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Elite MMA Program – Kickboxing

Elite MMA Program – Kickboxing

I always say: the best workout is the one
you can’t wait to go do. Yeah, the kickboxing program. That is definitely
like our program where people that come in and want to get in really really great shape
pretty quickly. Class is only 45 minutes long, but the second
we start class, it’s like go-time. Right? I mean it’s very high-intensity. You’re also learning your basic fundamental
kickboxing movements. But it’s a heavily cardio-intense program. When you come here, everybody’s like, Oh
hey! How’s your day been? They’re all so positive and happy to be here
and they all push you. Even the people in the class, they’re like,
Oh c’mon, you have a minute left. You can do this. It’s an amazing group of people. I’ve been here a long time. You get to know this community and it’s really
a good group of people that are genuinely supportive. Nobody judges, everybody’s been where you
were. If you have questions. It’s a really nice community. The instructor’s helping you, the students
are helping you. Everybody is just very supportive. I mean even our great guy fighters; they’re
really nice, they’re humble, they help me, they teach me. I’ve never gotten hurt. You know there’s no intimidation with the
guys, it’s just like you’re part of the team no matter if you’re female or male. So it’s not really something that they see. We want you to have a great experience every
time you come to class because if you don’t, you’re not going to ever want to come back. And it’s just finding at this point in my
life, finding that type of confidence and thought. I’m no longer limiting myself
to what I might be able to achieve.

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