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ENG SUB Run BTS! 2019 – EP 85 Behind the scenes

ENG SUB Run BTS! 2019  – EP 85 Behind the scenes

[; Behind The Scene] [#1. Strong determination] – As if you’re moving
coal briquettes! – Go “Yo heave ho!” Remember the volleyball experience. If you lose this, you’re… Our pride is at stake. [#2. Get it!] – Ready, go!
– How do you win at this… [#3. Kook’s race]
Ready, go! – Heave ho! Heave ho!
– Hurry! What’s this? Just hurry, go, go. [#4. I will catch!]
The boat now! They shouldn’t go that way.
Shouldn’t go that way… [#5. Return of the King]
Sit on the tube with your legs crossed. Help! Thank you. Didn’t we do it like this before? – You should’ve just come this way.
– Are you filming a solo commercial? – Return of the king!
– You look so humble for a king. Guys, who was the last person to – survive with the ball?
– I was. – I was!
– Jin was? – Yes. – V was?
– I thought it was me. I think everyone deserves
credit for this game. Everyone is a winner. Credit to everyone! [#7. Uncertain future]
The waves attack behind you. – Really?
– We go in the water? No, we don’t actually go in the water. – Go like this and this?
– Hey, there’s striped marlin here. – The water is…
– The waves go like this and attacks us. [#8. Holding hands tightly]
Press tightly onto your body. Hold the yellow bars on on both sides tightly. – I have to hold, too.
– Never lean forward or sideways. [#9. Happy BTS] [#10. BTS in water] [#11. Jung Kook is today’s chef] Oh, it was here. So accurate! – Jung Kook, you should eat first.
– Already? Jung Kook, open your mouth. [#12. It’s okay] Check if the meat is cooked
before you eat it. – I didn’t check such things.
– You told us so early. I told you it was preliminary. – It’s okay.
– Yeah, it doesn’t kill you. [#13. Fantastic tiki-taka] – Always add the
ramyun powder before noodles. – I agree! – It’s so tasty.
– Technically, you should add water first. – What a genius!
– I am so good at making ramyun. Well, technically,
you should prepare a pot first. No, technically, your hands
should be prepared first. [#14. Hope~ j-hope~]
Is your water not boiling either? – It’s not boiling.
– Everyone, blow your water to help it boil. – j-hope!
– j-hope! [#15. Today’s fisherman]
I miss j-hope! – He is sleeping.
– He’s here! [#16. The person I admire]
Ramyun powder never fails! – Ramyun is the world’s greatest invention.
– I agree. – Ramyun is a complete food.
– If someone asks me who I admire, I’ll say… – The person who invented ramyun.
– The person who invented ramyun. [#17. V’s excitement]
Ramyun came from France? Yeah, it’s from France.
They were trying to make noodles but they failed, and accidentally
made fried noodles. – Fried noodles?
– That’s not it. Ramyun’s origin…
Noodles originated in China. [#18. Jin’s wallpaper]
– My wallpaper is j-hope’s picture.
– Really? – Which j-hope?
– This one. – This picture has moods.
– I took it myself. [#19. True fashionista]
Let me send you a photo on our group chat – that will make you laugh out loud.
– What if we don’t laugh? – What if we don’t laugh?
– You have to. – I’m sure it’s a photo of one of us.
– I just sent it. – A touching comment!
– Let me see. I’m looking forward to your comments. – What is this? – Did you buy this?
– I bought a traditional hat to go with hanbok. – Isn’t that going too overboard?
– Hey, I am Kim Seondal. There’s a sword, too.
A sword inside a cane. – You should carry that, too.
– Thanks, I’ll consider it. Carry a parcel while you’re at it. [#20. Jimin’s challenge]
Hold on. Let me practice once. – You practice for this?
– Okay, done. – Okay, okay. Be careful. Oh that was close! [#21. Jung Kook’s challenge] Put your shoes on. Whoa! Did I show too much of my toes? Player number 3! [#22. V’s challenge]
3, 2, 1! [#23. When you’re lonesome?]
Play something. Yeah, play something.
It’s lonesome. – You feel lonesome?
– Yeah. [#24. Meaningful]
Did you prepare something like last time? It’s not an acrylic stand. – Did you prepare an album? – I’m excited to see
SUGA’s. – No, it’s something nice. – Is it a set of 7 photo cards?
– No! – It must be way over 30,000 won.
– OK. That would be meaningful. [#25. Main gift]
– It’s so cute. – Unwrap the wrapped gift. – I need to unwrap what?
– Hold on. I’ll do it. – It’s in your hands. – That one…
– No, the wrapping! – The wrapper! – No. – This one.
– Did you think it was trash? [#26. The gift is revealed]
He prepared something. I think it’s vintage clothes
or vintage accessories. You went with this? [#27. Inspiration in London]
When I was in London… I watched a lot of
British movies. – In the movies…
– Hand me one. There are so many pretty scenes. The male protagonist gazes at
the female protagonist in a loving way. So when I was in London… – I got into the emotionally sensitive beauty.
– Your sensitivity grew. – Like a bear in hibernation?
– I got into it… – So… – You were inspired!
– I was very inspired. – “Winter Bear”.
– So I talked to RM about it. – I got his help on English.
– That’s why the whole song is in English. [#28. G.C.P]
– Oh yeah? – Right. Great. [#29. Different gifts, different reactions]
When I first opened it… I only saw half of it. – But I knew what it was. – Really?
– I was so touched. I cried. This clearly looks like a CD. Even the facial expression looks mean. This one looks meaner. [#30. Happy scenery]
“Run BTS” will continue! Run BTS! – Thanks so much SUGA. – Isn’t it fun?
– You have to post a photo on Weverse. Thanks so much.
Seriously. – Seriously, by looking at the hand…
– Really? [#31. The facial expression]
Thanks so much. Everyone… [#32. One and only KORE]
I came up with the song’s title, “Whalien 52”. – Right.
– I will remember “Whalien 52” as I take good care of KORE. – This is 1 of 1, you know.
– Please film each one with this camera. [#33. Lost fan] Where’s the fan?
SUGA is holding it. [#34. Film camera’s appeal]
How will the photos look with this? – Kind of blurry. It’s like a film camera.
– This is all about the emotional experience. It’s got an emotional aspect. [#35. Hidden true feeling]
I almost cried. I really had to hold it in. [#36. The review is not over]
I got this CD from j-hope. I was so thankful. I knew right away that it was mine,
just by looking at the hand. Because of the shape and size,
I guessed that it was a CD. I was so thankful. Well, of course… I wrote it for our fans, and for me, and I thought of my teammates
as I wrote it but… I never imagined making it
into a CD. That’s why…
With the photos we took… The letters… And the CD…
Thanks so much for making this for me. It was such a happy day for me. Thanks so much, j-hope. He said something weird,
but anyway, I’ll write another song for you. Thank you. Thanks, j-hope! [#37. I like this gift]
What should I say? Thanks to… [Thanks to JIMIN!
Jimin, thank you for a wonderful song] [Promise me that you will] [make good songs!]
[Promise! Pinky swear~] [Be healthy and happy always]
[Love, j-hope] [Love, j-hope] This gift is so awesome. I bet he’ll cry
when he receives it. What’s this? I was hoping he’d used this photo. I love it. This is Jimin’s single CD. I made it for him. This will be the best secret gift ever.

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