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El Profe: Fredy Serrano

El Profe: Fredy Serrano

Since I was a kid, I’ve always liked combat sports. In fact, at one point in my life I combined wrestling with taekwondo. I practiced taekwondo and I did some boxing. So when I decided to retire from wrestling competitively, I found something that unites all the combat sports. So first it caught my attention a lot, I decided to try it and feel what it was like to step in a cage so I did it in an amateur fight, precisely in this cage of Octagon MMA. And well, I felt good. I believe I had the conditions and obviously I felt that my career as a wrestler gave me more than 50 percent down that path. So I decided to try it and I think that attempt I made was correct. Well, when I was in the reality show, let’s say that this was very unknown in Colombia. but it’s been a year and nowadays people stop in the streets, stop in their cars, to take a picture which means the thing is flowing, it’s working. For me, that’s a nice recognition, and it makes me understand that it’s a very big contribution to what’s happening with MMA in Colombia. The company didn’t look at my age, but my talent. Now, I’m in the UFC, and I always say, in this moment I’m the protagonist [for Colombia] but I believe many more are coming. And nothing, I feel that I have a responsibility, but it’s no pressure. I’m really used to this in wrestling, it was somewhat similar because I had to open many doors. I believe I’m used to this pressure, I know how to handle it and nothing more, just with tranquility like always. I basically started training wrestling in 1990. I went through all the stages of schoolboys, cadets, juniors, until I got to seniors. In titles, I basically was around, I think, 15-time national champion in my category in Colombia. I went through the Bolivarian and South American games, 3 Olympic cycles. I earned a medal in the Pan-American games in Rio de Janeiro. Well, it was basically 22 years of athletic career in Olympic wrestling. Well, I think those are coincidences of life, nice coincidences, happy ones. I competed with him in the Pan-American games in Rio de Janeiro. And I wrestled him before going to the Olympics. The matches were very close, I won one of the rounds, and he would always win the other two so he was always ahead of me, but the matches were very close. I wrestled against the best in the world in my weight class. Russia, United States, Cejudo who was Olympic champion and they were always very close matches but I fell short by a little. Today, finding him in the UFC, it’s satisfying to me. I have many acquaintances that had a career just like mine and today are succeeding in the UFC. Yoel Romero, Daniel Cormier, Cejudo is now there so that just makes me think in great things. In reality, I did and had the same track that they had so anyway, I’m there carving my path. I think being in the UFC for me is my second Olympics. It’s being in the biggest company in the world in another sport, in another discipline. I think my priorities haven’t changed. I mean, I’m still in my neighborhood, I’m still with the guys doing the things that I like, just in a more relaxed way. I can dream higher. My wife, the person that’s at home, spending time with me shares, lives, and enjoys this dream so that’s something that’s very satisfying to me and very important for my tranquility and my head. I find it curious, I think we have this as a therapy. Sometimes that we train very hard, she can be very strong in her spirit and physical conditions and sometimes you have to be very careful with her. So I don’t know about getting even, but what I know is that at home we’re very relaxed. It’s very hard for us to have an argument. We get home very relaxed. I think that helps us a lot in our relationship. My thought has always been that if you look ahead, and the goal is too far, you’ll get discouraged and if it’s too close, it’ll scare you. So I prefer going step by step, but I think the conditions are there to get very far. Like I said, I’ve been competing in the same conditions Yoel Romero and Henry Cejudo. I’ve done that process. I haven’t been training for three years, I’ve been training for 23-24 years. I behave very well, I’m very disciplined. So I think I have the opportunity to dream very high, but I’m going step-by-step.

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22 thoughts on “El Profe: Fredy Serrano

  1. nice work! best mma page by far. all the best wishes to fredy serrano in his next fight. viva colombia!

  2. I'm stoked! Buen hecho parce subiendo este video pa mostrarle el mundo que tan poderoso el espíritu Colombiano es. 💪

  3. This was beautiful. Though someone should warn him, my 2nd favorite UFC fighter of all time waits at the top of that hill. I'll be rooting for Serrano until then.

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