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[ENG] 161119 MMA – BTS First Daesang – Best Album of the Year

[ENG] 161119 MMA – BTS First Daesang – Best Album of the Year

2016 melon music award Best Album of the year goes to….. BTS!!!!!!!!!! Congratsss This year most hot idol group their album did really well on differents charts Congrats for the best album of the year award * v: it’s us? us?us?* ARMY !!!!!! THANK YOU !!!!! really….yes…. Thnx for all the people who made us, helped us and we always love you This is really the biggest award we got since our debut WE thank Bang PD and Big Hit and also the family and friends ARMY SARANGHEYO !!!!!! ARMY I LOVE YOU!!!!!! * group hugsssss*

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83 thoughts on “[ENG] 161119 MMA – BTS First Daesang – Best Album of the Year

  1. They didn't even have an idea that from that day they were going to get awards like Pokemon and be the world's favourite band

  2. My top song on my BTS Spotify playlist is ‘Fire’ one,because it’s a bop. Two, it’s the song they walked on stage to when they won.

  3. this mr. president hides his tears behind his smile…. Try to kill me even more…. RM please stop doing it….

  4. Their first word has always been ARMY. Our love has always been bangtan.
    Borahae Uri BANGTAN, Borahae uri ARMY. SARANGHAEYO 💜💜💜💜💜💜

  5. V: AW FCK
    Suga: Jesus christ
    Jungkook: Jaaa bang-… wait… WE ARE BANGTAN SONYEONDAN
    Jimin: hehe lol *freaks out in brain*
    J-hope: wait… HOW THE FCK
    Jin: …..OH GOD

  6. "BTS! Congratulations!"

    Namjoon: wait hol up i need to- *stands up*
    Jhope: OH SHIT DAWG
    Jimin: we won? Ehehehehehehehhehehe
    Taehyung: what? Wot? WaT? wOaT?
    JK: It's us? It's us? Is it really us? Hey, Namjoon, is it us??!_!_!
    Jin: cries tears of joy
    Yoongi: Congratulations to BT- oh wait that's us?

    2019: Well of course that was obvious lol dude if we dont win there is a problem

  8. Sugas still shocked in the background like did this just happen man?? 😂
    But seriously though they deserve the world 💜💜💜

  9. Looking back with their most sweetest memories again while they are on hiatus. Makes me really happy. We will see you soon guys. Enjoy your vacation for now. Saranghae.

  10. Is just me or Tae and Jimin are laughing at Jin? 😂💕 btw I never get tired of watch this video I'm so proud of them I remember how I cried when they won and now look at the legends we stan 😭💕💜💜

  11. I still remember when haters thought that it was their last major awards.. but now we knows.. did u see their bags 💼 ????

  12. 0:14 … that's the accurate representation of me whenever the release a new song

    HOTEL : tRiVaGo

  13. Guys. Idk if this is normal, but there is literal water coming out of my eyes. Idk if I need to get checked or….

  14. whenever its gets too chaotic on my twitter tl, i get back to this video and how this was the first time ive cried over an artist whom iam a fan of achieving something. this was an unforgetable moment for me as an ARMY.

  15. I remember how hard i was crying when i was watching the livestream of this😢 look at how successful they are now🥺

  16. right after this other fandom and public didnt realize how fast army growing . now, bts at the top with stronger fanbase worldwide. im really proud of this moment. !

  17. For me this award is the best that they could have ever got❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️😭😭😭

  18. Bruh they after they won their first daesang it became a routine to just collect them 😂😂😂

  19. Also, do you guys remember bfree? Who lost screws of his brain back then? I heard he is picking them up from the trash. Apologising and all😂😂

  20. I always come to this and cry. I just am so proud and they 1000000% deserve it. Army fighting 💗

  21. Wings might be THE BEST albums in kpop history. It's so satisfying to see it win Album of the Year. They should have won that daesang for each award show in 2016.

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