I am so excited It’s been a long time since we do a performance at Korea. I am excited and nervous I want to stand on stage quickly! I missed you! We will come out coolly! It’s been a long time since we stand on stage, I’m nervous Beasts that anyone couldn’t control ..we portrayed this image! I don’t know if we portray it well! We will work hard! (Bobby who locked inside the prison) I couldn’t break the prison’s door during reherseal, I’m nervous. I slightly kick it On this performance it came out with I’m kicking more it’s like “Ppak!” I got heated up It’s been a long time since we stand on stage in front of our fans at Korea. I’m excited and- It’s not iKON new stage but we’ve worked hard There’s no new one but it’s iKON stage that we did our best We will come out with new song right? Yes, we will come with new song quickly If it’s not new song, it’s stage’s that everyone see many times We do it with new mind/heart~

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