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[Eng Sub] IOI 아이오아이 MMA BEHIND 161129 Cut

[Eng Sub] IOI 아이오아이 MMA BEHIND 161129 Cut

[Holyknight Subs: Do not take my subs without permission] (19 November 2016) (This year’s hottest stars) (3.00am – who’s next to arrive for rehearsal?) Hello everyone we are IOI This is my first time here at Gocheok Skydome I feel blessed to be able to stand on such a big stage I think I will never forget this Today in our special stage we added in a dance break Please look forward to it We are going to go over now Oh behind There’s behind too? Hello We are IOI -Melon Music Award Melon Melon We are here to do VCR pre-recordings, there are dry and camera rehearsals It’s totally early in the morning now It’s 3am now, 3 plus am We haven’t had much sleep for 3 days Rather than 3 days without sleep, we haven’t showered for 3 days already (Jieqiong ah… we are a girl group…) It’s just her only No~ It’s just her Unnie too! It’s because of work, that’s why we haven’t showered It’s early in the morning and I am sleepy so I am going nuts I am in a crazy state now -A little crazy (I am sorry for not sleeping well)
(I am sorry for not responding) I was meeting friends, Shy Shy Shy
(I was rushing schedule Shy Shy Shy) It’s very late now, aren’t you guys tired? We are already beyond the ‘very tired’ threshold We are going crazy What’s the concept for today’s stage? Concept? We are students today -Gangsters Gangsters Unnie is a gangster Take off your tie There’s dance break this time too It’s cute at the start Chung Ha unnie is totally cool Then it becomes real men style Then it becomes refreshing Can you let us see it a bit? Nope Just a little bit of expression? Watch the broadcast The stage is super huge Everyone, it’s 3am in the morning now Everyone, put on your headset now Our Sejeong unnie is putting on the “Himalayas” concept today She was so funny just now Because my cold is a bit more severe That’s why it’s Himalayas concept today You were so comical just now like this You were totally a “shoulder gangster” (I am the shoulder boss of this area) Unnie is so cool!! When I was drinking water just now It was suddenly so funny I spewed the water out Then I got splashed Like this Today I used the water Sohye drank to wash my head Want to have a “Sohye shower” with me? (Possessed by a kid) I don’t want! This is today’s concept (Right now starting to prepare for the rehearsal) I really wanted to participate in MMA Now I am really participating It’s like a dream Before I came to Korea, I saw MMA once To me that was a shock Because it was a shock I really want to participate To really participate like this I am really so happy I am very nervous Can’t believe it’s already time for award ceremonies When IOI first started I thought the award ceremonies were very far away It’s finished so fast like a relay I’m just saying (PD: Nayoung, Chungha, Doyeon are Girl Crush) Chaeyeon unnie and me are in the same team Chaeyeon unnie and me Are pure & innocent concept This is really the most embarrassing challenge (Awkwardness surging like tsunami) Do an innocent expression You will definitely do great Start Turn around 123 Show off a bit of ageyo here No no This is the ageyo that Jieqiong likes Quick quick You like it, everywhere I go you want me to do it Quick quick do it because I like it Ah unnie has forgotten your ‘original intention’ you used to do it twice What original intention lol my original intention is this Didn’t unnie do it twice last time About the concept.. we are the ‘fourth dimension’ concept We are connected now right? That’s right That’s good It’s not bad right? Like ‘fourth dimension’? It is a bit hard to understand Ah you can’t understand it? But the thing is, if you can’t understand it, it’s a success It’s beyond your imagination, right? It’s a success, yeah a success Because we are not fourth dimensional so the concept is hard (Still saying you aren’t from the fourth dimension?) (They are a bit strange) Are we really fourth dimensional? I want to hear answers I will answer it Because See? She can’t say anything meaning that we are not fourth dimensional No, I am actually thinking of what to say No, don’t speak like this (Stop the impromptu speech) Maybe you will be sent outside Do you know where I have been? Your own house… Sohye province Ahh get out -Go to the comets I’m dog hye province -No Sohye province Dog hye province
(T/N:’Cow’ and ‘So’ sound the same) You are Mina ah
(T/N:’Cow’ and ‘So’ sound the same) This is another way of saying
(T/N:’Cow’ and ‘So’ sound the same) (Everyone you have been watching impromptu skit by IOI) It looks like the members’ communication isn’t good Nope, it’s just the two of them can’t communicate Because the two of us are in charge of speech in the group But actually the person who we can’t communicate is Yeonjung Her ears aren’t very good, and even though I also can’t hear clearly Yeonjung can’t really hear us very well Yeonjung ah I will mimic her Yeonjung ah x3 We are shouting here and she’s like nothing’s going on there Ah Yeonjung I will do this Then what do I do You can do it like that too Our image is a bit hooligan We are gangsters now From girl crush to gangsters We need to grab the collar No she she’s Grab everything Grab the hair (What is this girl doing…) What are you doing now? I am stretching my legs I am going to perform Taekwondo Yes I love it we are IOI Thank you Our final MMA stage rehearsal is completely over Thank you for the hard work! How do you feel? I’m having a mental breakdown, I made a lot of mistakes Thank you for the hard work! What did you think of the rehearsal We didn’t know we were last Everyone worked hard, hurry and go rest Now MMA 2016 2016 MMA rehearsal is over There’s a main rehearsal tomorrow right? Not tomorrow but today… Thank you for the hard work! So for those candidates studying for exams Thank you for your hard work! We haven’t washed in a few days… We will go and wash Good night See you guys later (The 20-hour long D-1 rehearsal is over!) (T/N: Thanks for watching 😀 Please do not take my subs without permission)

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  1. Not sure if you sub twice videos but if you do is it possible if you could please add subs to M2 upload of twice mama behind? ( Thank you very much if you end up doing it, it means a lot to me and other onces!

  2. I really love watching IOI.. But I can't bear knowing the fact that they've already disbanded… It still breaks my heart. 💔

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