100 thoughts on “DX has two words for King Corbin: SmackDown Exclusive, Nov. 22, 2019

  1. It's crazy watching DX makes me feel like I'm 6 again I started watching wrestling at the age 5 and I've seen a lot of things that 6 year old should not see 😂😂 and not be listening to all the adult jokes from DX 20 something years later damn seen these guys are making me feel old.

  2. Man…it's not working with the age…three old grown mature men with families…mostly retired actin like rowdy mental teenagers…yeah…big dx fan but maybe it's time to call it.

  3. Maybe they should drop this gimmick.. It was cool when they were younger, but now with dad bods and Gray hairs, this looks weird.

  4. Has is got so nad for the wwe with nxt that were are subject to dx now. Wow they have hit bottom that there is nothing new.

  5. Why do Ratings keep dropping…simple…bringing “WWE Legends” out and burying current talent over and over and over again.

    Trips…put these guys over for Freaks Sale…bad enough, Stone Cold and The Crock do the same routine as well…put themselves over and never the present day talent…

  6. Wwe: ratings are in the tank! Let's bring back all the dudes who are fat bald and grey who were stars 20 years ago! Me: 😐

  7. Can somebody ppPPLEASEE… get these Bingo playin, tapioca puddin' eatin, grandpa Jenkins a$$ senior citizens TF outta HEre!!!!!!!!

  8. It's weird seeing Road Dogg with a beard lol. Doesn't look bad but for 25 years he had the goatee and now looks like someone's grandpa (which he may be).
    Baron Corbin is the best heel in the wwe

  9. This doesn’t like right does it. It was alright the last 50 times but it’s pushing it. I see they pulled Road Dogg off the sofa?

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