no) Oh look, there’s a rock wall Look Okay This side, here Hadrian, come here There’s this slide over here Mom, can you push? Hold on Let Hadrian on Gabe: Let Hadrian on… Okay, go ahead, Hadrian There’s another seat for him Gabe: There’s no doorway Gabe: You have to… Gabe: You have to climb inside. Mom: You got it? That one? Yeah, that one Tragen: You have to sit in that Tragen: I mean you don’t have to, it’s just… Yes, it’s the only seat Go, mom, go More people could lay here Oh my goodness You have to put some effort into that, don’t you? Mom… Huh So, Grandpa is setting up the thing Gabe: Come into Tragen’s chair Guys… We’re going to do a quick walk… …through the music Because Grandpa wants to show us his Drone. Grandma: Yeah, you want to come watch the Drone fly? Both: The helicopter Wah… Grandma: The music idea is really cute. I know, I was really excited to see that Because…yeah They went with instruments that can surive outside…outdoors Gabe: A lot of people can fit here Go, Tragen, go! That’s hard, I just…I… Gabe, what instrument do you have? Xylophone? Okay Maybe Maybe Marcus, do you have the pipes? Beautiful Roxy, er, Hadrian is doing his? Oh, I like that because it’s open and these aren’t metal I want to do it you can try it That one’s called Manta Ray Roxy? Oh, that’s a beautiful song Yeah Can you play this one? [inaudible] okay? Okay Tragen, what do you have? Do you have Bongos? Roxy: I want to go there in just a minute Red…purple…blue Yellow…green That’s like… Monk music Tragen: Mom, that’s how they made flow [?] That’s how they made the… That’s how they made the puzzle game (soundtrack) The full…puzzle game that we have. What about this one? On the playstation 4 I mean 3…remember it? Yep The puzzle game with the big giant monster, that’s the…that’s the instrument that they played [Papo & Yo ?] You want to try? Thank you, Roxy Yeah, let’s go see the Drone It’s a bumblebee (sounds like} Marcus: Oh, I want to fly that Roxy: Hello Gabe: …say hi to it Is it on the ground? Where’s the butterfly? Hadrian Marcus: Owlette [?] whew…whew Marcus: That’s too high Marcus: Hello Ah [inaudible] Are you sure that is not Aerial Attack Mode!? I know it Marcus: That’s too high [?]…Grandpa Thank you “All engines running”

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27 thoughts on “Drone Flying and Harmony Music in Charter Oak Park | Freenotes Music Park [4k] [KM+Parks&Rec S01E21]

  1. That is a really cool park. Our drone is so crappy this one looks very neat. Does the park have a splash pad too? I bet ryder would like the music things and the zip line thing.

  2. We love those ziplines!! We have a park kind of like this and it's awesome when they have other things to do rather than just plain ole swings and slides! 🙂

  3. That zip line thing was awesome! The ones in our parks are horrible. They don't slide well like that. Great video! Loved the music and edits.

  4. A very nice park with lots of fun activities.the drone was amazing ..great video guys..big thumbs up for mommies 👍👍👍😀

  5. That looks like a pretty fun part with lots of variety to play with! My kids would LOVE that. We don't have big parks like that near us. Love that skinny thing… so neat we used to play on something similar when I was a kid but not enclosed like that.. so much safer. Looks like a great day! #monthlysupportpost

  6. This playground quite different ..normal playground doesn’t have zip line or the spinning seats. That huge music xylophone is fun .. I wanna play too 🙂 fr mom support monthly post

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