End Of The Grove

Hey! Hey, chickenhead! Time for a gangbang… Balla 4 life, man! Ha ha! Show me whatchu’ got! (epic video starts) (blop) also join that Discord server ok? This is Balla hood! Ballas and Grove, let’s go at it! Watch out – I’mma be the hero of the day! Go have a donut. (blop) (badass sound of GTA LCS theme song) It’s lights out for you, chump! You was messin’ with a Balla, now look at ‘chu! (high pitched lady scream) Man, I will kick yo ass. You hear me? Time to go bye-bye! Get yo punkass outta here! Ge- get out my hood! Ballboy bitch ass punk. Look at those Grove Street fools! You having fun now, huh? Yeah, we having fun, too! (explosion)
(dying scream) It’s on… NOW! Bring it on, buzz rep! You’re going down, Balla biatch! Oh, no! OH SHIT! Psycho, coming thru! Punk, is ‘chu crazy? You hit me! Moms, I’m sorry! Ey, chill out, homie. (record scratch)
The hell? Ah, crap… (funny screams) Asshole, stop! STOP GODDAMMIT, STOP! Ah, damn! (Max Payne 3 soundtrack starts) Ey… fuck you! (more screams lol) Punk, yo- you can’t see me! Eat lead, mothafucka! Gimme a drink, before I kill you! Grove Street Families 4 life! Ey, incoming! (grenade explosion)
AOUU! OH, SHIT! (more grenade explosions)
Ouuu! What the hell? My car! Not again! Keep that bitch down! DON’T LET HIM LEAVE! Right here, fool, right here! Kiss mah ass! WHATCHU’ GONNA DO NOW, HUH? I’m an action hero, watch out! Get the fuck outta here, homie! Hey! I’m Jack Howitzer here, buddy! Mierda (shit)! DOWN! AAAH! (some Spanish word), what are you doing? (some more hilarious screams) VLA’s gonna waste you everytime, cabrón Cover me, (some Spanish word again)! You’re just gonna sit there like a lil’ bitch? Don’t run from me! Come back! BIG MAN, HUH? Pin him down, bro. I’m gonna fuck him up! I’ve got nothing to lose! Get outta here! All that Cluckin’ Bell is making me fat. I hate that shit. I am completely worthless. Don’t chu’ think? Oh, yeah! I said it, didn’t I? COME ON! OH MY GOD! HEEEELLPP! Stupid pig bastard! Your blood shall be spilled! Mieerrrdaa! I”m gonna fuck you up, esé! What are you gonna gain by shooting me? PLEASE! SOMEBODY! (and Denise got knocked out) lol YOU’RE DEAD! Augh! Motherfuck-! OH, MAN! YOU WANT SOME OF THIS, FOO’? I can take anybody! Motherfucker! Holy shit! You’re going home in a body bag! (Hood Took Me Under plays) Aou! (Kendl got rekt) Time to die, asshole! At last I got you you shit Thought you could get away with breaking the law What you ran out of doughnuts I Got money officer. Take it go get yourself doing nothing. I Got you. You’re busted asshole Whatever motherfucking y’all scare me She and I’m glad I don’t pay no taxes. I seen your face asshole in your hideous. I Get you a little something sup, homie You can’t stop me do About time I got your punk Stay down Yeah, well done. I bet you real happy with yourself now. I can die. Happy man now well duh cop well done What the fuck CJ’s down shit shit you don’t see tape You ain’t getting away with this You think you’re tough fuck you Pig let you get away with all you dirty Whore You motherfucking piece of shit, I ain’t lettin you go fuck you you sick bastard Whoa Street, just Nothing ever goes right for me these days I’m risking my life here So you must be sweets bro, huh, I’ll owe him big from way back. So here this should do the trick Piss off you flee child. You drunk I’m gonna get you you bastard I gave up the gym when my wife left. Oh you’re screwed now Bitch, I’ll book you for resisting arrest – oh shit Come on, man My ex-wife drives better than that go Street going down like a motherfucker Here we go. Row seat going down Pin him down and take him out Go give him the ball as well back those rims man kill. Let’s knock off Come on let’s do this. I gotta test the gun Ah I’m on a mission. I kill everybody Hey, yo, what the fuck boom yo food is my mama’s car man ass Becca ain’t holes. Get back to your body old Man, did you see that net no code? Shit Take me there Robo gee Come on bastard deal with these G Motherfucker and pursuit gonna need assistance Shoot him damn it shoot him. Stop running you son of a bitch Time’s up asshole. There’s nowhere for you to go son of a bitch Oh Shit this is my mama’s neighborhood Goddess neighborhood y’all going down motherfuckers strawberries crack house motherfuckers. Oh Shit oh fuck Me you made the biggest mistake Big mistake, I’ll kill all you motherfuckers Thanks push and ask pussies, ah bro for L IFE nigga That gun down homie He saved me the effort, thanks, man Robo jeez up pussies ballers took role Street some respect respect homies you Did good son. You should join up Life is just great, isn’t it? I’m sick of doing this. I’m hungry Okay pal shit Who the fuck are you I’m your superior officer. And don’t you forget that shit. Go eat some mother chili beans fool. Damn crash always around the hood I’m hope I’ve been waiting for this. Yeah, I hope ain’t no Grove Street up in here. I need a doughnut chicken nothing else Source of all, my problems is my fish We’re gonna have fun with you at the station Hey, have you killed any cops lately, uh Hell, oh, man. I don’t know you I don’t know you Break on a prank caller What the hell? Psycho she Oh You

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