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Dumb Athlete Tweets – Will they Learn?

Dumb Athlete Tweets – Will they Learn?

New York Mets pitcher Matt Harvey is a
six months removed from Tommy John surgery the surgery that is the injury that is plaguing Major League
Baseball it appears this year I don’t know how many more guys are having the problem with their
elbow requiring the Tommy John surgery but it
seems like a lot in the air it ily players this year and last year that
we lost to %uh that injury but Harvey is now so he six months in a he’s a good bet to be excellent that
to be ready to go at the start of next season and
obviously a big part of %uh rebuilding the Mets not just on the
field as an ace but in New York cuz he’s handsome and the and and embraces the media that
to some extent that hard to do in New York but this was a mistake that hardly made I
guess although I I think it’s sort of amusing but Matt
already sent out a tweet to celebrate the six month anniversary of the surgery with this photo apparently taken by his
mother and and so here take a look at Matt are here
all my guy three young athlete in New York whose
super handsome anne’s flipping off the camera or his mom for
taking the picture who knows I i don’t know I don’t care I King think it anyone actually cares but the new
york media has been all over it take a look at some Lisa tweets
including Yankees broadcaster a Michael K got into a discussion about
it as the story moved forward took a
response to somebody regarding the picture says you can’t be vile and threatening if you
work for a company quit your job and act as free as you want suggesting that this
is a bad for the Mets its bad publicity then there’s the response I don’t hire
someone because they had raging party pics on their facebook the initial
conversations about the first memo which nobody understands pups that first
nominate you can do whatever he wants the government does not threatening to
put Matt are be in jail I and then came response
again john young people don’t get everything out there is forever and can
haunt you later o’clock im pretty sure that method RB it’s not going to get a haunted by that
picture that are you set to make other dow two hundred billion dollars
over the next ten years going I make two hundred million dollars
have 12 psi on Feb lead the Mets to the World Series but on that picture had photo/patrick
reaching sodom was you know I turn out there was
a there’s a rant about Michael K going off
on is a on his high horse um you know I don’t know I i’ve helped I
have no I have no beef with Mike okay but it’s really hard for people to say is no big deal those of you who’ve paid any attention to me and I
appreciate it if you have hoover whether I’m talking about
politics by the way the big lead also with that story Mike my cardio wrote the
story in the big lead about Michael K and going often as I or
so thanks again for the big lead for that but like it’s okay to not care about
stuff man there are there things that are
important to care about there things are important care about sports that we love
caring about this I don’t care about feel free to
take a still a bit it’s not gonna kill my career to hit
that up here me I alright well get it’s not that big a deal it’s not a
big deal night because he wasn’t wasn’t directed anyone
there’s no anger behind it is not anger behind it doesn’t matter it’s not I review its not even crude
it’s just a thing it’s a passing it would be great if we ran that picture
be like a liquid that are needed but you know what men are the end up
doing he took he deleted that tweet about a half hour later then he deleted
his Twitter account according to the big league had who cares what people say who cares why can’t you be offered your had a
great conversation it easy and comfortable Alan Arkin and just be contemplative take your time before responding like it
would be great if somebody had called them talk to
michael K or anyone like that and so we think about Harley a a flippin the bird in a photo and then posting on twitter
and have the response was let me sit on that for
a couple days and I will get back to you would not be an interesting world we
live did that work because I mean obviously the over the
reporter was that go to somebody else would give them a reaction because
that’s what makes the story this is nothing to reactive not a thing
it’s okay and so alan arkin was saying be contemplative take your time and be
willing to say I don’t know which is why jacket I
invented a with Anna on the last Young Turks I
did the new game that i think is going to sweep the country which is are up %ah I think I’m I’m ready I’m
gonna continue as I have before to use it as much as possible and it was
a and by the way alan arkin the actor
because you don’t know but it’s great but this t-shirt to crime that the nice that I like thats
exploiting at the Mets colors with that a hearty 316 with the with the one they’re flipping the bird
could stop ok

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12 thoughts on “Dumb Athlete Tweets – Will they Learn?

  1. michael k is a fucking douche, hes just a yankee homer and everyone that goes anything questionable that is not a yankee is an idiot 

  2. So ben is in charge of tytsports again…oh lord help us, tytsports is going to suck again. …where the fuck is rick when you need him?

  3. It's no big deal who cares but if I was a professional athlete I wouldn't have posted that knowing the media especially in ny lol

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