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[ENG SUB][FULL CUT BLACKPINK & iKON] 8th Gaon Chart Awards 2019

[ENG SUB][FULL CUT BLACKPINK & iKON] 8th Gaon Chart Awards 2019

[iKON B.I] We want to find a color for our team. [#Confidence] [iKON Jay]
What’s most important of all is confidence. I hope the singers, staff, and everyone
enjoy the happy and bright performances Kim Haon’s “NOAH” was also a hip-hop song
that got a lot of attention. For 30 days, it scored a cumulative Gaon index
of 67 million points. He became a sensation from his first performance
for his outstanding rapping ability. [The Aritst of The Year]
[Digital Song for January] [5th “Reply” – Kim Dong Ryul] [4th “HEROINE” – SUNMI] [3rd “First Love” – BOL4] [1st “Love Scenario” – iKON]
[2nd “Bad Boy” – Red Velvet] iKON, congratulations. iKON’s “Love Scenario” scored 250 million
on the Gaon index for 30 days and came in first place for January. “Love Scenario” is easy to sing along to, so it was a major hit among
kindergarteners to grade-schoolers. The song made iKON
the president of grade-schoolers. Let’s hear their acceptance speech. We’ll say hello.
Get ready. Showtime! Hello. We are iKON, who sang the Song
of the Year for January. Happy to be here. First of all, in January of 2018, we had made a comeback
after a rather long hiatus. We made a comeback with a lot of pressure
and a lot of weight upon our shoulders, but you showed us so much love. And having our song chosen
as the most loved song of the month this year, it’s such an honor, and I’m very happy. iKONIC, thank you so much. I’m really happy to see
more red sticks than usual. Needless to say, it’s all thanks to you.
Thank you, everyone. First, I’d like to thank you so much. We will always be an iKON
who is humble and thankful yet doesn’t easily settle
or isn’t easily satisfied. We’ll be an iKON that always moves forward. Thank you. – Thank you.
– Thank you. [The Artist of The Year]
[Digital Song for June] [5th “Light” – Wanna One] [4th “Way Back Home” – SHAUN] [3rd “Only One for Me” – BTOB] [1st “DDU-DU DDU-DU” – BLACKPINK]
[2nd “Forever Young” – BLACKPINK] BLACKPINK, congratulations. BLACKPINK’s “DDU-DU DDU-DU” recorded
300 million points for 20 days on the Gaon index and came first place in the month of June. With an addictive melody
and gun-weilding point choreography, they swept the charts upon their release
and got a lot of love from all over the globe. Let’s hear their acceptance speech. 1, 2, 3! Hello, we’re BLACKPINK. It was such an honor to be able to perform
such a great song, “DDU-DU DDU-DU”, last year. I had a great time performing “DDU-DU DDU-DU”. I think we made a lot of memories
I’ll remember for a lifetime. First of all, I’d like to really thank Teddy
for writing so many great songs. I’d also like to thank Mr. Yang Hyeonseok
for helping us come this far. Also, our parents and family
watching us from home, thank you so much. Thank you for always taking care of us. Also, our hair, makeup, and stylist team, you’re always working so hard. Thank you. I’d like to thank our managers as well. I hope we come back this year
as an even better BLACKPINK. – Thank you.
– BLINK! BLINK! Thank you so much. We always love you. And all the fans around the world, thank you
so much for always loving and supporting us. We’ll see you guys on the world tour.
Thank you so much. [The Artist Of This Year]
[Song of the Year for November] [“tempo”/EXO] [“YES or YES”/TWICE] [“Beautiful Pain”/BTOB]
[“Fiance”/Mino] [“SOLO”/Jennie] [“YES or YES”/TWICE] [“SOLO”/Jennie] Congratulations, Jennie! During 30 days, Jennie’s “SOLO”
accumulated a record 250 million points on the Gaon index. It came in first for November. It swept the music charts and took number one
at the same time as the song release and the music video surpassed over
six million views after its release in six days. She was the first Korean female solo artist
to set the record in the shortest amount of time. She proved her mighty firepower. We ask for your thoughts on winning the award. [Artist Of This Year Award]
[Jennie] Hello!
It’s Jennie. While preparing for “SOLO”,
it was the first time I worked like this. And each time,
the members who supported me too much the members who supported me too much. And thank you so much to Teddy,
who wrote the cool song that allowed me to stand here today. I’d also like to thank CEO Yang Hyunsuk who always shares lots of good words
so that I can become a good singer. And through the song “SOLO”, I wanted to express that everyone is beautiful as you are
and that they can sufficiently shine bright. BLINK who is always shining! Thank you so much for showing me tons of love
so that I can get do my solo promotions well. I will continue to be BLACKPINK’s Jennie
who will make good music. Thank you! [BLACKPINK – “DDU DU DDU DU”] [BLACKPINK – “FOREVER YOUNG”] The award that kids president, Hey Jini will
present is Longrun Music of This Year Award. Should we meet what song made
the ears happy for the longest time in the year 2018? “8th GAON CHART MUSIC AWARD”,
Longrun Music of This Year Award. Should Jini Jini announce it? Jini Jini also likes these oppas a lot. Kids president, iKON! iKON, congratulations! After iKON released “LOVE SCENARIO”,
they took over first place in all the important charts in Korea. “LOVE SCENARIO” entered 12th place during
week 4 and got 1st place for 6 consecutive weeks. And they set a record where they ranked
within 50th place for 43 consecutive weeks. This is an impressive meeting between
child president Hey Jini and elementary president. iKON, please say your acceptance speech. We will say hello again. Get Ready? Show Time! Nice to meet you everyone! First off, thank you so much to iKONIC. You are the source of all the awards we receive. This is a song that was made with your influence. And with that music, we got picked as a song
that received the longest love for a year. Thank you so much. To be honest, I want to say thank
you to the young kids, too. Yes… We’re so happy, proud, and it’s an honor to be able to remain in their memories for even a second. Thank you! “LOVE SCENARIO” is a song
that came out last January and we will are still living such happy lives
because you loved it for a year. We think that this award should be given to not us but those who loved us
and those who listened to our song. Take it. Thank you! We love you, everyone!
[Proud and chic] [Dignity of the photoshoot master]
[BLACKPINK Jennie, sexy existence] [JENNIE “SOLO”] [1st place in Billboards
World Digital Song Sales Chart] [BLACKPINK JENNIE]
[Visual that ripped out of a photoshoot] [Lovely, captivating]
[BLACKPINK JENNIE’s charming figure] [Mysterious eyes]
[BLACKPINK JENNIE’s captivating goddess] [JENNIE – “SOLO”] This year Composer of This Year Award.
Congratulations, Teddy! Yes, Teddy. Congratulations! Hit song maker, Teddy is YG’s top producer and wrote songs for iKON, BLACKPINK,
and various artists. He couldn’t attend
due to a schedule but BLACKPINK is here to
receive the award on his behalf. Yes, please say your acceptance speech. [Compose of This Year Award]
[Teddy] Hello, we are BLACKPINK. Teddy who always writes great
songs for us received this award. We will make sure to give it to him.
Congratulations! God Teddy is the best! Congratulations! Stylist of This Year Award, Ji Eun.
Congratulations! Ji Eun, congratulations! Ji Eun is in charge of BLACKPINK’s styling and made the artists shine more on stage. Sadly, she couldn’t be with us today. A special person came to say
the acceptance speech on her behalf. YG’s character singer, KRUMP! Welcome KRUMP. Yes, please say your acceptance speech. [Thank you.
YG family’s YG who I love] This is unique! Thank you!
To YG family, YG, Yang Min Seok, Teddy who I love and thank you to my parents. And most importantly,
wearing the outfits without any complaints… Please turn the next page. I want to thank BLACKPINK members. iKON wore it, too. iKON, too. I will work harder so that I make the artists
shine more in a place where you can’t see. Thank you. Congratulations! Congratulations! iKON was right next to him
but he didn’t mention iKON. [iKON – “I’M OK”] iKON wants all of you to sing along! [iKON – “LOVE SCENARIO”] “8th GAON CHART MUSIC AWARDS”, Record Production of This Year Award, iKON! iKON, it’s already their third award.
Congratulations again. iKON and YG staff members are
coming up on stage right now. Kang Sun Young from recording business,
Son Ji Woon from the management team, Lee Ji Hoon from the recording team,
Shim Hye Jin from A&R. Please come to receive the award. Congratulations again to iKON and their
staff members for receiving the special award. Please give your acceptance speech. It’s our first time saying so
many acceptance speeches. We will say hello again. Get Ready? Show Time! This is iKON and our staff members
who produced this year’s album! For “NEW KIDS” album to come out, there were a lot of trial and errors and I think we fell once, too. We didn’t take that as a fall and with a positive heart and spirit,
we continued to work on it. It’s definite that our staff was there
for us to work further on it. Before you got to hear this song, in the process where this song
received so much love, our staff members worked hard
and stayed up nights. I think that this album was able to come out
because they shed so much sweat and tears. I always tell you this but all the awards that we get are iKONIC’s. And our… And they are all our staff’s who made us. We think that it’s yours so I hope that you give us some time
for our staff to say something. Hello, I’m iKON’s manager, Son Ji Woon. First, iKON were busy
during the last year. I’m so thankful to the members
for doing well. I will continue to support them
so that iKON does better. Thank you. Hello, I’m Lee Ji Hoon who
works at YG’s recording team. I worked with iKON starting
from the program “WIN”, so I think this place and
this award is so meaningful. I want to thank YG and Yang Min Seok for always providing us
with good work environments. For the many viewers who love and support iKON and iKONIC… I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart. iKON had a lot of small and big happenings. So, I saw them have a hard time from the side and saw happy times, too. They even worked hard in
making music yesterday. iKON is a group that always
tries hard to show you better sides so please show a lot of support
and the love that you showed up to now, I hope that you continue to give it.
Thank you! Hello, I’m Cho Jae Kyung
from YG’s music business team. I… I came here on behalf of
section chief Kang Sun Young. I am saying thank you instead. First, YG and Yang Min Seok, and iKON members, and Choi Sung Jun, and A&R staff,
music business staff, and all the YG staff members,
you all worked so hard last year. We will continue to support and work harder so that YG artists and album receive
a lot of love this year, too. Hello, I’m Shim Hye Jin
who is a representative from the A&R team. I met iKON for the first
time through “LOVE SCENARIO”. I’m so happy to be able
to grow together within the year. And there were a lot of moments that were like
waves while we were preparing the album. iKON who were seawalls during those times. And iKONIC fans who always support,
thank you so much! Thank you to Da Hye, Jin Hee, and Deok Yoon
who worked on the album together. And thank you to YG staff members
who always works hard. I will always work hard
and grow with iKON. Thank you! We love you, iKONIC! This year’s Record Production
of This Year Award went to iKON. SUBTITLE
OLLA 3045

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