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Elite MMA Progam – Mixed Martial Arts

Elite MMA Progam – Mixed Martial Arts

A lot of people ask the question: What is
Mixed Martial Arts? It is truly a mix of martial arts. When you go to school, you take math, you
take English, you take history, and then you put all that together for the SAT. In martial arts, you might take kickboxing,
you might take Jiu Jitsu, you might take wrestling, karate, Krav Maga, or whatever these styles
are, and put them all together for Mixed Martial Arts. It’s all of these different variables of the
environment coming at you, and if you have enough education in those different disciplines,
it allows you to have more freedom of choice. So one of the reasons we’ve been successful
is we’ve developed a program that’s palatable for anybody to come in and learn Mixed Martial
Arts, learn Brazilian Jiu Jitsu, learn kickboxing, and not go to work with a black eye or a broken
nose or a broken arm. Rule number one around here is safety, and
we put that in at the basic level. Our program and our school is a lot like Cheers,
right? You go in and everybody knows your name and
it’s somewhere to have fun. For me, that’s why I love Elite. Because it’s a community. It’s not just a place to be in your spare
time. There’s a huge opportunity for everybody to
enjoy martial arts, not just the guys that you see on TV who are elite athletes. Keeps me sane, keeps me balanced, helps me
sleep at night. It’s just a great outlet. You know, instead of stopping at the bar on
the way home, stop at the martial arts school on the way home. I promise you: it’ll be something you never
regret. Martial arts keeps people engaged. You can never learn it all. I’ve been training since the late 90s and
I’m still learning new stuff every week. My advice is just come on in and get started

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