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[ENGSUB] 방탄소년단 BTS Album of the Year Acceptance Speech MMA 2018

[ENGSUB] 방탄소년단 BTS Album of the Year Acceptance Speech MMA 2018

Best Album of the Year ~subtitles by BaeTS~ The nominees are all so talented. I will announce the winner now. 2018 Melon Music Awards, Album of the Year Congratulations, BTS! 2018 Melon Music Awards The winner of Album of the Year is BTS’ Love Yourself: Tear. This album, which was released in May of this year, includes the title track, Fake Love and 11 other tracks. This album charted not only domestically but internationally, even the Billboard charts. Congratulations on your win. ~subtitles by BaeTS~ RM: Hello, we are BTS. RM: First and foremost, thank you to the ARMYs that love us. RM: When I was backstage just a second ago, my heart was beating so fast. I was so nervous. RM: I remember receiving a little promotional flyer at school RM: for something called the Melon “Streaming Club” in 2004. RM: We are so honored to be receiving the Album of the Year award, 14 years later. RM: We live in a world in which we consume music like instant/junk food, RM: and I think that it is a significant act that [people are] RM: investing money to buy hard-copy albums, which is seemingly unnecessary. RM: Thank you for loving the babies [albums] that we worked hard on, RM: starting from into to outro to skits, RM: during a time in which albums do not really carry a lot of weight and meaning. RM: Thank you so much. ~subtitles by BaeTS~ Jin: The moment that made me most happy, nervous, and emotional Jin: was when we received our first Daesang at the Melon Music Awards last year. ~subtitles by BaeTS~
[did they receive the daesang at MMA last year?? is seokjin just confused??] Jin: We are honored to receive this Daesang again, together with ARMY. Jin: We will continue to bid for all ARMYs’ happiness, and also all people’s happiness. Jin: Thank you. ~subtitles by BaeTS~ Jimin: Everyone, thank you so much. Jimin: The first person that I want to thank Jimin: right at this moment is Jimin: Producer Bang Shi-Hyuk and Jimin: our company family, including our manager-hyungs, staff members. Jimin: Because they watched us for a long period of 7-8 years, Jimin: I’m curious as to what kind of thoughts are going through their minds. [the world doesn’t deserve this angel called jimin] Jimin: thank you, genuinely, for bringing us up this far. ~subtitles by BaeTS~ Jimin: And, Jimin: as much as you guys helped us grow, Jimin: we will not stop here, Jimin: and will continue to climb high. Thank you. ~subtitles by BaeTS~

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11 thoughts on “[ENGSUB] 방탄소년단 BTS Album of the Year Acceptance Speech MMA 2018

  1. Will you plzzz Eng sub the intro of their performance? Like you know the things they said before the black robe and with all the mirror scenes and stuff? plZ?

  2. The guy from Goblin, he played the Grim Reaper. He is the one giving then the award. Wow, so amazing. BTS is just awesome. I am so proud!!
    Namjoon and his speech is so genuine and honest. I love it so much. The part where he said buying albums wasn’t necessary cuz in this modern world we can easily get access to music for free. But, we Army still buy their album.
    And, Jimin the precious angel tear up through his speech. He was so thankful.

  3. Every0ne in bts are gud witf the speech n gve a gud meaning,but just l00k at RM,when he speak n gve a speech,we're kn0w he born to be a leadr😢

  4. Their speech gave me always goosebumps!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    soo dep meaningful!!!
    actuall they started from null!!! We see,a nd how they are smart!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    Never heard those speech from korean Music Awards since over 20 years!!!

  5. 3:18 – Jin meant to say 2 years ago (2016), not last year. Also, why did they receive album of the year for Tear and not Answer?

  6. Some screams are a little annoying ( that girl 4:45 for example) can they appreciate them, they give all their hearts to their speeches

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