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[ENGSUB] 방탄소년단 BTS Artist of the Year Acceptance Speech MMA 2018

[ENGSUB] 방탄소년단 BTS Artist of the Year Acceptance Speech MMA 2018

Best Artist of the Year ~subtitles by BaeTS~ Lee Byung-Hun: 2018 Melon Music Awards, Artist of the Year Lee Byung-Hun: BTS 2018 Melon Music Awards, Artist of the Year goes to BTS! BTS captured the world through their Korean lyrics and powerful performances They are global stars receiving international acclaim/attention. They shone bright in 2018, and are receiving the Artist of the Year award. Congratulations! ~subtitles by BaeTS~ Suga: ARMY! [the OTP returns… Award X Suga] Suga: Thank you so much. Suga: First and foremost, I want to give thanks to the ARMYs for giving us such a huge award. Suga: Thank you so much to Bang PD and Big Hit affiliates who always support us. Suga: There were a variety of incidents this year, Suga: but frankly speaking, we had a lot of incidents since our debut. Suga: So, we thought, “why is the world always against us?” Suga: In the end though, those kinds of moments became nourishing soil/a strong foundation for us… Suga: and now, we continue to have success/good things. Suga: To those that have been with us since debut, Suga: or to those that have recently became our fan, Suga: we want to say a huge thank you. Suga: Another member will take over from here. [why is junggoo tapping the award?] ~subtitles by BaeTS~ Jungkook: Firstly, we are so happy to become Artist of the Year. Jungkook: Thank you so much for enabling us to get such a huge award. Jungkook: And we want to take the time today to especially thank some people. Jungkook: Thank you to our hair, makeup, and stylists, Jungkook: who is always on set with us, breathing, eating, dozing off, and working hard with us. Jungkook: And the photographers who work with us, Jungkook: those who work at Big Hit, Jungkook: and to the manager-hyungs who work hard from before we open our eyes in the morning, Jungkook: to until we go to sleep at night. Jungkook: We want to once again say a huge thank you to them. Jungkook: We aren’t able to express our appreciation daily, Jungkook: because we get shy with that kind of stuff, but Jungkook: we get so much energy from watching you guys work so hard. Jungkook: I hope we will be able to work hard together in the far future as well. Jungkook: Thank you so much. Jungkook: To all the ARMYs, thank you and love you. ~subtitles by BaeTS~ J-Hope: ARMYYYYYYYY [the reverb + echoes tho] J-Hope: I am finally able to hold this year’s Artist of the Year award in my hand. J-Hope: A lot happened this year. J-Hope: While a lot happened this year, J-Hope: we traveled around the world, and learned and felt a lot of things. J-Hope: A variety of people exist on this Earth we live on, J-Hope: a lot of communication/exchange is also happening. J-Hope: There are also many people who experience different kinds of love. J-Hope: This year enabled us to experience, learn, and feel all of that. J-Hope: I am so proud and happy at this current moment. J-Hope: I want to enjoy this thank-you speech with the many ARMYs, J-Hope: and thank them as well. J-Hope: Thank you so much. And a little while ago, J-Hope: I expressed my appreciation for our seniors (sunbae), J-Hope: but I think we have reached the years of becoming a senior (sunbae) J-Hope: We want to become [seniors who our juniors will be proud of], J-Hope: pave a good path [for the juniors] J-Hope: and good examples to our juniors. J-Hope: We want to give strength to many artists. J-Hope: Thank you so much. V: ARMY! ~subtitles by BaeTS~ V: To be concise, V: thank you for making us BTS. V: To be able to perform at stages like this, V: to be able to receive awards like this, V: to be able to stand here right now, V: is all thanks to ARMY. V: I hope you are always surrounded by happiness in your life. V: Thank you. Jimin: Everyone, ~subtitles by BaeTS~ [it’s not BTS if there’s no award on a head] Jimin: I’m not sure why I’m such a cry baby. Jimin: Thank you for being the reason we live. Jimin: Thank you for being our everything, Jimin: and we are so happy because we have you guys. Jimin: I’ll keep it short. Jimin: We will return all of the favors by receiving this award again next year. Jin: LASTLY, WE LOVE YOU ARMY!!! Jungkook: LOVE YOU!!! [THAT’S MY BTS /sobbing] ~subtitles by BaeTS~

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  2. Thank you so so much for subbing this! I so wanted to know what they were saying! Absolutely loved everything about Hobi's speech. He is so thoughtful and sincere

  3. I am so proud of them!! All of their speech is just so beautiful. It makes me emotional. Yoongi’s speech made me cry when he said: there were a few incidents happen this year. Why is the world against them . But, the award proof that after all the struggles they are successful and good things will come. And thanking the Army who been with them since debut and the new fans of them. And precious Jimin being emotional and crying a bit. Jin and Jungkook saying I love you to Army.

  4. OH MAN…I wanted to tear up right with Jimin (it's okay to cry) — Congratulations again for such a big win and THANK YOU for subbing!! M3

  5. When they were bowing at the end I started laughing because if jimin were to bow that hard he would hit his head off of his knees

  6. BTS truely deserve this award they are amazing inside and out they are confident yet humble they work so hard and it shows on stage. I’m beyond proud of them and honored to be called an ARMY. Thank you BTS for being a huge part of my life and I will repay you back by giving you everything I’ve got. I love you ❤️

  7. that I know wat Jimin said, touched me even more… sending more Love to them and him..💜💜💜💜😢.. Happy tears Jimin…we love you!! Congratulations!! Well deserved and well said boys..!!

  8. 7:09 @BaeTS: [it's not BTS if there's no award on a head]
    LOL, spoken like a true ARMY. I so purple you! #Borahae!

    Thank you so much for the subs! Our 7 young men are growing graciously into accomplished but still humble sunbaenims. It's so good to see them as Hoseok said, "pave a good path" to those who wish to accomplish the same successes they have. I hope the universe helps them every step of the way.

  9. Man!! they srlsy mention ARMIES at the beginning of their speeches *always*. Armies comes first to them. Pls i can't 😭 😭 they r the purest and most precious souls 🙌💋. God give them all the happiness in the world pls.

  10. 3:12 let's take a moment and appreciate that they are so down to earth that they are thanking every single person in their staff….that's the reason I love them sooook much….proud to be an ARMY…I LOVE YOU BTS 💓 A LOT……….😭if they haven't existed what have happened to me…💕❤️💓💖💗💙💚💛💜💝💞💟❣️

  11. It’s three time a row that they won artist of the year 🤩😍❤️🔥
    So pround to be an army …🤩😍🔥🥰❤️

  12. I really love Jhope's speech. Rm and him always emit a very good big brother aura when giving speech. Bts are indeed a very good role model as senior paving the way for their juniors. And im glad that bts set a very good example for the hoobaes to follow esp they are entering the US market (Unlike bigb*** or whoever,dont bash me,its fact)

  13. Exo
    I kon
    Wanna one

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